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Nick Hogan -- On the Road Again

2/2/2009 6:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick HoganIf you live in central Florida, watch out for a speeding yellow Supra -- Nick Hogan has just been allowed back behind the wheel.

Nick was just granted a driving permit for business-related excursions -- meaning he can only drive from home to work and back again ... no exceptions.

Last May, a judge ordered Hogan's license to be revoked for three years because of his 2007 crash that left his buddy, John Graziano, with serious brain damage.


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y isn't he on the bus like every other "worker"? that would grow his ass up!

2023 days ago


honestly i think this is rediculous he should never drive again EVER recently one of my very close friends was in a car accident very similar to nicks. the driver was speeding and wasnt paying attention because he was texting and my friend "bob" (for his personal privacy i wont say his real name) was yelling at him to pay attention because they were headed straight into a tree but it was to late they hit the tree and now "bob" is in a coma and not doing well and i do not think its fair that the carelessness of one person ruined anothers life as nick hogan did. now they get to walk around perfectly fine and go on with life while theyre friends get to sit in hospitals gripping on to life... honestly nick hogan should be hit by a car by someone speeding and so should the drivers from my best friends situation.. and they should NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO DRIVE AGAIN FOR ANYTHING NOT EVEN WORK.. WHY SHOULD THEY GET THE PRIVLIGE WHEN THEYRE VICTIMS ARE SUFFERING THEYVE GOT NO PRIVLIGES THEY CANT DO ANYTHING.. SO WHAT MAKES THEM THE ONES WHO RUINED OTHER PEOPLES LIVE THINK THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO ?

2058 days ago


Fist again suckers hahaha

2090 days ago


Ummmmm, does this waste of air have a job?

2090 days ago


I can not believe a judge actually allowed this! this family has more then enough money to pay for a driver. must be nice to have money and have the laws bend as you want.

2090 days ago


LOSER CRY BABY,,,,ohhhh I want to go to the beach with my mommie

2090 days ago

Wanda W.    

A serious miscarriage of justice just happened here people! Dont watch a movie/reality show hes in,contribute any money to a product he,or that idiotic family of his, endorses. Nick should be in BIG BOY JAIL,not tooling around back and forth for business. PLEASE,WHO IS GOING TO MONITOR HIS COMINGS AND GOINGS?

2090 days ago


ok lets start taking bets on how long it takes him to screw up!

2090 days ago


Work??? WTF does this loser do for work???

2090 days ago


What job does he have that he needs to drive to? His sentence was too short and getting his license back is a crock of bull.

2090 days ago


At least I'm not the only one thinking What the F*** does this guy do for a job!

2090 days ago


Nick Hogan's next victims blood, will be on the judges hands.
Lets see a fake job so Nick can drive again.
I have seen this before, Nick can not drive!

2090 days ago


This douche bag needs to go to prison to be made an example of. He hasn't learned a thing!!

2090 days ago


What is wrong with Florida law? Does he even have a freakin job? This case has been handled horribly and the judge, DA and state of Florida should be ashamed of themselves!

2090 days ago

Triple Play    

Unfortunately, in some states money talks. This little A HOLE should still be in jail. To let him drive is so wrong.
As far as a job, the only thing that he is qualified for is asking people if they want fries with that burger. What a waste of flesh. Yuk

2090 days ago
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