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Obama's Brother -- Gone to Pot

1/31/2009 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Obama's BrotherThe half brother of President Barack Obama has been busted for possession of marijuana ... in Kenya, and the circumstances sound weird.

Cops busted George Obama Saturday at his home. We don't know why cops went there in the first place, but he was taken into custody for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

George -- who shares the same father with the Prez -- told CNN, "They took me from my home ... I don't know why they are charging me."

He had a grand total of one joint on him.

Barack and George have met, but barely know each other.


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Simple question? Why do people feel the NEED to legalize weed? I am anti-drug, but to EACH THEIR OWN of course. My view is that we'd just have more STONED people walking about in a daze? And for those that try to "sell" the idea that it's "good for you" and "cures" this that and the other.. puuullleaze. How is it remotely LOGICAL that inhaling smoke into your body is good for you?? The reaction you're looking for is that of being rather suspended in a relaxed state or delirium. That's it! You simply GET HIGH? I call that NOT wanting to deal with REALITY myself... but again TO EACH THEIR OWN! I get "high" by walking, running, eating fruits & vegetables, laughing with friends, and simply listening to music! It's not necessary for me to "smoke" something, or pop a pill looking for a thrill??

Seems to me, some "liberals" would like to have the President they voted in make some "relative changes"- - so they can continue to melt their brains, and choose not to deal with "life"... legally. My own opinion- no haters please... just my humble opinion (entitled to it, just as much as those that love drugs are).. I don't judge people I meet,.. I either like you or not-...... race, religion, smoker, drinker, has very little baring on my decision to like someone or not..... I absolutely HATE NO ONE! I respect my body and my brain cells... and I can also respect others opinions on this matter... PEACE

2090 days ago


To #73: So I don't have much class if I don't respect the president?? I bet that since you're all about Obama, you probably didn't like Bush. So if you disrespected Bush as a president, you have no class either.
By the way, I doubt that having class and being respectful means that I have to LIKE EVERYBODY, president or not. If you're a democrat, are you really going to respect everything that a republic president does? Like going into war? So then that defines whether you have class or not???

2090 days ago


Every News Media outlet in the country is going to take this story and run with it. Why? because they can and because while attempting to dig up dirt (you'll find none) on President O'bama this was the best "they" could do. This type of thing happens all the time. It was up to the O'bama mens father to make sure they knew and had a connect with each other. It's obvious that President O'bamas father had other children. Barack and his sibling were born on opposite sides of the contenant so you can't blame the President for this at all. Who knows, a lot of us may have siblings running around that we don't even know about. Parents don't tell their kids everything and sometimes for good reasons but also for bad reasons. So if this, Media Outlet is the best you can do for digging dirt you fail tremendously .....

2090 days ago


Uh Oh here we go.......they'll be more skeletons.

2089 days ago


Who cares about his brother and his trouble with the law??? Barack only met him a couple times and there only family because of his father’s blood line. He doesn’t even speak to his family over the except for his grandmother. So please let’s not make a big deal out of this, who cares anyway, every body has a family member that has or have had trouble with the law!!!

2089 days ago

* WHiSKY GiRL *    


2089 days ago


I'm sure he will get out of it! How can Obama be called a great President, he just entered office less than a month. His half brothers and sisters aren't ot American citizens because their are not Americans . They also don;t have the same parents that's why they are half brother & sister's. Muslim or not no religious person are staints. Glad I didn't vote for him, Hillary will be running the white house not him. He just got lucky and won, people who voted for him voted just because he is black not because he was the right man for the job, They where scared Hillary would win!

2089 days ago
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