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Clings to Phelps

After Bong Shots

2/2/2009 7:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0202_phelps_speedo_bn-1It doesn't matter what Michael Phelps put in that bong, he's still a hit with Speedo.

The mankini maker slapped Phelps on the wrist over Bong-gate today, but stopped short of axing their multimillion endorsement deal with the Golden Boy. In a statement, Speedo says it "does not condone such behavior and we know that Michael truly regrets his actions."

But they also call Phelps a "valued member of the Speedo team and a great champion." They're clearly hoping the whole thing blows over quickly.

Phelps' had endorsement deals with AT&T and Rosetta Stone, but those expired on December 31st -- long before the bong pics became public.

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Bethany Sweet    

I have decided to start buying Speedo stuff now. Nobody cares if Phelps smoked a fattie. It's 4:20 somewhere!

2087 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

WHO CARES..."POT-SCHMOT!" Big freaking deal. If someone never dabbled with the wacky tobaccy, I would think there is something wrong with them. He is young and human and could still kick all of our butts in a swimming race!

2087 days ago


The people on here that say they don't have a problem with this obviously don't have kids. I've never been one to encourage my son to idolize athletes, but in the case of Phelp's with his amazing life story, and his Olympic accomplishments; I didn't have a problem with it. My 13 year old son became highly interested in swimming, and even has dreams of his own Olympic future. So how did I hear about this? My son showed me the pic. And what ensued was two hours of trying to explain all this crap to him. Phelp's has discussed in his previous books about his DUI arrest and how that broke his mother's heart, and that he learned his leason. Now he's saying the same thing about smoking pot, and the "I'm young, and just blowing off some steam" excuse doesn't cut it this time.

2087 days ago

beetches mcpherson    

this might be a carefully planned stunt to give him an extra "cool" factor: poker in vegas, skank entourage, snl apparance (and not at all bad) and now some bong experience, all under those medals in his resume!

2087 days ago


He's a punk but who really cares? He trained all his life to get the medals and now finds himself with a lot of time on his hands. He's getting some bad advice and hanging out with the wrong people. His problem is he has no other real source of income besides milking his Olympic medals for all they are worth. He sucks as a poker player.

Speedo should dump him, btw. Most of you idiots think it is funny or cool to be drugged out but the kids that look up to this guy who don't have multimillion dollar contracts and gold medals to fall back on are going to watch a goof like him, emulate him and wind up being a burden on society.

2087 days ago


for all the holier-than-thou fools on here who have a huge issue with this because of "the kids...they idolize him"...ummm I know, how about EFFING PARENTS talk to their kids about idolizing athletes and celebrities...maybe you can teach your kids about poets, writers, humanitarians, world leaders, spiritual figures and the like to idolize instead of CELEBRITIES you morons. good for him...smoke it up Phelps...puff puff pass buddy.

2087 days ago


oh you've gotta be kidding.
who gives a damn?
the worst thing is his stupid apology, NEVER apologise
for living your life you big goober!
what a dumb ass.

2087 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

If his bong stuck to his speedo`s he could still swim real real fast if he was real real high using his super speed super sized ears to paddle with.

2087 days ago


he is a public figure and a mentor for children all over the world.......... not by choice but he needs to grow up and simply know that since he became an international sports star, there are things he cant do.
yes he is young but that is no excuse to be doing those things.
he also risks getting dropped by sponsors and those million dollar contracts.


2087 days ago


Right on #21!!!!!!

I'm so sick of it too! Give me a huge break. Dude can't party now that he has had a huge goal he COMPLETED!!!! I say leave him alone, its not like he doin' the needle, its a little pot. This is not someone who is now going to try EVERYTHING and turn into a crack head on the street.

Parents, of which most are hardly worried about their teens anyway, not to mention divorced or out doin' their own thing, please don't make me puke. Ya'll come out of the woodwork when this kind of thing happens, when so many of you could care less what your teen is doin' because its all about you now. Its just sounds so wonderful for you to jive in. Puke.

2087 days ago


"I'm 23 and making mistakes"----thats his excuse? Theres kids younger than you jerk wad fighting for their country while you act like a chump and a woose, and then act all rude and uppity around "regular" people. You must have had terrible parents. Where you learn to act that way? Oh thats right, you've got what Travoltas kid had. Keep doing drugs and booze at the levels you have been spotted doing all over the US---that will help with your "afflictions".

That Mother of his must be a complete idiot and as dumb as him. The School Board should have her tested.

post script: that Harrison guy from the Steelers is a bona-fide Street thug for the beat down he gave to the downed Cards player. Why was he not ejected, and fined? He's the new Plaxico---a super bowl hero turned chump.

2087 days ago

el polacko    

how about if we finally grow up and stop fretting about anybody toking on some weed ?!? sheesh !

2087 days ago


lizzy hasselback went crazy this am....saying if he does this, maybe he did something else....like steroids. what an ass she is, it's just endless...

2087 days ago


All you parents that say what a shame blah blah blah.. I bet you back the day you did the same maybe even worse. So quiet you hypocrites and I wouldn’t doubt it that sooner or later your child will try it too. He is 23 what he does on his personal time isn’t our business let him be a human. We all do things that people don’t agree with at least its not heroin or something. Let the man smoke his bong let the man freakn live.

2087 days ago


Sure Speedo stood by him. You have to be stoned to wear their original banana hammock. Dude has a lot of gold medals, I would hit the bong in celebration after one. Then again, I really don't need the medals to hit the bong.

2087 days ago
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