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Ed Norton -- U Can't Touch This!

1/21/2009 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ed Norton is giving perennially-pissed off Jessica Alba a run for her money. Last night at the Creative Coalition Gala in D.C., an autograph seeker dared to touch Ed's sacred coat. Ed reacted with the F command.

Ed Norton: Click to watch


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paparazzis are such losers

2068 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

is this dude like a racist or something??

2068 days ago

Alyssa Wood    

I love Edward Norton. This entire thing is ridiculious and stupid. TMZ has nothing better to do than twist stories and make celebrities seem like idiots. Even more proof when they did the whole thing on "OMG Jake Gyllenhaal is taking out the trash!"

2067 days ago


you have to be a respectful fan in order to be treated respectfully. I really enjoyed EN's reaction! Go get them Edward!!

2067 days ago

UFC Fighter    

You can't dispute that Edward Norton is a great actor, but it wasn't necessary for him to act like that. Don't know what was going on in his head, if something else was troubling him, but that behavior was uncalled for. I highly doubt these devoted fans who blindly defend his actions would appreciate it if he did that to them.

2066 days ago


These paparazzi should be ashamed of themselves. All he wants is his privacy like everyone else. Instead you have these morons shout things at him. And that one guy who reached out and touched him, he should be charged with assault. No one has the right to touch another person without permission. No one should have to put up with this, famous or not.

For the rest of you lot who claims he's arrogant, take into consideration if these guys did the same thing to you. It would make you feel uncomfortable and threatened. As a matter of fact some of you would of had a worst reaction than Edward did. In fact I respect Edward more because it just shows he doesn't put up with idiocy. I actually applauded his reaction to them. Good for him. Is it wrong for him wanting his space? No. And it should be just that.

And for those claiming he's being rude to his fans: he wasn't. He was being provoke by these guys so they can get that "see I told you he's mean" reaction and take a thousand pics to try to ruin his image. If you paid attention to the video it clearly shows the guys were being the jerks, not Edward. He even asked them politely that he needs to get into the building. But they kept surrounding and swarming him intentionally and going "Hey Ed...Hey Ed...Hey Eddie!" It even sounded annoying. I actually felt uncomfortable watching that, so it must of been 1000 x's worse for Edward.

Plus: You don't know him personally, so you can't judge him.

2065 days ago

Cate Malone    

I don't know how celebs like Edward don't completely fly off the handle and punch jerks like that in the face. He was completely justified to curse that guy out, he was being egged on.

2062 days ago


I WOULD DO THE SAME! for god sakes, that fan wouldn't leave him alone, and he was being polite at first. The fan was like being a creeper too! I LOVE EDWARD NORTON!

2045 days ago


Seriously? People consider him an arrogant guy for that? Some douchebag fan who doesn't understand someones personal space. Hell no he's not arrogant, anyone in his shoes would react the same. Paps always catch the tail end of sh*t, he likely had something turn him unhappy. And don't grab a guy you don't know just because he's a celebrity. Idiots
HaHa AGREE!!! One of things I LOVE about Ed Norton is hes F-ing normal! hes a real person and hes not an attention seeking whore. lol Which makes him even more desired. (in my eyes) You don't run up to a stranger and badger them or touch them! Im not famous and if some retard grabbed me he would get a face full of spike pump! Most actors are just that actors. Edward some how gets his audience sucked in, regardless of the role hes playing you care about the character. He morfs into that person, that character. Ed is a camellian. The best I have ever seen! He is hands down the sexiest studdering.. alter boy, turned to skin head, turned to split personality insruance adjuster turned to drug dealer I have ever had the privledge of witnessing. This man better have a stack of awards on the fire place and a beautiful wife in kids in the future. Never in my life have I been so emotionally touched, so many times, by an ACTOR in a movie.

2040 days ago
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