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Kids? What Kids?!

2/8/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears refused to travel anywhere unless her kids could go with her ... K-Fed doesn't have that problem.

Dude got down in Vegas this weekend where the only baby on his mind was the one in the teeny, tiny booty shorts.


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2085 days ago


first! take that toofast hahahahahahahahaha

2085 days ago


It's quite curious that one parent holds another parent to high standards, while the other parent can party in Vegas on (what seems) a regular basis. Also, where does he get the money for the numerous lavash weekends he spends in Vegas? Perhaps an audit of how the child support payments are being spent should be done.

2085 days ago


good job K-fed its good to see you know how to let some steam off. It must be very hard raising the kids by yourself and its good you know how to let some of the frustration out so you dont go crazy like that stupid bitch whore exwife of yours. your doing a great job as a single dad k-fed keep up the good work

2085 days ago


Britney hasn't been partying in a year.... except when she was promoting the album she was seen twice at a club for her bday w/ NO DRINKS!!!!!! This FOOL is ALWAYS in vegas acting like he's still 21 livin off Britney's $$$$$$$$$$$$$. She's the one going out on tour to ''work" yet he has the kids??!?!?!?!?!??! If that were Britney out even ONCE the public and media would chew her up and spit her out. WoW

2085 days ago


LOL The couple in the right picture look like they are thinking "what a douche." I would think the same when someone smoke in my face.

2085 days ago

jack Shite    

Just look at this loser smoking his cancer stick. I bet he smokes in front of his kids.
The girl must be a loser too if she thinks it's cool to sit by him. Or maybe she was just sitting there when the loser came over to stand there by her.

this guy is one big smelly douche bag.

2085 days ago


Lacy....that is because Britney has a huge drug problem. She didn't know when to stop. Until K-fed screws up like Britney, he will have the kids and the money to raise them. Period. Some people can drink here and there. It is all in moderation. By the way...he doesn't HAVE to work...would you?

2085 days ago

Wanda W.    

If Iv said said it once Iv said it ten times.........Federline is a LOSER/ WHITE TRASH,and probably has no aspirations to be anything else,thanks to another LOSER/WHITE TRASH who SUPPORTS him,that train wreck known as Britiany Spears!!!!

2085 days ago


Hey, what's wrong with a parent going out. The key to happiness
while raising children is to have time for yourself and let loose.

2085 days ago

HA HA    

Thank God Britney gives him enough money so he can buy his cigs ! LOL !

2085 days ago

The yotch    

So I'm wondering - is there really a divorced parent in the world who doesn't go out on occasion? who doesn't leave their kids with their ex and go for a weekend away? who doesn't receive child support in some form or another? Does it say somewhere in the divorce creed that if you are divorced and have children, that you shall NEVER spend one moment away from them? Yeah. That's what I thought. Leave the guy alone. He's young, he seems pretty stable. He's not doing anything illegal that I can tell. He's there for those boys more than he's away. And the boys DO have a mother who has gotten her life somewhat back in order and can spend time with them. So I don't get the big deal........even if he's in Vegas EVERY weekend, it seems like the boys are well taken care of...........

2085 days ago


For someone who claims that he loves his kids, he sure is partying it up all the time. Fed-X is a loser, user, a walking hormone, and a walking cancer stick. Britney should have the kids back 100% seeing as he is squandering the kids support money.

Get a job Fed x. loser.

2085 days ago

honest t    

Keven probably made more with his Rap Album than Brittney ever did. He is also an actor and has even been shown on super bowl commericals.
All Britney ever sold was baby hit me one more time. Keven was as big if not a bigger star until Britney lost her mind.
Now Britney is put on weight out drinking and going to bars and Keven is trying to raise his kids and set an example for his ex wife.
He was also married to another woman I think and might have to help support her. How do you know he does not still have a big career ahead of him?
He might win an oscar or a grammy or be a doctor.
This picture is probably from the only night he went out in several months and I have seen picturees of Britney smoking before.
He seems to have class and style and was a professional dancer meaning he got paid to dance.

2085 days ago


TMX posters are such LOSERS! Leave Kevin alone!!!! I am NOT a fan of his, BUT I am the mom of 2 little kids and BIG DEAL he is out jaming to a song in a club!!!!!! Cell phone cameras capture EVERYTHING nowadays! Britney was a mess, mess , mess, shaved head, pink hair, driving 120 mph, alien voices, sam lufti, sleeping with Paparatzi, bi-polar, etc, etc, and he took (TAKES) loving care of those boys, and one ignoratnt poster even says, "KEVIN CLAIMS TO LOVE THOSE BOYS, BUT HE IS OUT PARTYING, (ad lib..._ OMG you all are so dumb! Britney is the one that for PUBLICITY ONLY made the whole "I am not going on tour without my boys PR stunt" ha ha she thought they wouldnt agree and they did, now everyone will SEE that those shows WILL NOT be sold out, NO WAY!!!! and she will have to come up with anohter excuse to (OH my gosh, say it isnt so... "CANCEL her tour~""" !!!!

2085 days ago
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