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Rihanna's Injuries -- "Horrific" -- redirect

2/10/2009 1:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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justice is served    

FO Serenity. This is my final post to you. Obviously everyone else wrote your off long ago. Have fun chattin' yourself up.

2081 days ago


I wish Chris Brown will pay severely for what he did. Rihanna has a successful growing career which she works hard to get, Then here comes this goofy, immature idiot to cause her pain and shame. The bastard should have caught Aids, then that would mean he would DIE. You people need to be shot for picking up for him...get your face bashed in and your body beaten, and see how you like it a*sholes.

2081 days ago


The first act of a future wife beater NO DOUBT. Just wait til he becomes a drunk!

2081 days ago

Dr. Adams    

What a disgusting Pig Chris "Ike Tuner" Brown is, mere words can't describe what I think of his ignorant ass, He needs to pay for his actions, in the worst way possible....Watching his career fall to the wayside while he does a stint in jail, but we have to be realistic, although we have the best justice system in the entire world, "Where celeb's are concerned our Lady Justice turns a blind eye but all the while holding out a hand to be filled with money that ass holes like Brown can afford to buy they're justice. My wish is to see him singing at grand openings of Burger Kings.....

2081 days ago

Say What???    

If Rihanna would have given Chris some bruises, cuts, etc....SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE BACKSEAT OF THE POPO'S CAR TOO.....

The cops take BOTH people to jail for battery, if BOTH have beaten on each other.

This Herpes thing is a rumor.

Herpes is in the same category as chicken pox and shingles. It is a VIRUS. There is not a cure.

Type 1 Herpes, cold sores on the mouth, initial exposure are flu-like symptoms, break-outs of these cold sores are usually due to stress, which compromises the immune system, therefore the outbreak.
A child can be kissed at Christmas from an Aunt with a cold sore, and the child will get it.

It is a mucus to mucus has to have a "host".

Type 2 Herpes, is the exact same as Type 1, only it is in the genital area, and the sores are on the genitals.

In either case Type 1 or Type 2 it is a VIRUS, there is no cure for cannot die from it.

All of this crap about break-outs from too much sun, wind, whatever is a bunch of old wives tales.

The only people who know what happened are Chris and Rihanna. Obviously the cops know more than anyone, if Rihanna would have "attacked" him, like I have seen some people say, there would be evidence, and she would have been charged too.


Rihanna, hope you get to feeling better, if he will hit you once, honey he will do it again.

Chris, YOU and YOU alone made whatever choices you made, and now you will have to suffer the consequences.

Chris, your squeaky clean image and your career are over. You will never be looked at the same again.
YOU have really taken a great thing, and totally blew it, no matter what it was over.......IT IS THE OUTCOME THAT MATTERS NOW!!

2081 days ago

biologist at large    

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. The question is "which one". The answer is "depends". In certain areas of the world HSV1 is responsible for most genital outbreaks, in others HSV2 is responsible for most genital outbreaks- and vice-versa, HSV2 can be responsible for oral outbreaks, and HSV1 can be responsible for genital outbreaks. Get it? Either can be responsible for either.... AND you can cross contaminate a genital area with an oral lesion, or an oral area w/ a genital lesion... AND you can cross contaminate yourself. Theres a reason you see oral lesions during bad weather, exams, and the other stupid examples someone gave- oubreaks are brought on by stress. Both strains live in nerve endings, usually near mucosal surfaces, any stressors ; physical, psychological, immunological- can precede and provoke and outbreak. Since not all carriers are symptomatic, and since not all who are symptomatic seek treatment, it's very difficult to put a hard number on the stats, so at best you have these numbers: 60-90% of the (American) population has been exposed to, and therefore may be carriers of HSV1 (typically oral/nasal, but again can be genital): On HSV2 (which is tracked a little better), an American over the age of 12 has a 1/4th-1/5th (depending on who's numbers you're going by) chance of being a carrier, and therefore someone who can infect. There is a racial component involved. African Americans 12yrs+ old has a 40-50% chance of being infected. White Americans (dunno if this includes Latinos) 12yrs+ have a 15-20% chance of being infected. There are various reasons that could be involved, including age of becoming sexually active, condom usage, number of partners during lifetime, frequency of different partners, medical intervention, etc, etc.
So, chances are- no matter who you are- you're a walking incubator for a virus that likes to pop up at inconvenient times, in inconvenient places, causing inconvenient pain&itching. (you've also got a 40-50% of carrying Staph Aureus, which can cause a deadly secondary infection)
I'd say from what I've read on here that stupidity & ignorance plays a part in transmission as well. If you've got a sore- ANYWHERE on a mucosal, genital, or anal surface, keep it in your pants (or out of your pants), or on your own lip.
People tend to rationalize their lesions (sores), as you can read in the tons of posts before, and probably after, this one. People mistake nasal eruptions for coke/meth burns, or nasal drip & tissue overuse; mistake oral eruptions for burns on pipes, or accidently biting ones lip, or "cold wind", chapped lips, etc etc; and mistake genital eruptions for friction burns, or some other funky things that I'll avoid verbalizing for anyone too young for advanced "gettin' yer groove on".....
Everything posted here is in accordance with current published CDC info. Don't believe me, ask your doctor. Don't believe either of us, you're an idiot. Quit getting your facts from the schoolyard, or streetcorner. If people would quit making up stories about where their "cold sores" or "friction burns" came from, we could maybe slow transmission. At the very least, people would know not to "get bizzy" while they are oozing. I don't know if insurance or medicaid/medicare cover prophylactic antivirals- but most of you out there should find out if theirs does.
... begin the verbal onslaught of the uneducated, unwashed majority.... don't flame my post for my sake- I wont be here. I don't cruise TMZ for my source of scientific info- I just saw the bite thing on google's news page links- oh, and bites are in no way isolated to defensive wounds. Teeth are a weapon of torture and intimidation when one has the advantage over, or has incapacitated, ones opponent (victim?). (I have no clue if Brown bit the girl or not, again- TMZ not a great source, but it looked interesting)

2081 days ago

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