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Chong: Phelps' Technique Gets Really High Marks

2/3/2009 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy Chong thinks Michael Phelps deserves another gold medal for his hard-hitting style -- and we don't mean in the pool.

Tommy Chong: Click to watch


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Fishbone is quite right about marijuana being much easier on the body than the legal drugs nicotine and alcohol (and hence much less costly for taxpayers ultimately with regard to healthcare etc.).

Back in the Great Depression, southwestern states were looking for an excuse to get rid of Mexican workers. They started the witch hunt against the Mexican "weed" marijuana as a way to do it, even though medical doctors of the day pointed out that government claims about marijuana were just not true. The "Reefer Madness" propaganda was pure bunk. It's no more a gateway drug to harder stuff than milk... and actually inhibits violence, so it's a much safer drug for the people around the user. (If you ever hear about someone being violent while smoking marijuana, they're mixing it with alcohol or some other drug.) Americans have been deprived of the important medicinal properties of the weed and even many uses of the versatile hemp fiber because of this politically-motivated nonsense.

Guys in the Vietnam War found that it was a much safer high than alcohol - they weren't wasted the next day, which was safer for them and their fellow soldiers. Plus marijuana isn't physically addictive, while alcohol can be (and of course nicotine is very addictive). But the US military went after them for it anyway due to pressure from back home - since marijuana could be smelled, the guys often shifted to another equally cheap but injectable drug: heroin. Many years later, the US govt sprayed marijuana fields with paraquat - leading to the truly serious crack epidemic as the next cheap drug of choice. Idiots.

This doesn't mean it's a great idea to stay stoned all day and night on the weed. But an incredible amount of our resources are wasted trying to punish people for using recreational drugs (you would think we would have learned our lesson from the failed alcohol Prohibition era). Think about how much more we could get done if we stopped wasting police efforts on anything but keeping people from 1) selling to kids and 2) driving under the influence. The anti-drug frenzy accounts for at least 40% of our huge prison population (higher than anybody else's). Imagine how much money would then be available for real rehab services for anybody wanting to get off any addictive drug and keeping the roads safe from drunk or drugged drivers.

2053 days ago


The whole "hero" theory is a total oxymoron. But these public figures earn their money by endorsing Kellog's and good or bad he did decide to get high (which it should be completely legal) and let's be honest. When you think of Kellog's ,bongs are not the first thing that pops into most people's head. I feel it is nutritous and AWESOME for the muchies. P.S.
Leave Chong alone. He is the most unthreatening guy in the world. Oh my God he allegedly sold a bong, did this act bring down Wall Street, no. Go after those guys and show everyone who the real criminals are. KEEP ON DOING YOUR THING AND LET TOMMY CHONG DO HIS!!!!!!!!!

2051 days ago
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