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Ryan & Brangelina -- 13 Seconds of Redemption

2/22/2009 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brangelina totally snubbed Ryan Seacrest at the Golden Globes. Today, only one of 'em did.

Brad Pitt: Click to watch
Ryan got 13 seconds with Brad. Maybe next time he'll get a full 30.


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Jennifer's idea of self-empowerment make me cringe because they ultimately seem self-defeating. Posing naked on magazine covers, getting back together with John Mayer after he totally dumped her and trashed her, showing up at the awards show. Brad Pitt's moved on and has become a Dad and a humanitarian, and Jennifer seems to be stuck living yesterday's battles. Awkward!

Indeed it was, because JA made a fool out of herself! She appeared to be impaired. Drugs or alcohol - she is going to be humiliated when she watches the play-backs.

2032 days ago


angelina looked hot and jennifer aniston was with that douchebag boy toy John Mayer who's 10 years younger than her...HAHAHA

2032 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

With so much effort put into her outfit, Jennifer really missed the mark with that weird hairdo. It just drew attention to her horse face. Hee haw!

2032 days ago


wow, brad looks very beat. ang must be b*tching at him all the time. wow, some people cant let the ang/jen thing go. all these people are horrible and should be just locked in some wierdos basement.

2032 days ago


What a F*%king pompass ass!!!! I can't stand him or his fake wife! Sami

2032 days ago


To Brad and Angelina's detractors: would anyone even cross the road to take your photo? Or pay to see you in a magazine? If you headlined a movie, would anyone come? And what charitable causes have you donated your time and money to recently? Brad and Angelina have star power. If they don't want to talk to an interviewer, they sure as hell don't have to. The gulf between them and someone like Ryan Seacrest, in every respect, is a wide one. Decades from now Brad and Angelina will be remembered for their work and their causes. Ryan? I don't think so.

2032 days ago

The Stabbing Pen    

I don't get why Brad Pitt would want 30 kids with that oddball Jolie....

2032 days ago


#63, exactly jen was there with her 10 yrs younger boy toy and Ang, was there with jens sloppy seconds, 11 ys older than Angekina and aging bad (Brad). Is this supossed to be a dig????
Brads an old fart, past his prime and aging poorly.

2032 days ago


I wouldn't worry about it Ryan. These two ego maniacs don't need any more attention.

2032 days ago


I wouldn't have stopped and talked to that litte twerp either if I was them, I think they've learned that no matter what they say some stupid question will get asked about his ex or something they say will end up on the front page of some gossip mag.
AJ looked as stunning as she always does, she should've won for the Changeling. I'm sick of Kate Winslet winning everything, she's very stuck up IMO.

2032 days ago


These two are the most arrogant, snotty, rude stuck up idiots around. Brad Pitt is quite possibly the worlds worst nominate him for best actor tells me the masses are easily entertained and have no knowledge as to what a great performance even is.

2032 days ago


Mick was robbed.

2032 days ago

good samaritan    

Angelina Jolie has always represented herself as a person who is so anti-hollywood...yet it is obvious that she has some real acceptance issues and a need to be accepted by the hollywood elite...i would go so far as to characterize her as a very emotionally needy person...her activities with the UN , her adoption of children, do not seem to be altruistically based but rather her emotional need to be liked by the very people who have rejected her...all of her actions including the drinking of Billy Bob's blood, promiscuity , adopting child after child are not the signs of an emotionally dependent women but rather the cries of an emotionally disturbed person...heaven help her family if Brad ever leaves her...Angelina has tried to be liked by casting aside her image of a promiscuous rebel and has now tried to unsuccessfully change her image by projecting a audrey hepburnesque manner even down to her clothing and human rights activities...hepburn however was a class act born and bred an aristocrat...don't get me wrong i don't care much for Angelina because her actions demonstrate a desperation associated with a very emotionally needy person trying to project an I care and I am tough image...

2032 days ago


I missed it, I mean I really didn't see the bit, glad TMZ has it playing.
I thought Jennifer looked magnificent; so beautiful...looking well is the best revenge!

2032 days ago


Cause im sure that lisa rinna and joey fatones questions were more profound. jerks.

2032 days ago
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