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Shia & Pal: Another Accident Waiting to Happen

2/24/2009 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf can't seem to avoid reckless drivers, even when they're his own.

After leaving the Chateau Marmont in a huff, Shia and his douchey driver pal got in a bout of road rage, reversing their SUV at a high speed and nearly hitting the paps. Riding shotgun, Shia did his part by flipping the bird and throwing a water bottle at a camera guy.

Luckily, this time, no truck was flipped and no one's hand was seriously injured.


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yo.. i am like shias freakin biggest fan.. and people that have a probelm with him back the f*** off because your jus jealous dat he has a good carrier and makes GOOD money off of it too.. he has been through alot so you guys back off or your going have to deal with shia fans..iight and #32 i hop your job ends soon cause obvously your a BIG FAT HATER!! and nobody likes a hater.. so all losers and hatter back off like odee!!

2040 days ago


marry me when im older im 16

2040 days ago


If I was thrown into a scuzzy and yet addictive industry at such a young age (by most likely some freakish stage parent) I'd probably be an immature really frickin angry jackass too.

2034 days ago


What does Shia have to do to get you people to BACK OFF! Seriously! Leave him alone!

2015 days ago



2068 days ago


Aww i luv shia but y does he do stupid things lol. Oh well he's still Sexy lol

2068 days ago


If you don't want paps up your ass. Be a taxi driver or factory worker...etc.
One thing you shouldn't do is try to run over them...
Both of those guys need to have their butt's kicked!!!

2068 days ago


Oh the perils of the totally ignorant with money and so-called fame! What an idiot. Someone needs to take him out somewhere and show him who to have manners and to respect people no matter what!

2068 days ago


Maybe he should just stay at home instead of going our partying, wear paparazzi will inevitably find him.

2068 days ago


yeah, dont you see the pap swinging/throwing something at him first. How about they have some respect for their personal space before they get respect back and the photo they want. I say Pap's fault and he should have gotten a beaten for acting like that.

2068 days ago


I'm sure we don't understand all of the issue of why these two had to act like a couple of discarded douchebags.
I'm also sure the paps are completely blameless either.
However, if JohnQLaw was about he would have cited them for being just that...a couple of discarded douchebags.

"Bite my shiny metal ass!"

2068 days ago


Whatever DUDE! I would have went mental on them too! did you not see that guy swing on Shia first?! I would have come a little bit closer to hitting them! Maybe then they would to stay a few more steps back! I understand getting your picture or your story but they were WAY outta line! They basically ATTACKED him!

2068 days ago

river rat    

Shia and his idiot buddy desperately need some behavior modification seminars. That's the problem when some very young actors attain stardom and all the trappings - they just cannot cope. I think the paps are idiots, too, but they will always be there. If you frequent the clubs, have lunch at the Ivy, they will be there. His hand was mangled in an accident, most likely the result of drunken driving. Stay on the same track you're on right now and eventually you'll wind up in the morgue or your career will be in the crapper. Grow up, young man!

2068 days ago


After Shia said he didn't want to take the pic, they should have left him alone. Obviously he didn't wanna be bothered. I don't think they should have thrown things and driven like idiots, but damn, I kind of understand. Sooo glad I'm not famous! I wouldn't mind the money though, lol!

2068 days ago


Awesome! This is exactly what the paps deserve. Had there been no paps out there, these 2 would have just easily and nicely walked up to their vehicle and safely driven away.

2068 days ago
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