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The Kisses Are Hers and Hers and His

1/22/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 49-year-old resurfaced at an event in L.A., looking eager.

Jenilee Harrison

Jenilee also starred on "Dallas" for a few years and has the distinction of being the only character to be killed off twice.

She's currently married to Cybill Shepherd's ex-husband and makes a living starring in infomercials.


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You know, people are so used to seeing woman, and ,men who have been so surgifcally enhansed that they dont know what a woman who hasn't hasn't gone back to the well a time too many they don't know what a "real" woman looks like
That is sad
She looks great, although she could lighten upl on the make up, too much makes someone look older then they are.

2077 days ago


Looking eager for what? More plastic surgery???

2077 days ago


A horse is a horse of course....



2077 days ago


Her face is just awful! Plastic surgery does not always make you look better. It's too bad these stars are so insecure and vain. Grow old gracefully and more naturally!

2077 days ago


Good lord... what a mess. Looks like she ran into Larry's fist one too many times at the Reagle Beagle.

2077 days ago

A Real Housewife from Compton    

Aaaaaahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahaha! Aaaaaaaaaaaahahaha....uh, let's see, something nice to say. She was once really pretty and I'm sure her husband loves those DSLs of hers - though I'm sure her 3's Co, residuals didn't pay for them. Or if they did...that's a lesson in quality vs. quantity.

2077 days ago


This is what aging gracefully looks like, people. No surgical enhancements, just letting nature take its course. I think she looks great. It's so refreshing to see someone from Hollywood who looks like themselves, only older ~ just like regular people. I'm so tired of celebrities who are so terrified of aging that they're resorting to destructive plastic surgeries that leave them looking like plastic clown faces with no resemblance to who they were (think Joan Rivers, Priscilla Presley). Women in their 50s who are desperate to look like they're still in their 20s are pathetic. I say good for Jennilee for not giving in to all that and staying true to herself.

2077 days ago


when you watch her on those infomercials, she is really a freak. It is like she has a psychiatric breakdown on TV

2077 days ago

Carrys F.    

Did her smile grow or her face shrink???

2077 days ago


She looks a lot older than me, and I'm 55!!

2077 days ago


The only women who do quite well with plastic surgery in advanced years are women with round faces and oily skin.
They actually look great with a little nip and tuck because their faces can take it.
Women with narrow faces and dry skin can forget it. Plastic surgery always ages them.

2077 days ago


When your eyes go right to the lips and you say, "OMG, WHAT DID SHE DO TO HER LIPS?" -- then that sort of means that surgical or cosmetic enhancements are not doing their job. You should never see "THE WORK" before you see the face. I agree with the person who said she probably would have looked better if she did nothing at all.

I don't come on this board to be cruel. I hate cruelty. I just want to point out that a pretty face should come first.

2077 days ago


You guys are so judgmental.....she looks great!

2077 days ago


she looks like a monster. dddaaaaaaaammmnn. nothing like the girl she used to be

2077 days ago


Well well well. Who says white women can't keep looking great as they age without piles of makeup? I SAID IT!! AND I WAS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!

2077 days ago
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