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Jessica Alba Was Right ... We Were Wrong

1/27/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is fuming at TMZ for calling her dumb when she called Sweden a "neutral" country last week ... even though it currently has troops in Afghanistan.

She is absolutely correct. Sweden was a neutral country ... 60 years ago.

Even though she was engaged in a debate about the current political situation in America when she advised a reporter to "Be Sweden ... be neutral" -- Alba is swinging back at critics, like TMZ, on her blog saying, "It's so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland."

She is absolutely correct -- when the Nazis were waging war on anyone who opposed Hitler's evil rule, Sweden remained neutral and stayed out of the war. After the war, Winston Churchill referred to Sweden as "that small, coward country."

We apologize for not considering the political climate of the world in 1942 when we suggested she may have meant, "Be Switzerland" -- a country that is currently neutral.

Our sincerest apologies.


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Are people just obsessed with Alba here or do they just really hate the US?

2051 days ago


Great she was technically right, however, here she may have well been speaking a foreign language in her choice of reference. I'm going to be at an event in Sweden and say neutral like Ireland. I bet they will be okay with that. Ah huh.

2051 days ago


I am not arguing the neutrality of Switzerland, even though it is
obviously up for debate. If you think your country doesn't have
hidden interests or any country for that matter, you are fooling
yourselves. I do not understand why it is so hard for others to
understand our point of view and accept the fact that "neutral like
Switzerland" is a saying here. I try to understand your's in that you
think she is right because you believe your country to be neutral. And
perhaps throw in she's a hot young star mentioning your country? Jess
was at an American event - an inaguration no less. People here for
generations, besides for recent legal or illegal immigrants for that
matter have known that saying since Geneva. We do not criticize the
English for saying "cheeky," or Aussies for saying "G'day,' or either
for saying "mates," or Canadians for saying "eh." Etc., etc., etc.
Some of us just really think she meant to say Switzerland and lucked
out by saying Sweden, another neutral "S" country. She is an AMERICAN
star at an American event no less, raking in major American
dough(money; dinero,$$$). About as American as you can get. And some
of us just really think she meant to say Switzerland and lucked out
with the supposed neutrality of Sweden just as she would have lucked
out with other countries who are neutral as well. That's all folks.

2048 days ago


Be fair as well, and admit that people who are truly secure with themselves need not put others down to prove their points and educated doesn't necessarily equal intelligence, class, mentally stable, or easy to communicate with, as evidenced by some of these posts. People that do not want to respectfully see others points of views are the separatists, the not those who simply have a viewpoint and are sharing it, even if it is in disagreement with others.

2044 days ago


P.S. What limits communication mostly is not a matter of disagreement or varying viewpoint, but the pompous arrogance of an inflated ego who only wants to make assumptions of others, put others down to feel better about themselves, and who are so invested in their points, they don't want to entertain anything else or at least try to understand another's view. Read some earlier posts to get clear examples of this. These posters state such things as you are a moronic fat American conservative redneck, white trailer trash biblethumper, who loves Bill O'Reilly and Fox news and who's never travelved to Tijuana so you don't know anything about the world. These people lack the greatest inteligence of all: spiritual intelligence. They act void of spirituality or an evolved take on the world.

2044 days ago


As opposed to the "educated morons" who supposedly cross all their t's and dot all their i's, however they do not check much else and really are about spreading negativity and hate if you get down to the core of their posts. Who really are the conservatives? Sometimes the cause fighters can be worse than the cause. Just as sometimes a supposed liberal way of thinking is not really liberal at all. And not really about inclusion at all. If being one of the elitist educated means to subscribe to bullying and hateful tactics to prove points and label someone as wrong or a list of other more negative words, than I am glad I do not fit the bill, American, European, or otherwise.

2044 days ago
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