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Ann Coulter -- Private Dancer

3/1/2009 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently there's not a lot of food in the evil cave where Ann Coulter burrows.

Ann Coulter: Click to watch!
Now a full-fledged stick figure, Ann had the audacity to take bragging rights away from Tina Turner in the leg department.

In the meat department, she comes up zero.


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I like Ann. I didn't used to but recently I have warmed up to her. I read that she is SKINNY BECAUSE SHE FRACTURED HER JAW and could not eat (it was wired shut). She's trying to gain the weight back now that her jaw is unwired.

2009 days ago


You misspelled her name! Its MANN Coulter. Please remember next time!

2009 days ago


Say Man! That Coulter chick is sooo skinny... you got to tie some knots in her legs to make knees. She's soooo skinny, that a dog mistook her for an old bone, and buried her in the backyard. She's soooo skinny... she put on a red dress, turned sideways and everyone thought she was a thermometer. She's soooo skinny... she swalloed an olive and three guys left town. She's soooo skinny... that when the sun shines she doesn't even make a shadow. She's sooo skinny... that when she goes through Airport Security, she doens't even register on the Xray. She's soooo skinny... that the U.S. Census doens't even count her as one person. She's sooo skinny.... that when the wind blows the only thing that holds her to the ground is her B sized breast implants and her high heels. She's sooo skinny.... that you could hang her outside for a wind chime. She's so skinny... a mosquito bit her and died of malnutrition.

2009 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Ann Coulter is too skinny and Rush Limbaugh is too fat...sounds like self esteem issues...

2009 days ago


Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh must be two of the most revolting people on the planet....ewwwwwwwwwwww,,,Limbaugh looks like he smells. And her - she's nothing to look at but it's her personality that makes her bring out the dry heaves in people...

2009 days ago

Ladies Love Cool James    

I think Ann Coulter is beautiful and Rush Limbaugh is handsome - and both of their IQ's are so high they're off the charts. These individuals are standing up for the very freedoms that allow forums such as this to exist. I challenge any one of their bashers to engage in a live debate with either one of them, to be broadcast on national television.

2009 days ago

Ladies Love Cool James    

So what you're saying, Darya, is that you have ACTUALLY SMELLED Rush Limbaugh? Really? Where, at the CPAC? Do you even know what that is??...If you're having dry heaves you might want to check with an allergist. In the meantime, Ann and Rush smell quite "rosy" to their millions of supporers who still believe in the greatness of this country.

2009 days ago


who is this lil' dude?

2009 days ago


Ha, everyone knows how vile Coulter is, and the pro Coulter comments are being made by the same two or three people - and Coulter is probably one, or ALL of them!
TMZ, why are you ruining a perfectly good gossip site with Ann the Adam's Apple?

2009 days ago

Dirk the Impailer    

She is laughing at you idiots all the way to the bank!!!! She makes millions of $$$'s every year writing books and doing interviews, and the more outrageous things she says and does, the more $$$ she makes.

And you idiots just keep giving her more and more free publicity.

If you don't like someone, just ignore them. They dissapear quickly.

Hate away. It just keeps filling her bank account...

2009 days ago

YA YA    

ANN is a D- BAG

2009 days ago

Ladies Love Cool James    

TO ANON: You see fewer Coulter and Limbaugh fans on this site because it is primarily a gossip site about celebrties.There are plenty of more news-oriented web sites out there where individuals like you are grossly out-numbered. It is unfortunate that so many comments here are vicious in nature and have nothing to do with what 'real' human beings are like, celebrities included. Have some compassion for your fellow American and love your country for all of the good that we enjoy here.

2009 days ago

Knock It Off    

If you need a good laugh, go on youtube and watch some of her interviews. She flips out and trips up a lot. Listen to the one she does with Adam Corolla on the radio

2009 days ago


Bo Diddley, you are hilarious! I LMAO reading your post! And I agree, I have never liked Ann Coulter; she is pretentious and self-absorbed.

2009 days ago


Still trying to get the legions to hate Ann coulter..I like it better when you guys over at TMZ sound like women scorned at chris brown...I expect to hear some hillary Secretary of State cankle reports later....

2008 days ago
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