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Ali Lohan -- Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

1/30/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Middle-aged teenager Ali Lohan posed in Times Square yesterday as part of a photo shoot for an exhibit called "Extraordinary Women."

Someone should tell the photographer -- and her mother -- that she's only 15.


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The Dude    

She has the same trainwreck look in her eye. She will be a gender confused, drinking, foulmouthed, dope smoking, substance snorting clone soon enough. Someone keep her away from little kids movies so we don't have to throw them out later because the star is a bad example for youth.

2057 days ago


So, did they have to dig up Kirk Douglas to transplant his chin to her face?
Whoops- unfrozen caveman lawyer called; he wants his eyebrow(s) back.
Gravity has already taken them puppies prisoner (at 15? Nowhere to go but down...).
I could keep going...

2057 days ago


She isn't really 15?! She looks older than her mom.

2057 days ago


What kind of mother lets her daughter dress like that? She should concentrate on her schooling, instead of trying to 'make it' in show biz. I saw the cable show a few times; but she is just trying to grow up too fast. What is wrong with her mother?? It's no wonder Lindsey turned out the way she did.. Well, at least Lindsey is doing better now..

2057 days ago

northern gypsy    

ummm...whats wrong with this picture ???
she's only 15 and looks 25...maybe...35 !!!
stop the maddness that seem's to plague this family...

2057 days ago

Mrs Mangles    

Extraordinary because she is not a woman but a teenage girl. Her mother is a bloody nightmare she has ruined those girls lives.

2057 days ago

Keyser Soze    

Who is this 38 year old skank? OH, its that Lohan spawn. Eeks. Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2057 days ago

Wanda W.    

Way,way too much publicity for this whole family of dysfunctional idiots. At the helm of which is that stage mother extraordinar of hers, DINA. I look at that sensual, suggestive,charged picture of her in an outfit way too old for her,and believe it will be only a matter of time now before another Lohan brat will be in a rehab unit somewhere wondering where it all went wrong !!!!!! This time too the mother is really to blame!!!!!

2057 days ago


only 15?? yikes, what will she look like when she's 40!? i would NEVER want my 15 year old to look older than she is, its so weird when mom's like it.

2057 days ago


Her mother knows she's only 15. How else could she make a buck off this fairly ordinary-looking girl? Nobody would be interested if she was 25.

2057 days ago


of course she looks older than her 15 years,,,, breast implants,,, lip injections,,,,
her mother is a skank
her sister is a skank
her father is a skank
I feel sorry for her, although I am sure she doesnt want anyones pity
what she needs is the direction and protection of a PARENT, which she has NONE
she is being prostituted by her mother who is attempting to make a living through her children
i saw the show too, it was PATHETIC

Lindsay looks older than her mother
and her mother looks 60 when she is what,, 45ish??
Maybe Britneys dad should step in for her too....

2057 days ago

Carrys F.    

That's funny you have the problem with the word women. I am wondering why on Earth someone thinks she's extraordinary? She hasn't done anything but that vile tv show last summer. You remmeber the one? Where the house was on fire and she left the kids there to take care of it because she was at a party where they gave her some dumb award because there wasn't anyone else more famous in the neighborhood who would accept it. Remmeber that?

2057 days ago

Carrys F.    

Someone forgot to brush her hair. She looks terrible. If she's one of the extraordinary I suppose they didn't have a big budget - not enough for good hair and makeup people. Maybe if they had actual celebrities . . .

2057 days ago



2057 days ago


What makes this young girl extraordinary? Her mother's insistence that she be put forth to the public because she prefers to reap, suck dry, exploit her daughters for the sake of a dollar? Why do magazines, bloggers, reporters, etc. even bother to print these articles? Where has intelligence gone?

2057 days ago
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