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He's Just Not That Into You

2/13/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's Brad Pitt's ex-wife, 40-year-old Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Love

As of yet, Jennifer has no children of her own.


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big joe    

she is a perfect 10.

1991 days ago


i thought for sure it was jennifer garner. cute little baby!!!

1991 days ago


Ya know TMZ, Ms Anniston DOES have a career. I don't see why, in your explanation, that you referred to her as Brad Pitt's ex. Yes, she is, but if you ran a baby pic of Brad, you would state that he's the ex of Jennifer??

1991 days ago


Cold and cruel, TMZ. Cold and cruel.

1991 days ago


TMZ - give it a rest. We know that Angelina is paying your salary. Your last comment was uncalled for. We really do not know why or why not Jennifer has not have children yet. Just maybe, just maybe that she is not able, you know not all woman are blessed. But then again, she has not gone the way of Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie with the IVF to have twins. Just let this woman be. Its funny how YOU DON'T ever mention George Clooney able to keep a woman and do not chasitse him for it. Double standard.

1991 days ago


"Don't worry about it"-
Yeah, except for that whole little "Friends" show she was on. But that wasn't very popular or anything. Nobody knew who she was before Brad Pitt. *rolls eyes*

1991 days ago


Lets face it. Jennifer had a better career while she was with Brad. Yeah the dog movie was number 1 for a weekend, but she hasn't had any quality work since "Friends" and Brad. She will always be the cute "Friend". You can argue over who's prettier, but I think the true test is that Brad looks a lot happier with Angelina. Jennifer will always be known as Brad's ex because she hasn't moved on. I think her recent comments about Brad and Angelina in last months magazines proves this.

1991 days ago


Jennifer is a good actress but she is no beauty queen....really look at her in the new flick...I am surprised she approved the lighting....nice figure and hair...that's it! Angelina and Brad are so cool together!

1991 days ago


Unlike Jen, Angelina went from being a wandering soul to someone with a purpose to better the lives of those outside of her own little bubble. Thats part of what drew Brad to Angie in the first place. She is a good kind of crazy we could all take a lesson from. Jen is just your typical in it for the minute actress who failed to demonstrate the depth of character it takes to hold her mans attention doe the long haul. No doubt Brad has his work cut out with Angelina...tiger by the tail so to speak. BTW, Jen has never been very interesting to me...Angelina I could watch all day. And yes I'm a chick who should hate her for what I don't have (that she does)! But I don't... ...Angelina does need to put on about 10 pounds before she breaks in half picking up one of her kids.

1991 days ago


love jennifer!

1991 days ago


Beautiful baby pic, beautiful gal. Cheers Jennifer!

1991 days ago


Happy Birthday Jen!

P.S.- TMZ - you are not defined by your ex - let it go already. She is Jen. Just Jen. Not Brad's ex. that is so yesterday.

1991 days ago


Jennifer gave Brad class, not the other way around. And he always looked at Jen adoringly. I never saw him smile so much at premieres and events. Now he just looks old and stressed. He looks like he tiptoes around Jolie. I don't know. He could have been happy with both at different stages of his life. I am glad Jen didn't just produce kids just because he wanted her to. Obviously, she felt the timing was off and shouldn't we all just be thankful for that? At least there were no kids involved in another Hollywood divorce. He is happy with Jolie (I think) and Jen looks happy too in all pictures I see of her. Movin' right along now...

1991 days ago


For the haters...if you can look as good as that at 40...hell make that 30, then you can start talking. She looks great and haters could only wish they looked as good.

1991 days ago


Beatiful baby,beautiful woman. Can you imagine what her OWN babies will look like one day!!? Happy Birthday,Jen...I seriously hope you have a wonderful 40th...and that you experience nothing but the best in life!!

1991 days ago
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