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Cops: "Dirty Bird" Creator Blew Lines Off Toilet

2/8/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamal AndersonAnother former Falcon's behind bars -- this time it's a running back.

Jamal Anderson, the former superstar who invented the "Dirty Bird" endzone dance, was busted at an Atlanta area tavern last night and charged with felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Cops say they found some powdered coke and a joint on Anderson's person, and whisked him off to Fulton County jail.

Anderson has a hearing set for Monday morning.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson was busted inside a bathroom stall -- with another -- at the Peachtree Tavern after a patron heard someone making a "snorting noise."

The patron reported the "noise" to a bar security guard -- who happened to be an off-duty Atlanta Police Officer.

The Atlanta PD tells TMZ the security guard went into the bathroom to investigate when he heard the suspicious noise. We're told the guard then popped over the top of the stall and claims to have seen Anderson and another man doing lines of coke off the toilet tank. He immediately arrested both men.

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2091 days ago


Gonna find out that the "Dirty Bird" means something different!

2091 days ago



2091 days ago


Can they throw steroids into the mix as well?

2091 days ago


I cry shennanagins!

What right did they have to even search him? Can they just pick a guy who fits the right profile of someone who has weed on them and search away?

To hell with those racist Nazis!

Legalize! Legalize!

I shall pray to mighty FLOON the party god for his mighty aid.

...and by pray I mean have a bong hit.

2091 days ago

Cold Pizza    

You will be seriously missed on Cold Pizza. I sure hope they can find someone better to take over for you.

2091 days ago

Jomica Man    

Since the NFL season is officially over, and not much to really talk about other than the upcoming NFL draft, I wonder if and when he will be back on ESPN's First Take as an analyst. Since Disney is the parent company, they may decide to cancel his contract. Too bad, I liked hearing his views on certain teams and players. Who would have thought this guy was into drugs at his age, and being clean cut and well spoken on many sports topics. Both he and Kordell Stewart made a good team on NFL topics during the season. This is one "Dirty Bird" that should have flown far south away from drugs, especially after his playing days were well behind him. I guess some addictions are too tough for some to leave for good in the past.

2091 days ago


They gonna love that dirty bird dance by you in the fulton county jail homes-----with cigarettes being burned into your thighs and buttocks to wiggle and move faster if you try to slow down while being taken. Rich goof like you is just what the predators are looking for...best hope for a quick bond hearing---even an overnight in there can change your outlook on your own people.

YOu and A Roid, taking the place of Phelps and Bonds being in the sports non hero news. I hope the NFL continues to get rid of the influence idiots like this one have brought to the game that only signifies drug use, abuse of women and disdain for authority.

I thoughts this was supposed to all change with the hope that just got elected...not with these selfish jerks...

2091 days ago


I watched this guy on ESPN Frst Take and other features leading up to the Superbowl and I noticed wierd mood swings during his commentary, once threatening to punch skip Balas and then later stating "You Know I was just kidding" and another episode where once again he threatened violence and once again, stating "he was kidding and would never hit anyone". HELLO these kinds of Wierd mood swings are a direct symptoms of Cocaine use. Funny how the ESPN "experts" who report on atheletes behavior didn't see this when it was right under their noses.

2091 days ago

Suck My Bronze.    

I have a feeling that his prison buddies are going to teach him a new end zone dance.

2091 days ago


Nick Sunset you are right on and logic with no g you are an idiot. The dude is snorting coke and you don't think he should get in trouble? There is a reason that is illegal it can kill. He could go crazy and kill someone or it could stop his heart asap.

Nick Sunset, yea espn is filled with a bunch of morons running that place. they have sold their soul to the devil. I saw him last monday and he looked a bit off and jumpy. Not what I remembered of him in the past.

More sex less drugs

2091 days ago


Can't a guy do a line of coke in privacy! Jeez. Nosey people. MYOB I do not believe he wasi n a stall with another guy...that is ridiculous...and sounds more like a gay thing than a drug thing. What man goes into a stall with another man in a straight bar? Jeez!

2091 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Typ sports star DOPE DOPE DOPE

2091 days ago


off the toilet? ...ugh, dude you gotta learn how to "key" it....quick & easy!

2091 days ago

flaming homo    

Damnit, you guys have used all the "endzone" , "tightend" and "dirty bird/sanchez" jokes!

2091 days ago
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