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Rose to Arnold: You Screwed Up Kaleefornia!!!

2/20/2009 10:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The smack talk has officially begun between -- the chick with the machine gun leg bashing the hell out of The Terminator.

Rose McGowan: Click to watch
From the minute Rose McGowan left a masquerade at Guys nightclub in Hollywood last night, the "Grindhouse" star unleashed an intense Anti-Schwarzenegger tirade -- slamming the Guv for "getting nothing done" for the state of California.

It's the sexiest political trash talk we've ever seen.


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What an idiot she is! California was in shambles WAY before Arnold became governor. She needs to get a clue!

2011 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Rose needs to get a clue and a better agent. Her choice of projects is pathetic.

2011 days ago


God I love her!!

2011 days ago


What has screwed up California is the fact that they allow women to continue popping out babies that the tax payers have to pay for. How is it possible that a woman on welfare is able to do invitro and have an additional 8 babies while we pay for it? Get a grip and get out and voice your opinions to your State Reps where they will actually listen instead of on TMZ.

2011 days ago


And....what has SHE done for her state? Granted spending hundreds of dollars in bars and parties puts some money back into the hands of business' but much does Hollywood do for it's state? How much money do celebs put back into the California economy? The only time you hear from them is when they wanna protest gay marriage.
Ask not what your country can do for you beeyotch....what can YOU do for your country???

2011 days ago


What an idiot. She actually thinks one guy controls the fate of that state. The California legislature, run by ONE party, for many years has ran that state into the ground. I left California 3 years ago after spending 25 years of my adult life there. I got sick of the socialist crap that government was shoving down my throat and knew they would @#uck up that state. Ha...glad I got my family out of there.

2011 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

a slut talks smack about politics, it must be barbara boxer!

2011 days ago


Comment #1 is dead on. California was fscked before Arnold got there. They recalled their democratic governor and put Arnold in because it was so fscked. It is no surprise the bluest state in the country is an utter failure. All they do is tax big business to oblivion (big businesses are leaving there left and right) and give the money to lazy ass people that don't do sh1t. That is the way of the democrats and it is failing.

2011 days ago

This Hot Mess    

She is a hot mess that needs to keep her mouth shut.

2010 days ago


A Hollywood celebrity having a problem with Republican leadership... Shocking.

2010 days ago

Bash a Pap    

s right... no one is allowed to have an opinion except for the right wing zombies who populate this site instead of going out and getting jobs. Maybe if more of you were at work right now instead of splashing your witty repartee (look it up... it's a French word y'all!) you might be doing more to help your state. But I guess bashing people you don't agree with is more in line with your Neanderthal (look it up... it's a science word y'all!) way of thinking. Good luck CA! Republicans wrecked your state and now you are all doomed!

2010 days ago

John Deo    

Rose is right and when all the companies leave or go broke all of the "let government pay for it" people in Hollywood will be eating out of dumpsters.

The government doesn't make anything. It takes from one and give to another. When there is no one to take from it dies.

2010 days ago


HILARIOUS! She's a typical clueless liberal but they're a dime a dozen in California.

2010 days ago


#4 You are so right!!! I could not agree more!

#13 YOU ALL is a word Y'all is not....Look it up You All! You almost pulled looking "smart" off.

2010 days ago


T M Z and rosie suck big time

and your site quirks are stupid, just like you logic

2010 days ago
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