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Bale Apologizes

'I Acted Like a Punk'

2/6/2009 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale just finished publicly begging for forgiveness for that F-bomb filled, on-set explosion, saying he took it "way too far" and he only did it because he "cares too much" about the movie.

Christian Bale
Bale called in to to L.A.'s "Kevin & Bean" morning radio show on KROQ and spilled his guts on the incident apologizing like crazy and explaining how things were never going to get violent with the guy he verbally attacked because the dude is a huge "ex friggin' football player ... not little orphan Annie!"

Oh, and he really wants you to see his next movie.

Christian Bale


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How absolutely unprofessional! His actions have made me even more of an ANTI Chris Bale fan!! He is a disgrace to the actors who are professional and entertaining! He needs to go to an ANGER MANAGEMENT REHAB..

2092 days ago


But there is something to be learned here: With great power comes great responsibility. Either people step up to the plate or step off the stage.

If making a big feature is too much pressure, there are always dinner theaters in small towns across the globe that would supply less stressful venues for "actors", where you would have no threat about becoming a "movie star."

Unfortunately, the moment you step into a money-making empire such as Batman or The Terminator series, you must accept, and come to terms with, the fact that you will become a movie star.

And with these new trimmings of fame and fortune, again, comes the price of great responsibility.

Some people handle this with incredible grace. Others don't.

Trust me, I've been on many intense blockbuster sets, including a Terminator movie, but I've never been witness to anything close to what Christian Bale did on Terminator Salvation.

What is disturbing is that he wasn't just content with expressing his discontent with Shane. It's the fact that he felt it was alright to be a bully and go for Shane's jugular for over three minutes in front of the cast and crew.

And what about this cast and crew who had to watch their friend, boss and co-worker helplessly as Christian Bale viciously berated him? I'm sure that was not pleasant.

As for Shane adjusting lights as the camera was rolling and Christian Bale was acting, as distracting as this might be, it is very common on film sets, from Speilberg's director of photography to Michael Mann's to Darren Aronofsky's.

So everyone relax, take a chill pill, learn a little and treat each other well.

2092 days ago


yeah i was thinking it was in the heat of the moment and he still had his john connor hard ass mode on and didn't realize it he's a method actor, apology accepted.

2092 days ago


Considering everything that has been said about him, I think Christian Bale has been more than a perfect gentleman this week. I think I admire him more now than ever. Tell the truth you guys...this is just one of those opportunities when "we lilttle people" take a jab at an entertainer simply because they were fortunate enough to get a job doing what they love, and being well paid, and having tons of admirers, while the rest of us here in the real world have to work our bottoms off just to make ends meet. Honestly people, verbal abuse is verbal abuse, whether it is 3 minutes to someones face, or 10 seconds on the internet under a fake name. At least he did apologize (unappreciated though it was), are any of you willing to apologize for trashing someone you don't even know? (Jealousy is an ugly, nasty thing)

2092 days ago


I would have to know more about what happened - like being there, to pass judgment. I do not think Bale would have apologized if the tape had not been made public. So, the sincerity to me is in question. However, if he is anything like me, then it was sincere. I always try to keep things stress free in all my relationships because I hate interpersonal conflict. Thus, I let a lot of stuff pass and am trying now to comment on things if they make me mad right off the bat in a gentle way, because my previous ways never worked. I wouldn't express any anger for days, weeks, years, and then something in the friendship or relationship is the straw that breaks the camel's back and I'm on a tirade thats been building for quite awhile and even anger about other things I've held in fuel it. Although I apologize every time, I think its healthier for me to bring up immediately something I feel weird about immediately.

2092 days ago


Well I love Christian Bale and have for a long time, since Little Women actually ha!! He is a fantastic actor and man..So he has a bad temper every now and then, who doesn't??? He apologized and well he sounded sincere to me. Everyone has stressful moments at work and we can become overwhelmed and break out in tantrums as well... He is human just like us...and I truly believe if he was not who he is then this would not have been made some huge ordeal..ya know...anyways I still love ya Christian and cant wait for Terminator so I can see you and your great work again!!!

2091 days ago


Oops didnt mean to leave that many...ha my email wasnt working right sorry ha!!! What can I say I really love my man Christian Bale ha!!

2091 days ago


142. TMZ SUCKS, let me repeat TMZ SUCKS
"begging for forgiveness"? its people like the ones at TMZ that make me sick. He was just apologizing which he didnt have to do. You know why? Because he already sorted everything about with crew including shane. He doesnt need to apoligize to the public, he didnt release the tape.

Oh and another thing people that say that they havent had a bad day and gone off like that are liars, including you TMZ staff.


Posted at 8:34AM on Feb 7th 2009 by sabaton

If TMZ is sooooo bad, then what are you doing on here???? Hellooooooo!

2091 days ago


Re: Christian Bale

Catch people out in public if you get the opp....God knows that sH** is funny but..........................................

NOT always but at times TMZ reports a story that is completely at of context (At least I think, jk). A quote from the EW roport, "he has two major franchises on his back". Plus while taking that reposibilty of probably two of the top ten highest grossing franchises of all time.....Besides that, I'm sure everyone right there, in that room, has not even been under a quarter of that kind of pressure, and if so YOU probably cracked harder. I know i would. Then you see the outcome of his work. Amazing! Why do you think that is. Hmmm! He bustes his ass for his job! Besides aren't all great arists a little crazy? Ease up fellas. Luve the show.


2091 days ago


Karma 168-173, you talking about utter idiots commenting here is rather amusing. You feel that because others don’t see this issue as you do they are hateful morons… blah… blah… Blah. Sorry but you sound like those you’re criticizing.

Don’t you think there’s probably a reason this story didn’t come out when it happened other than Bale being arrested and having the mother/sister problem? Regardless of the apology his actions though you see them justified were unprofessional and the “he’s a method actor” excuse is not an excuse. Bale himself admits what he did was wrong. By your comments the only reason Bale made an apology had nothing to do with being in the wrong but rather he forced himself to because those you believe in the wrong are criticizing him. Kind of silly (hypocritical) to apologize for something one feels no wrong doing for. Regardless of why Bale gave an apology to the public he seems to have more common sense than you do.

I believe the reason many don’t believe the apology or the outburst in the first place has to do with how he treated a coworker. This wasn’t a little squabble it was six minutes + of Bale tearing Shane another a-hole. I get that the Shane interrupted the shot but if Bale is the great actor many claim him to be (think he is as well) than why F-bomb the guy as he did. Shoot the scene again after mentioning his frustration of the interruption(s) to the bosses that Bale mentioned in the rant to have Shane fired. I’m sure Bale has to do more than one take at times during the shooting of a scene that doesn’t cause such a reaction.

I accept his apology and believe this incident taught both Bale and Shane the DP a lesson of what not to do in the future. I will see the new Terminator movie not because of this story but because I’m a fan of the Terminator saga. Only way I wouldn’t see it is if Ashley “fakeashell” Judd was in it, the hypocrite that wants no bears “wildlife” in Alaska hunted and killed but is silent to the killings in her own home state.

2091 days ago


You guys are ridiculous. What, you've never gone off on somebody before and regretted it? And have fun "never watching a Christian Bale movie again", cause I plan on watching The Dark Knight and the next Terminator and Batman movies plenty of times!

You're just a bunch of people who are angry that you aren't the ones who are rich and famous. None of you are the police and doctors that you talk about in your posts.

Considering Bale and the DP made up and have no problem working with each other at this point, I'll cut him some slack. It's not like he freaked out cause he didn't get the Xbox he requested for his trailer, he freaked out about the actual scene in the movie.

2091 days ago


I am a sucker for someone who says that they are sorry. Things can get crazy when people are under pressure or a lack of sleep which is pretty normal in some careers. I'm giving you a pass this time Bale, but wathc you A#$ and calm the F*%k down!

PS... I just wanted to speak to him in his own language.

2091 days ago


chris brown! chris brown!chris brown! you throw up on Christian Bale while Chris Brown & others beat her girlfriend or someone meeting in club! CB is a great actor and not perfect! none is perfect!

2090 days ago


Seriously who are we to judge. This was a private matter that happend while at work and should've never been released. They guys is human and is entitled to mistakes. He's apologized to the guy and that should be the end of it!

2090 days ago

Jenna Johnson    

So true. I could tell his apology was genuine. Isn't everyone allowed their freak out moments? Why should we judge someone for letting their emotions take over. I'm sure that none of the people who are judging him can say you've never blown up before and regretted it later.He's human too isn't he? Isn't he entitled to making mistakes too? Or does he always have to be perfect because he's in movies. It takes a big person to apologize, but it also takes a big person to accept an apology. Christian has already done his part, now it's our turn. Everyone should give him a break, let him have his bad days, and leave it alone at that.

2090 days ago
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