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Rihanna's Camp Issues Statement

2/20/2009 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaReps for Rihanna released this statement today on her behalf:

"At the request of the authorities, Rihanna is not commenting about the incident involving Chris Brown. She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well, and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time."


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Andrew Omere    

Hey Rihanna Your Fans In Africa Are Behind You.Praying For YOur Speedy REcovery

2041 days ago

Chelley in North Carolina    

Before WE start casting stones on his time of reply...lets keep in mind that he is under the direction of attorneys, and professional management. He has to go buy what the industry and legal advice tells him to do. Just because he waited a week, well if you think about it..that is not a long time to gather thoughts and see what needs to be done. If this is what he was counseled to do, then that is what he must follow for many different reasons. I would understand if it were a month or more..but come on people, this is only a week..he had to go through his own ordeal with legal, law enforcement, media, family and the record company, his endorsers that needed to know what was going on. Give some slack! I am sure that most of you have been in an altercation and did not even think to apologize! Think about it! And if you have had mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins etc...when did you see that person contemplating what to do...did it take 24 hours.. NO because there were too many people talking in that persons ear with "THEIR" solution. So, while we only see him as a "star", lets keep in mind, he is a "PERSON" with faults that we will not see until someone gets mad or he makes a wrong decision. Then also, has anyone considered that Rhinna may be an asset to the incident. NO ONE IS FREE FROM ACTIONS that lead to a crisis. Lets wait to hear from both of them...SHE has NOT responded AT ALL!!! So why the judgemental attitude, is it because she is a female, and "that could never happen" or becaue she may be a victim of her and chris's behavior. Come on...lets stop with the bashing! Allow the people to do the work that needs to be done! EVERYONE in AMERICA has a BAD SIDE...WE need to know how to CONTROL our emotions...PERIOD! I am sure just like Rhinna has people talking and cohersing her decisions, so does Chris Brown! If this was a repeated behavior, why did she never call the police, or report the incident at the time...BECAUSE, it was just between her and him, not in public where EVERYBODY jumps to the defense. So lets reflect...IF this was a repeat behavior, and she NEVER reported...we would not be looking at him in the manner that media has portrayed, If she was really in danger, SHE NEVER showed it, so she made the CHOICE to STAY in that situation, if he was using her as a stress release and she was not reporting it, THEN, we need to question her behavior also. So can we throw stones if we do not know the ENTIRE relationship history, NO!!!! So stop treating one person better than the other....BECAUSE WE DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING except what the so called informants or media puts out there. Also, RHIANNA father stated, that they did not show signs of problems, so she as well as he were also good ACTORS! Now, some of you will probably say some rude stuff to me...SO WHAT! I am giving the realistic benefit of the doubt for the BOTH of them...Rhianna is not an angel and Chris is not a saint! I am just keepin' it real...

2041 days ago


Iam Glad Rihanna kick Sissy brown ass.

2041 days ago


"Remain strong Rihanna for you need your strength for your next bout. We shall be supporting you from the side lines." LMAO!

2041 days ago

erika [pretty]    

haha bitch that's what u get chris brown had a good reason to beat u down i would've done it too!!!

2040 days ago

No double standards.    

Women would like to be treated equal as men. They want to be Doctors, Engeneers, Truck Drivers, mines workers etc. I mean they want to do all the though men do. They want the same salary and so on but yet there is a double standard when come to self defense. It is ok for a women to use her high hills and hit a man with or use her knees to hit his bulls but it is not Ok for a man to hit back use “real men don’t hit women”. Please. I would be the first one to hit back to defend myself if I am being abused. Yes I said it and I am a women. I saw both sides of abuse in my environment, women who hit their men, and men who hit their women. None is normal. But we are all human, I it does not matter if you a woman or a man, nobody does that to another.

So please people, stop having a double standard and get real. By the way, isn’t she calling him back to check on him? Shame on you people. She is probably back with him at the present time and you guys are just there running your mouth. Only both of them know the truth and I don’t think is as bad as people made it sound. Remember both or them are just kids and they make a great couple.

Point blank.

2040 days ago


poor rihanna im glad she is doing better. keep your head up we all love you

2040 days ago


i dont care what happen!
i stand by chris brown how does a black women growing up in the caribbean
not fight back against a man beating her!

honestly like come on
fatal attraction much...


2040 days ago


i agree i want to see all the real info would if chris brown pushed her and she feel and that how this all started.

2040 days ago


What a whack job! I want to reassure MY FANS....what???

2040 days ago


ppl hu are gain orn hw shes scared 2 show hur face..are just been dum
if ur face is bruised ur guna b happy showin it around da world so ppl can be tekin pictures NOT EVEN!
just hope rihanna gets betttaa!..and hope i hear bwt ur next tour soon =]]
what comes around goesz around! chris brown shud expect woteva is kumin 2 him
seyin sorry..doesnt change da fact of wot he done
and i hope JAY Z DOES SUMTING BWT DISS !!! =]

2040 days ago


I know that I am going to get blasted but. I have to defend Chris. I do not agree with violence, but what did she think was going to happen if she hit him. Girls can be nasty and mouthy. All she had to do too was get out of the car and call a cab. Hitting, whether it be a man or a woman is wrong. We girls tend to sometimes let our mouth and hands get the better of us. Everyone needs to get off Chris back and need to see that they both were wrong.

2039 days ago


That is true though...she prob did something to get him mad. Like looking in his phone....I mean you don't put your hands on a women duh..but when hes forced to go to an event with her when they are already broken up and she still looks through his phonne..then spits on him throws his keys...the poor dont spit on she got what was handed to her.........she provoked him but he should of learned how to channel his anger and it just got out of hand.

2039 days ago


Without even being a fan, I will say that domestic violence is simply wrong. Most people that abuse their spouse, I think to some degree have a mental problem.

2038 days ago

go gurl    

Go Rihanna, KICK his ass. your fans supports you. Be strong.

2038 days ago
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