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Wanna Make Your Kid Cry?

1/21/2009 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you wanna get your child the gift of mental illness and homicidal nightmares for their birthday, just give them the Hallmark Joker b-day card -- which plays a voice recording of the phrase "Let's put a smile on that face" when opened ... and watch the smile on their face disappear. Lest we mention the bad taste for Heath Ledger's family....


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This card is wrong on SO many levels.

2008 days ago

former Carlton cards rep    

AG...shouldn't you be out making sales calls?

2008 days ago


They didn't do anything wrong. They are marketing a movie and a character in their movie. Heath Ledger does not own that character, that Joker belongs to the makers of the original Batman series and the makers of the Dark Knight. They also did nothing to disrespect him. They put him on a freaking card with a plan on a line from the movie..

It's not like they put him in a little pink dress and a tube top on the inside of the card with the text "It's just a rental."

2008 days ago


There is nothing wrong with this card. Personally, I think it's hysterical as a birthday card. Heath Ledger is deceased. Almost one year now. Enough with the handwringing. The card is a credit to the character he brought to life...and I have no doubt his family/estate are getting some kind reimbursement for the use of his image. It's no different than other cards with Brando, Marilyn etc.
He now belongs to the ages...

2008 days ago


I Love Dax!-LOL

2008 days ago


Im actually surprised halmark would do something so tasteless. They honestly dont seem like that kind of company.

2008 days ago


TMZ has a problem with a birthday card. But no problems filming Heath's dead body leaving the apartment? Of course not! Because TMZ made money off of the dead body...just no money from the birthday card.

2008 days ago


Elvis, Marilyn, The Beatles, etc have birthday cards devoted to them. There is NOTHING wrong with this. Not to mention it is a character. If this is so offensive, then maybe you're offended they released The Dark Knight in theaters and on blu-ray.

2008 days ago


Seriously? This has been blown way out of proportion. It's a card. It honors Heath's performance of the Joker. Everyone needs to just chill out. He played the part very well and the people that know this will love the card. It's not inappropriate and it's certainly not overstepping any bounds. This should not make any child cry, because whoever gives this card to a child that doesn't understand it obviously doesn't need to be a parent. :|

2008 days ago

aaron lawson    

u guys are crazy this is THE BEST birthday card i have EVER SEEN!!!!

2008 days ago



... but I agree with t.b--this is no different than using a personality like Elvis (died of an overdose on his toilet, p.s.) on a greeting card.

2007 days ago

Harp Tadathin    

Everyone kindly STFU. If it's so offensive to kids, don't buy it for your kids. Not everything that talks is good for kids. That's the perfect birthday card for someone like me. I cry and mope around on my birthday and if someone came to me with a Joker card saying "why are you being so serious?" it would put things in quite a different light. And how is it disrespectful to his family? I would LOVE to know.

2005 days ago
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