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Rihanna Emerges

2/21/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her head down and wearing sunglasses, Rihanna was spotted on her way to an airport in the L.A. area on Thursday -- the night before her 21st birthday.


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rihanna could drop in a hole

2041 days ago


rihanna is an abuser to. she hit first.
i bet she sorry now

2041 days ago

Jamie K    

I'm so glad to see she's out. Today is her 21st birthday, and as always (since she is my favorite singer) my thoughts are with her. Whatever Chris gets is too good for him. Unfortunately he couldn't see what a great person she is. Luckily she isn't with him anymore so she can finally be the person Chris was trying to hold back. I♥U Rihanna, feel better!

2041 days ago


what about the battered men

2041 days ago


Dude, she never had the neck marks!
if she did get strangled you would've seen it in both pictures!
again, i think she's exaggerating cuz she want more sale in her Good Girl Gone Bad CD
btw, that CD was good the first three hits.
now its annoying
specially how she gon rerelease it...AGAIN

2041 days ago

Rob G    

Has anyone seen CHRIS BROWNS knuckles? I hope they heal in time for his next show!!!! He is a great performer

2041 days ago


I didn't see one bruise on Chris Browns big head, nor one bite mark. Stop saying its her fault...

2041 days ago

Bob Freeman    

That photo would make a great ad for Ray-Ban. "Ray-Ban sunglasses: Hiding bruises since 1937."

2041 days ago

aggravated woman    

There is no excuse for what Chris did, but what really happened? Rhianna is in the public eye. I bet men try to holla at her all the time. Why be jealous over one? Rhianna need to do your thing and Chris needs to do his. Both of them still have some growing to do. So grow up and move on. I still love you, Chris. You were a role model. I hope that both Chris and Rhianna gets their life on track.

2041 days ago


It's just a very sad situation. I feel sorry for him and her. People make mistakes, and I understand that so I'm not gonna knock him or her because I'm not a fan of theirs but I just think it's a very sad situation. Keep your head up Rhianna. You will emerge from this and be greater than before. Bigger than Beyonce

2041 days ago

Leona Lewis    

If she stayed under her umberella ella ella eh eh eh under her umberella then it wouldn't of happend!

2041 days ago


The swelling's gone down, thank goodness. I'm sure she's probably wearing an assload of makeup, though, to cover up what bruises haven't faded yet.


"14. She looks fine to me. All is good. I hope they are able to work out their differences and get back together.

Posted at 5:50PM on Feb 20th 2009 by Cohoo Dependent"

...You're kidding about that 'get back together' part, right? Because if you're not, maybe someone should come and beat YOUR ass. Just sayin'.

2041 days ago

bubble gum    

how is it possible that her face is so flawless after the BEAT DOWN as they said. i jus think shes a fake ass witch n shes needs to jus drop in a hole as #94 said. shes such a witch she jus looks evil to me n maybe shes jus realizin that she pushed a nice man to his limits n thats the result love u chris

2041 days ago


To R, I hope you are doing well. No woman deserves to be treated that way. Listen to your mother and father, they are your strength. You bruises will heal but your memory of this attack is now part of who you are. It will make you a stronger more beautiful woman. I am sorry that this has happened to you. Many women have been in your shoes which is unfortunate. You are still a very beautiful and talented woman. You must stay away from men like Chris Brown. My prayers are with you. To C, get some help!!!! What you did is horrible and instead of blaming her, blame yourself. You have no defense. I didn't see a mark on you! i hope her Dad kicks your a**

2041 days ago


Honestly # 91 & 95 if Rihanna had hit Chris don't you think the police wouldv'e already arrested her? Your pathetic comments show both of you obviuos don't think at all. She was being bashed & choked, Chris is lucky he doesn't have scratch marks from the poor girl trying to DEFEND HERSELF!! I know I'd be throwing punches & trying to scratch his god damn eyes out to stop him from choking me to death. Why do you lot reckon he took off then? Hmm??? He probably thought he had killed her.
Trixie - this article is about a battered woman, but hey when a man is battered my feelings are the same. Does Chris look battered?? Noooooooooo

2041 days ago
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