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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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Why should my taxes go to this irresponcible nut case who is birthing babies like it's going out of style? Welfare should be cut from the system, what a waste!

2081 days ago


Regarding - 26. For the love! Get your terminology straight! In an IVF procedure you DO NOT implant embyro's! You transfer them. Implantation happens inside the uterus and no one can force this to happen. If our doctor's could actually implant them then IVF succcess rates would be through the roof! Please stop being stupid.

Posted at 3:01PM on Feb 11th 2009 by Leah

You need to do a bit more research before you write such a nasty comment. Her fertility MD is actually known for utilizing (can't remember if he pioneered it) a technique that inserts the embryo into the uterine lining, instead of just transfering them to float around and implant themselves. No word, that I know of, has come out to say whether or not that technique was used in this case. Care to take back the "stupid" comment and quit being so high and mighty? I wouldn't expect anyone who hasn't been through the procedure to be up to speed on all of the terminology, but we all know what they were referring to.

2081 days ago


My husband and I make a combined income of approx 35K a year. We do not qualify to adopt a child and are unable to have any ourselves. She is unemployed, single mom of 6 having litters of them and the government pays for them...what's wrong with this picture?

2081 days ago


To Poster #110 Lori. What DOES american look like in your world? WASP? Well I happen to be a WASP, but I also know an AMERICAN can have MANY different looks. Black, tan brown, yellow, red. Please don't place a backhanded racial remark into this discussion. I know MANY, MANY americans who are not WASPY,. Infact, TRUE americans would look like NATIVE AMERICANS. It's us WASPS who came here uninvited and took over THIER land.
O.K. back on topic. This woman keeps talking about how she had so many children because of what she was missing as any only child. Just knowing that 5 IVF treatments and 6 kids previous to the 8 kids wasn't enough to fill that void, these 8 more babies will not help fill that socalled void either.
She needs SERIOUS psychyatric help and have those poor kids(all 14 of them) taken from her and placed into loving homes where they will get the love and ATTENTION they truly need to grow up to be centered, well adjusted adults.
Unless that happens we all will end up paying for MANY, MANY years to come

2081 days ago


She should be arrested and her kids should be taken away and put up for adoption. But she is smart. We have to give her credit. She figured out how to milk every penny out of the system and avoid getting a job.

2081 days ago


Okay, When I first started reading about Nadya Suleman, I was beginning to doubt our Welfare system however, I think that I am now beginning to doubt our education system. Examples: baby's(babies), shood(should), herting(hurting) and America is a proper noun and should always be capitalized!!!!!!

2081 days ago


the state of ca. should tell the womb doc to pay child support or revoke his licence to parctice

2081 days ago


Nadya Suleman's 2009 tax return: At least fourteen child tax credits!!!!!!
She'll be making money off of this for eighteen years.

2081 days ago


You got that right! Obama is giving tax credit for each dependenant child under the age of 18..regardless of weather you pay taxes or not. This woman has the bureacacy figured out. That's how she is managed to get lip job,uterus job and a publicist..not to mention taking the bankrupt state to worse condition all by herself! Is anyone in California watching this story? Can someone blow the whistle on her and send the child protection services to her house? NBC showed condition of her house its pathtic right now with six kids. Can you imagine wut will happen when she brings the second litter home??? Hello, Social Services????Is anyone listening to this public outrage??? TMZ??

2080 days ago


This woman is sick. DHS needs to take all of the kids away, then she and the baby daddy AKA Sperm donor should work for the rest of their lives to pay the bills for their support. This is terrible.

I would love to have another child, but cant because the two that I have are all I can afford! I could never bring another child into this world I couldnt afford ON MY OWN! No way. Im a single mom too.

So my opinion has nothing to do with her being a single mom. If she had an income suitable to sustain her womb and babies I could care less how many kids she has. But when I work and have to pay her medical and aid for her to procreate and sit at home -I have a right to say what I want. It is our business when we are paying the bills for this woman. Women on ANY type of aid need to be denied invitro or other fertility treatments!

2080 days ago


Facts: this 'woman' is a MENTAL CASE! NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would do anything like this. First, she can not afford these babies. I hope & pray that California takes these babies for the SAKE of these children. They do not need this 'mother'. THEY NEED LOVE and a nice home - ! This woman is out of control. Looking for "games" when NECESSITIES is more important PROVES my point! I hope her MOTHER throws her out of her 'home' - so, she can clean it up and before she dies from a 'heart attack' - !

2080 days ago


Why is everyone so upset? It's not like YOU have to take care of them. This was her idea, and her doctor approved of it. perhaps the doctor should be getting these nasty comments! All doctors want is MONEY- and that's exactly why he did it. Why isn't anyone upset about Jon and Kate Plus 8? They already had 2 kids, they didn't need 6 more either.....They got free donations from people and their own tv show to pay for their items. What's the fricken difference?
Quit bitching and if you stop watching the tv shows that have her on it, then it won't be "newsworthy" anymore. It's NOT a big deal people! People in India have 14 kids all the time for god's sake!

2080 days ago


it's what it's, leave her alone!!!!!

2080 days ago


Everyone should feel sorry for this woman not hate on her, she clearly has mental problems.I feel sorry for her and her children (for the children the most)It's just very SAD.

2080 days ago


SHe's on the public dole but can AFFORD a publicist in LA? I SERIOUSLY doubt this publicist works on a contingency fee, or maybe he/she is just an ambulance chaser as well

2080 days ago
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