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Ultimate Hypocrisy

2/20/2009 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WABC Noon News -- earlier today.

Rihanna: Click to watch


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Shane on all you celebrity junkies! I fail to see why people would be upset about this photo getting leaked out. Its because you're all fascinated with celebrities that pictures like this make TV or the internet. Had YOU people not gave so much attention to hollywood celebrities, this wouldn't be an issue. Thousands of women are victims of domstic abuse daily, but you're not outraged by that. Why...cause they're not famous? What a joke! You people put too much importance on celebrities and their lifestyles. To the point that we have TMZ, Entertainmemnt TV and tons of other garbage channels devoted ENTIRELY to celebrities and their lifestyles, as if they're more important than any of the rest of us. If she can have masses of people follow her every step, snapping tons of photos, simply because she is a celebrity, why should these photos be any different? Who chooses what photos are in demand...thats all do! Who are you to tell ANYONE else to "leave her alone", when you people yourself are responsible for her being all over T.V.? While I agree it is wrong and a total invasion of privacy, you people who demand to know every detail of her life, can't pick and choose what news stories should or shouldn't be released. After all, these stories wouldn't carry so much merrit if you didn't hold celebrities in such high standards, as to have to know their personal life in the FIRST place! Until you celebrity junkies stop demanding these photos, by not paying so much attention to hollywood and using your mind for something USEFUL, these photos, along with other stupid celeb photos, will keep surfacing and you'll keep all the garbage media outlets employed.

1882 days ago


you should all shove your pseudo morals up your arse.
you are all here to gawp at the misfortunes of stfu and gawp

1882 days ago


I think it is a GREAT thing this picture is out there!

Yes, it sucks for Rihanna, but it is that more motivation for her to Stay The Hell Away from him. With the pic out, there is less chance she will think this will "all blow over"

Second, maybe all those idiots who have been whining for two weeks that they still love Chris, and we dont know the whole story cuz he could never do that, will Shut The Hell UP!!!

1882 days ago




.................. oh wait, they aired it ? Damn, WTF??? But they said...... uh, um, WTF was that ??

1882 days ago

A Mad Mother    

This pic;ture needs to be shown, so Rihanna, and we as women, will never forget that Chris Brown is a SAVAGE. Every woman in the world should boycott this thug so he can slither back underneath the rock from which he came! I am a Black female and I raised my sons to be respectful of women, to honor women and to treat women the way they would want a man to treat their mother.

Chris Brown must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No excuse is acceptable. Too many men have gotten away with battering women and it must stop. An apology from Chris is not enough and jail time is too nice for this slimebag. Women...when a man batters you, it is not love, it is an act of hate. These men are filthy cowards and must be punished for their crimes. Rule of thumb to all women...IF THE BASTARD HITS YOU, HIT HIM BACK! Let him know you are not afraid and will kill his ass and his mama too!

Rihanna...peace be with you. We are on your side.

1882 days ago


Its unfortunate that this pic had to be shown in order to let everyone see and believe what happened to Rhianna. Chris deserves whatever punishment that falls on him. He needs to learn to walk away. Now he's learning the DO's and Don'ts of growing into a man. YOU DONT HIT A WOMAN... I hope she sees what a future with this boy will bring her and gets out now...

1882 days ago


Yeah, it is bad that the picture was leaked but there were so many people who were accusing the victim "Rihanna" of bad behavior and sticking up for is something CB fans cannot deny and maybe will think twice before believing this jerk was "misunderstood". I hope Rihanna's picture and Browns arrest help other women who are victims of domestic violence get away from their abuser and the help they need.

1882 days ago


It is very unfortunate that these pictures came out, however, now people who questioned the reality of her injuries are now silenced and the enormity of his temper and rage and uncontrolable abusivness it apparent to everyone who doubted it.

1882 days ago


Come on people one minutebefore the pictures came out you were all screaming about we can't judge until we know the whole story , now this picture has surfaced and your all upset about it . Me personally I don't need to hear anymore about what happened, I now believe that the girl has been beaten up by Chris Brown and it is as serious as I thought. I was a very loyal Chris fan but now I have to except that he is not the nice guy he seemed to be, I did not really care for RiRi as a person before, but now my heart goes out to the girl, he did a number on her,Thats horrible. But we must not be mad at the people that provide us with the news because if they didn't tell it how would we know who the real artist are that we support and spend our money on.(concerts,cds,etc.) So many of you probably don't agree with what i just said but thank you tmz for keeping ME posted on Chris and RiRis troubles , now I can stop wondering how bad was this incident really! We see the good we should see the bad as well they are not any different then we why should they be treated any different, and if they don't like it they should have asked for the fame and fortune.Thanks TMZ. Sorry RIRI if this photo has a negative affect on your feelings , but look at it this way now your fans can really open there hearts to you after seeing this pic.

1882 days ago


It's funny how alot of people are whining that TMZ is so wrong for putting up the pic. YET when this first happened everyone was on here begging TMZ to obtain the picture and post it. Just goes to show you that you can never make anyone happy.

Also thats pretty stupid of ABC to say that they are not gonna air the picture yet they are airing the pic as they say it.. Weird..

What I find odd about the picture tho is that she has not one trace of makeup on and they had just went out that night and we all know that the stars plaster on tons of makeup..

And a suggestion to those who are so upset that the pic is posted stop looking at it. I am sure you took just as good of a look at it as those of us who can admit that we wanted to see the pic did.

1882 days ago


Ok you all know what we go to TMZ to see celebrity updates... I have been wanting to see the photo and am glad it came out finally. So don't be saying take down the photo. When you come to this site to see anything you can ever see or read about celbrities.

1882 days ago



1882 days ago

I wanted to see the pic!!    

Its funny how everyone is saying that TMZ is wrong for posting the pics, then why are you all looking at it?
Ever since the beating took place everyone and there mama wanted to see what she looked like, so why is everyone complaing now? SHUTUP!!
I swear you cant please HUMANS!!

1882 days ago


Don't take the picture down TMZ. If Rihanna is too stupid to be rid of that POS Brown then screw her. Hopefully the picture will do some good and save some other poor soul out there. If someone hits you, cheats on you or abuzes you in any way, chances are they will do it again.

1882 days ago

Women Should have rights!    

TMZ should donate all the money they make on the publicity of this photo to a women's rights shelter. Not that it would make up for the grotesque violation of human rights

1882 days ago
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