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"Dog" Chapman -- Lien on Me

2/15/2009 12:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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Moan Ica    

I heard that Beth takes care of the money. And she does all the runs to and from the grocery store. The men, however, spend a lot of time sitting in the parking lot of the local mall. Spilling juice (wanking off).

2075 days ago

Criss Angels Girl    


2075 days ago


I retired from the IRS last year after working there 25 years. When I retired, I was one of those people on the phone that you call into with tax problems. Unlike "a concerned accountant", my experience was the majority of the time the taxpayer was in the wrong. Yes, IRS does make mistakes too, there are millions of tax payers out there but if IRS makes the mistake, they will correct it and apologize. I talked to accountants as well as taxpayers and attorneys every day. It is best to be calm and treat the person trying to help you with respect and you will get respect back. If you don't, make sure you get the employee's id number because the calls are now taped and you can turn in someone being rude to you and they will be dealt with by their Manager. It is hard to sympathize with Dog and others who owe millions of dollars. The big shots should pay their share as well as all us little people. Anyone working at IRS who does not pay every penny they owe to IRS is fired so I don't have any sympathy with someone not paying their fair share.

2075 days ago


leave this idiot alone i mean what are we gonna do if he cant go arrest all these guys wanted for driving on suspended licenses come on now..

2075 days ago


If he was on Obama's staff this would be no big deal. They don't even have to pay taxes as long as they don't get caught, and even if they do thye don't have to pay any penalties or face jail time like your beneath them citizens.

2075 days ago


Dog, You can take the Tim Geithner defense!!!

2075 days ago


I didn't know he was a Democrat!


2075 days ago


I never understood how a dude as ugly as dog got on TV in the first place, now we fing out he's more than shady. Bo gone with you.

2075 days ago

Hawaii Bob    

Those are just his taxes thru 2005. You can imagine what he must owe for 2006, 2007 and 2008. Let's see, should I pay taxes or buy another house in Hawaii or Colorado, or maybe some more ATV's? Think I'll buy more toys.

2074 days ago


This Dog's had his day. With all that Bra and Brudder crap.

2074 days ago


Hey, Dog just call those law ho's that can settle your 2 mill to like 4k!

2074 days ago
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