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Angelina: Please Change-ling!

1/26/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie should get some sort of award ... for basically wearing the same kind of unfitted dress to three different award shows in the same month.

Angelina Jolie

At this rate, she's going to show up to the Oscars in Amish garb.


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Clear as can be    

There is no way on earth that woman is 33. She looks 45! What the heck happened??? She used to be so gorgeous and sexy. She looks worn out, frail and spindley.

2093 days ago


Frankly, does she need to pander her body for the purient interest of the camera?
She looks elegant, not like a Hollywood Blvd. street walker. Simplicity is classic and
she not only looks elegant, but comfortable. Her boobs aren't exposed, so what, and
her legs are hidden, maybe she wants to not be photographed from the ground looking
up her dress as most of the photogs. do. Great for her.

2093 days ago


Of course she wears unfitted clothes! How can you fit a dress on a STICK!

2093 days ago


She looks tired and/or bored.

2093 days ago


She's just trying to hide that awful skeleton she calls her body! OMG her silicone lips are thicker that any limb on her body! WTF? Instead of ordering up more babies she needs to order up some FOOD!

2093 days ago


Somebody get that woman a hamburger!

2092 days ago


No way is she carrying baby weight, she is incredibly waiflike. It's not unusual for someone with anorexia to wear "baggy" clothes to hide their body. It looks more like she needs to take better care of herself.

2092 days ago


She looks gorgeous! I think most of you are jealous and afraid to admit it. I'm jealous - I should look that good, but I am old enough to be her grandmother!

2092 days ago


She probably got it at HSN. Same dress: 3 different ways of draping

2092 days ago

I'm Just Sayin'    

You people have got to be out of your mind. The adopted kids look WAY better than the twins. Those twins are so ugly. They look like something from outerspace. Remember the movie Mac & me?

2092 days ago


i think she lookt old and her hair looks grey...

2092 days ago


looks like shes hiding a pregnancy

2092 days ago

waiting and seeing    

It looks like she is hiding that pouchy tummy thing that happens after a few pregnancies. She has had 3 kids and two were at once so maybe she can't get her stomach back to flat and presentable in a fitted dress. If you look at the pictures you can clearly see that it's not flat.

I don't know any of them, anymore than anyone here does, but I do find it hypocritical that she doesn't speak to her father because he cheated on her mother while she has now had relationships with two men who were with another person when she met them. And lately Brad has this look on his face that seems pretty smarmy and self-congratulatory.

I think a genius director should cast her and David Beckham - who is far more attractive than Brad - in a film as romantic leads, and see what happens. Angie tries to take Posh's man....

2092 days ago


THANK BLOODY GOD!! At last someone that does not resemble the same old laughable much older women in much younger fashion. Most red carpets look like re runs of cousin Betty's beauty padgent days. This woman is all style, her priority is her family, she would not spend weeks fussing about with what to wear or getting her some new fake hair. Her dress sense is fantastic. The actual look she obviously loves at the moment is very much in. Its very 70's vintage and i love it as well. I am sure that the other actresses are very happy that she does choose to dress in her style, could you imagine if she were to reveal all that beauty all at once........Go Ange, your amazing!

2092 days ago


I am a naturally thin girl myself, but JEESH! She is too thin. Her arms look too long & thin for her body. She would look awesome with 10 to 15 lb on her, would be sexier.

2091 days ago
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