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Leo and Bar Mall Their Lunch

1/30/2009 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was like watching National Geographic yesterday at the Beverly Center in L.A. -- the rare Leonardo DiCaprio hunting for Mongolian BBQ to bring back to the female of the species, the exotic Bar Refaeli.

Leo & Bar: Click to watch
Like all wild animals, the two retreated to their motorcycle when they realized they were being watched.


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noo...mall is just fine. it's a play in words since mall and maul are synonyms. duh!!!

2040 days ago


M*rons that have nothing better to do than harass these people.

2061 days ago


Yum. I'm getting hungry for some creme of leo.

2061 days ago


I don't understand what would be so wrong with saying hi to the camera, why do stars have to be that way, they don't mind spending the money that the public makes for them. I'm from the midwest and people are friendly there.

2061 days ago


Big Effing Deal!!! Leave Leo and Bar alone, they don´t even care for your stupid paparazzi and his questions.

2061 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Go git 'em, High Pitch - and watch those ankles! Lucky thing that self-absorbed idiot didn't hit someone with his "I'm-A-Macho-Man" scooter bike as he barreled out of the mall. Try a little harder next time, Mr. Wonderful, maybe you'll wipe out that little girl if you happen to see her again.

2061 days ago


Hey J if you don't like TMZ than why are you here at this paparazzi webcite? What a hypocrite! You hate TMZ and that is why you just have to come here everyday too see the paps in action. What an idiot! Douchebag celebrities deserve to be harrassed especially ones as annpying as Leo.

He's latest sex toy model sure looks ugly without make-up. The paps should have asked Bar about why she's hated in Israel and if she knew any of the skanks that Leo has sex with behind her back. It would have been funny to see the reactions of perverted Leo and his overrated bimbo girlfriend.

2061 days ago


national geo, that's a nice way to say third world, I cannot stand the Beverly Center any longer!!

2061 days ago


Do you realize these are razzis? this is on Leo own private time, he doesn't have to do anything here. Its the old saying if you give them your hand they want your arm. Its never enough. Leave them alone!

2061 days ago


Looked more like a scooter to me...

2061 days ago

Derek Jeter    

no matter how much money they make..I would not want that lifestyle...cant even go to the and famous has its price..

2061 days ago



you can't be putting paparazzi and polite in the same sentence, and wonder why people are not polite to them :S

2061 days ago


it's a 100% Fake Couple

2061 days ago


I cant feel sorry for anyone in the entertainment biz- you are making crazy money, you can go anywhere you want with whatever model , actor, musicion, waittress ( who does not know who you are- she or he just likes you for the REAL you, but when you two breakup she or he will become a model etc., and you move on to the " soulmate " in your life and forget about yesterdays love of the day).And you can get anything from food to clothes you dont NEED to go out , but you MUST go out to get your ego stroked by your fans and pop's - you WANT to be noticed, Ive never seen a hurmit become a star.

I should write soaps , their real lives sound better than fiction!!

OK,Im done........

2061 days ago


TMZ has the dumbest paparazzi. "Are you here to boost the economy?" WTF? Then at the end they always say "Thanks!" like they are best friends with the celebrities!!!

2061 days ago
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