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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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I urge everyone to boycott any for-profit company who supports this heinous woman in any way. She saw how much money the state gave her for three disabled children, so she did the math and ka-ching! More disabled children, more checks from the state! This is one sick woman. Everyone knows that multiples are at high risk for disabilities. This heinous creature has no business caring for a dog, much less innocent children. Children raised with a mentally ill mother and horrible dysfunction as these children surely will if she is allowed to keep them, are at high risk for depression, violence, mental illness, incarceration, and a whole host of other debilitating problems. Twenty years from now we will very likely be watching the arrests, arraignments, sentencing, and incarcerations of these vulnerable children. The State of California has a duty to protect these innocent children from being raised in a neglectful, dysfunctional home. She is an abomination and an insult to women everywhere. As for her chosen profession, counseling? What a joke! Who would be sick enough to take counsel from this freak? Shameful!!

2076 days ago


I thought Octomom had a bad back, she received over $150000 from workers comp, shouldn't she be on bed rest the last few weeks before the babies were born? I think she is nothing but a con artist, using the system. So sorry for all the children, she's using them to make money.

2076 days ago


I would suggest she starts putting those fake lips to use and starts swallowing.

2076 days ago


i think once she collects money she is no longer elligible for food stamps because she will have exceeded theincome requirements. she will have to pay back the state. she and her publicist arent the sharpest toos and now she will be getting herself in legal trouble.

2076 days ago


WOMAN You bring a new meaning to the word populate from The Bible. God said to Re POPULATE the World after the floods, but he didn't mean that for today.....Good grief, get your tubes tied and your head examined. I feel for you, but you got your self in this mess, if you can't afford them, then give to some one who can.

Please, you can not handle them, that is obvious. But, we do not need to pay for your huge mistakes. Children are not mistakes usually, but in this case it is, since you knew what you were doing, and willingly did it, with out a partner that makes YOU STUPID. And puts those children in danger of neglect and abuse. You can't expect a baby to feed it'self. Diaper it's self. Who is going to help you? Obviously not your parents. You make me sick. Shame on you.

You need alot of prayer woman.

2076 days ago


This women have OCD and can't stop bearing children. It is an obsession and THAT should have been noted a long time ago by her parents and Psychiatrists she apparently saw for "her depressions". I blame her parents (in a way) for enabling her. After "allowing" her to have one child out of wedlock they should have trown her out of their house when she wanted more. To let this MAD women continue to do IVF that was paid for by disabilities check and student loans is an outrage. In addition, she seems to have used this money for plastic surgery too. The kids need to be removed from her and placed with parents that can care for them and give them nuturing. That includes ALL the kids!

2076 days ago


funny how THIS taxpaying, working, childless woman was unable to afford in-vitro but the lazy con woman sucking up MY hard-earned dollars can afford invitro, Starbucks and fake nails!!! Barak, save us all!!!!

2076 days ago


Has anyone ever heard of "Munchausen By Proxy". Munchausen syndrom is when a person harms themselves for attention. Munchausen By Proxy is when someone such as a parent harms their children for the attention of others as well. I beleive this is the case with that woman. In all the interviews I have seen about her, it seems to be "ALL ABOUT ME". The children seem to be just a means to an end. I feel so sorry for all 14 children as well as the grandparents. I heard on the news tonight that the Church Nadya said was going to help her didn't know a thing about it, and denied any ability to do the things she expected of them. Poor Poor babies.

2075 days ago


This woman is out of her mind!!!!! She is only doing this because she is a deadbeat who wants a quick buck and is willing to make herself look like an idiot and all shes doing is stealing OUR tax $$$$. So while we are working our butts off she is spending her afternoons at the nail salon and leaving her first 6 kids to be cared for by her mother and she is abandoning her other 8 at the hospital. She is a lazy wannabe angelina jolie low life who should have never been pregnated in the first place!!!!!

2075 days ago


Its women like her that give us struggling single moms a bad name. I feel sorry for those babies. It's insane how mom asks for donations, yet had money to spend on plastic surgery.... CPS should take them from her and give them to somebody more responsible and mature, and for her, I suggest they cut her tubes, and make sure she cant get nomore children that she cant support. Not even financially, but also emotionally, we dont wanna see another Andrea Yates.

2075 days ago


Why do you keep being haters? Nothing can be done. Would you be able to give up any of your kids?

2075 days ago


Ok heres the thing she is getting all the attention from the media and offers for shows, you know she is going to make more money than the average family can make in a lifetime which totally sucks for all of us who are out here just try to provide for our family. Hell I struggle sometimes to just put food on the table! She has the nerve to ask for donations too!! The doctor is to blame, her parents are to blame for not locking her up for mental help and she is to blame!! So go after the doctor and make him pay for some of the childrens expenses although I highly doubt that she'll need help the way the media keeps running her story. In the end I feel for the children there is no way that she is going to provide the love and attention that each of these children need not to mention that she has to be mentally unstable and that can cause alot of problems for the children who will have to watch their mother and probally help her through life! Just think of the kids all of them and my heart breaks for what they will be living through with a mother like her. So Nadya why don't you go get your nails done and enjoy life. What a shame!

2075 days ago

ME NY    

Is it me or does she look like that woman in Texas who snapped and Killed her kids?

2075 days ago

ME NY    

No "MOTHER" takes off on a media tour and leaves her premature babies in intensive care. Premature babies need so much care and they are so fragile. Aside from her abuse of the State Welfare and Social Security System, I believe her leaving them that way is Abandonment.. Where is California's Child Welfare system? I saw photos on the news of that pigsty she calls a "home". In NY if you have 10 or more children, the state MUST provide you with a HOUSE, not an apartment, an actual house, I wonder if California has a similar law that she is looking to benefit even more from.
I implore anyone who wants to privately donate to this leech, NOT to. Please consider donating to charities that help families who have lost children for a variety of reasons.

2075 days ago


Oops! My spelling error (#583)!! That was supposed to be "resources", this damned print is so tiny late at night, LOL.

To kissinQT (#564): I believe that the statistics for successful IVF for a qoman Suleman's age is 95%. Nine-Ty-Five!!! Not one or two in seven or eight chances. The DOCTOR certainly knew she had a pretty good chance of having all 7 or 8 children. That is EXTREME NEGLIGENCE on his and her parts.

And I have another thought ... Can someone start a Fund-Raising site to pay for a legal team to remove all 14 children and place them in good homes to compete with her Beg-Site? I do not know law well, but would it be a class action suit when so many of us act against one careless individual? God knows that in America we sue for far less (negligently spilling McDonald's coffee in our own lap??). Good grief.

To those who praise her ability to HAVE 14 children, I want to BITCH SLAP YOU back side of the head!! HELLO!!!! If I could have kids (I have enough of a grip on REALITY that I am too old now to be the "young parent" I would want to be by the time my first kid reaches high school). PLUS, I would want my children to have the same level of luxury and quality of life I was raised with growing up. I can well afford to have a few children, but "hello!!!" I could not provide a proper quality life with fourteen (we were four kids in my house and we lived exceptionally well ... AND my father wanted SIX kids but it was MY MOTHER who told him where to stop! See, most parents are reality-grounded, unlike NS)

Ugghh, I just want to place the children in proper homes so that this circus comes to an end, and to vilify this woman so severely that any future doctor will not touch her. Then we can properly send our donations to people who rightly deserve assistance.


2075 days ago
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