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OctoMom's Million Dollar Digs -- "I Wish!"

2/20/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

California taxpayers, calm down: Even though real estate sources told TMZ OctoMom was looking to buy a $1.24 million home, her only words about the situation yesterday were a sturdy "I wish."

Nadya Suleman: Click to watch
She was there taping an interview with Dr. Phil -- no word on if she was compensated for the sit down or if the alleged home search was part of the set-up.


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I thought this was Angelina until I read the caption and text under the pic. Wow, she is looking more and more like Skankolina every day!

2080 days ago


To comment #28...Are you insane! Why should anyone of us hard working, tax paying, California citizens pay for her? If this is how it works then I am going to get IVF and have 9 babies and knock her ass out of the spotlight so that I can get free cars, free house, free food, free baby clothes, diapers, and daycare, free medical, free everything!......You are a complete dumbass for making such an idiotic statement.

2080 days ago

Another pointless story....    

Amen to #31. What in the hell is wrong with you??? Ha why don't you help pay for her! I am a hard working citizen, I PAY my taxes, I take care of MY DAMN SELF, with NO HELP. I don't go around spitting out babies and expect everyone else to take care of me. Just another leech on society, ugh it pisses me off to see people get away with this crap. I'll be damned if she ever gets a penny from me, NO sympathy from this end whatsoever.

2080 days ago


What the hell Dr. Phill?

2080 days ago


now I'm beginning to wonder if Dr Phil didn't give her a million for this interview. He has had this story on every other day for a week so what better way to top it off than to have the nut on in person. He kept hinting around on those shows that "the babies are already here and they are going to need financial help". If I find out he gave her the money, I am through watching his show. Just by her looking at a million dollar home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for 15 people show this woman is not in the real world. Why not a cheaper house with a lot of bedrooms and have money to try and support them for a few years? Unbelievable.

2080 days ago


Her publicist who claims she quit, but is still collecting money for the Octomom is named Joann Killeen, and according to her website she teaches a class at UCLA. Everyone should call UCLA and complain about this.

2080 days ago


ENOUGH ALREADY!! I have been a foster parent for over 15 years now and there were NUMEROUS chilfren who were in the system that was #13, # 14, #15 to birth mom and different fathers, drug addicted, and all either aged out of the system or were adopted. Now, who do you think paid for them....US...The taxpayers. At least nadyas kids were WANTED, NOT DRUG AFFECTED, Fetal alcohol exposed or ABUSED so badly that they will forever be scarred. C'mon people. Im not saying this is right by any means but there are far WORSE people out there than nadya. Let her get on with her life.

2080 days ago


It seems Octomom spends more time shopping, getting her nails done and flying to interviews, then she does at the hospital, spending time with her frail babies. Several children with special needs, her new born babies still in the hospital and she has time to travel for interviews? Something is definatly wrong with this picture. Where is child protective services?

2080 days ago


One quick question.. This lady stated the other day when asked if she was going to do a reality show that it would be EXPLOITATION of her kids... Now, doing interviews and making appearances like this one and having pictures of grandpa holding one of your disabled kids, wouldn't that be exploitation. If she didnt want media attention she would be laying low and staying in the hospital with her kids, am I right.

And as far as the comment about how she should get the hand outs. SCREW YOU! I have friends that were working and got laid off. I am more than happy to help her. ON THE OTHER HAND, someone who has 6 kids who have medical issues prior to having 8 more kids by CHOICE does not give her the right to have MY hard earned money.

Hell, if life in these hard times get easy by having 14 kids then I might as well go in and have invito done myself so I can sit on my a$$ and watch the money pore in.

She may not be on welfare but I think it should be known what the disability money she was getting for her six kids was spent on (after the recent pictures of her going to the mall and buying 16$ lip gloss).

AND last, I DO think they should have interviewed her in the house that she is about to lose. People DO need to see what filth these kids will be living in. She went to doctor Phil for more pitty from people. She mentioned that she wont date until the youngest one is 18. DOES THAT MEAN SHE WONT GET A JOB EITHER???? I mean, does she really think that she can have a normal 8-5 with 14 kids??

A limo now, really? Are we really going to give this lady this kind of treatment when she is robbing us in front of our eyes??

2080 days ago


OK, I've had enough of this crazy freak and her OctoTot circus.

2080 days ago


I think we can all agree that this situation is "out there." She is definately sucking the life out of the system. She along with many others. My biggest concern is the welfare of her chidren. They didn't ask for this, and god knows they are helpless to anything beyond that. I worry that they won't get the much needed attention they will require, or their needs will met. She obviously has some issues with selfishness, and it appears this is all about her. All we can do is pray for them. It is totally understandable for the American public to be outraged. We live in an economy that is suffering, and this is the kind of "news" we are faced with.

2080 days ago


Why not? Jon & Kate Gosselin have their own show on TLC, Jon & Kate + 8, where they pimp out their 8 kids. They have 8 yo twins and almost 5 yo sextuplets. They've filmed nonstop for the past 2.5 yrs, taken vacations to Hawaii, San Diego, Salt Lake, Disneyworld, plus other assorted zoos and theme parks, never have to stand in line anywhere, always get backstage passes. They just recently bought a $1.3 million dollar home on acreage 'for the kids' even though neither of them work. Neither of them were working when Kate was pregnant with the sextuplets either and they were on Medicaid plus got help from the Salvation Army until they had the show. Now they make money off talking at churches about their 'struggle', take 'love offerings', get tons of free endorsements, published books with pics of the kids. They've gotten free teeth whitening, hairplugs and tummy tucks for themselves, dontated by viewers of the show. Neither of them currently has a job either, although there is the smokescreen that Jon 'works from home'. Kate is now doing the talk show circuit about Octumom, although no one thinks it's wrong that SHE is using her kids to make money. Dr Phil even had her on as an 'expert'. She berates and belittles her husband and constantly freaks out on the kids, is a complete bitch. Maybe TMZ should look into THAT.

2080 days ago


I posted yesterday that this was all done for show. She won't be buying this house or any other for 2 mil. Now on the other hand, I heard Gloria Allred is going to be helping her!

2080 days ago


I wondered how long it was going to take before the CRAZY Dr. Phil jumped on the CRAZY Octomom bandwagon....They deserve each other. Just watch...Dr. Phill will interview her and then pimp himself out for interviews to talk about his interview with the Octomom. She needs serious help not Dr Phil.

2080 days ago


One more note, why is she living in CA trying to raise that many children with the ecomony this bad. You know she could get a big house in another state for probably half of what CA wants... Its all because she wants the attention. She likes the fact that she is being treated as a celeb. We will be seeing a skinnier Octo pretty soon. All the money she is getting for interviews will be going on plastic surgery instead of her kids..... BET ME..

2080 days ago
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