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Patrick Dempsey's Wife -- Mad at the Wrong Peeps

2/16/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Dempsey's wife had some misplaced anger last night outside Rustic Canyon restaurant -- blaming the eatery for "selling them out" to the paparazzi. Only problem: They didn't tip us off ...

Patrick Dempsey: Click to watch
Just an FYI: When you're super-famous, people tend to recognize you -- especially people who happen to be seated near you inside restaurants.


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Okay first of all I have to comment on the one person who said that Dempsey's wife is bettering looking than half of the women posting on here. You don't even know what half of us look like so how can you judge us. And your absolutely wrong. I would bet my life on it that half of the women posting on her are 10 times better looking than she is. I've seen her pics and she is disgustly ugly. She looks like McCain's wife on crack. And like someone mentioned she like twice his age. It is only a matter of time before he divorce's her and gets somebody younger. Secondly when your married to a Celeb who has money and who has been in the game for a minute, what the hell do you expect when you go out in public. Of course your going to get noticed and of course the paparazzi's going to be all up in your face. That's the price you have to pay when your rich and famous. I hear people blaming the paparazzi's and as much as I hate them myself it's still their job. Jeaus it's not like the guy who was filming them was nasty he was quite nice. I've seen some video's when the Paparazzi wasn't so nice so give the man a break. Thirdly she works for Avon, wow she's really making alot of money OMG can somebody slap me now please back into reality, If she's making so much money then she can afford to get some reconstruction surgery for that face of hers. Fourthly Mrs Dempsey needs to change that nasty attitude of hers before she finds herself by herself. Patrick get you somebody younger and prettier you deserve that!!

2018 days ago


she's a baby!!!!!!! what EVER. People are losing their jobs and can't feed their families, and she's complaining about a restaurant selling her out after eating a $100 buck meal. That place isn't cheap -- ohhh, but so good.

2040 days ago


He's a jerk. Making fun of the pap's mom's name. WTF? He has little man's syndrome. He's short with big, fake hair. And that witch-wife of his should be thankful for fans and paps...she wouldn't be going home to that mansion of hers. Greys sucks now and the ratings are horrible. It's gonna be cancelled and then let's hear her complain.

2040 days ago


lol. He's looks kinda embarrassed by her bitchiness. She thought she was being so bold by mumbling that the restaurant "sold them out" as they walked away. She's so ignorant. Grey's isn't the hottest show right now. She should be thankful for any publicity. Plus, they were down eating. Chill out Cruella.

2039 days ago


Ummm... why didn't they have someone get their car for them from inside the restaurant? Couldn't they have waited inside instead of awkwardly hanging out on the curb??? Duh! I give Patrick credit for keeping a sense of humor about it, though the razzi was really annoying! His wife needs to chill out and be gracious, after all she's a freaking hairstylist and owes her lifestyle fin large part to Patrick. And she's not that pretty, and she never smiles. If you look at old videos and photos from awards shows, she shows zero personality. I don't know what he sees in her.

2037 days ago


next time they should call her katherine or some other womans name LMAO

2035 days ago


OHhhh what a B*tch! Why is she hiding? Nobody cares about her. Patrick seemed to be friendly and going along with it. Then she don't have enough balls to say anything except when she was walking away. Whatever, if you can't handle it you shouldn't of married someone famous.

2032 days ago

Candie Cane    

Why does she care? No one cares about her, its her husband we care about!

2042 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

so her husband lucks out with playing a hunk Dr. on a hit show..makes millions doing feature films, and she has the balls to cry and hide her face..what a dumbass! geez

2042 days ago


Celebrity whining gets so old. Theire narcissitic personalities dictate that they make a living by pretending to be someone else so people will watch them on the big screen, give them undying adoration, stare at their every move, then they get made when people notice them when they decide it isn't convenient for them. Here's some advice: find a new profession. Nobody is forcing you to do that for a living. It is the most ridiculously overpaid, overvalued profession on the planet.

2042 days ago


How irritating!!
WTF exactly does she have to bi**ch about??
Would she really enjoy her life if hubby faded back into obscurity.
Talk about being an ungreatful person.

2042 days ago


Wow!! He is such a babe. And, well she isn't. Doesn't she realize that if she was the least bit civil, that the incident would have ended sooner?? Its called diffusing the situation. They need "handlers" to tell her to cool off!!! What doe she have?? Some sort of insight on "who tipped off the paps?? Or, does she have a big ugly wart on the end of her nose??

2042 days ago


What is he doing with her? He seems so cute and nice...and she UH...isn't. What a bitty.

2042 days ago


I don't blame her at all. You guys ARE annoying. Stupid questions being fired unceasingly would put me in a bad mood, too.

2042 days ago


You gise just dont get it, and you never will. They just want to be left alone. You obviously where stalking him and he didnt want to talk to you. You cant take a hint. There has to be some privacy in a celebs life. Hes not on the clock 24 hrs a day. They pick the profesion to perform for people because thats what they love to do. They get bothered by strangers, yes complete strangers from the moment they walk out there door, to the moment they get home. These weirdos with a camera who think they are reporters and ask the most stupid questions anyone could ask. You would think they would at least think of a topic b4 they bum rush a celeb and try to make their $$. More celebs need to mule kick these idiots with cameras like Jake G did.

2042 days ago
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