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Dr. Phil, Gloria Allred, OctoMom -- Perfect Storm

3/3/2009 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What do you get when OctoMom and Gloria Allred show up at Dr. Phil's home doorstep today in Bev Hills? We're pretty sure it involves TV and some serious cash.

Dr. Phil, Gloria & OctoMom: Click to watch


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Bite Me    

Let me get this straight: most of you are on a site that specializes in celebrity gossip, but you’re bitching because so-called “media whores” are taking up too much of TMZ’s time. And if that’s not hypocritical enough, some of you have also posted raunchy and disgusting comments about the sexual habits of all the people in question, and more than a few of you are taking swipes at Robin McGraw when she has little if anything to do with this story. She’s married to “Dr. Phil” and apparently that’s reason enough to call her a fat hillbilly – and this, from people who think they are fit to judge others.

Have any of you thought about how your own traffic to this link, and your posts here, are feeding the frenzy; about how no one put a gun to your heads, but you clicked the “Octomom” tag anyway; about how your needlessly cruel (and often graphic) comments do nothing but fuel the very machine you’re railing against?

Of course not! Because that depth of thought might have stayed your hands from typing such bile.

2018 days ago


this makes me sick that she chose to have all these kids and now she is pimping out these kids on Dr Phil and gets a house and round the clock care and house fixed up and furnishings....I am not hearltess but this is her choice and how many more kids are out there that have the same problems but no crazy mom to have more litters of kids to help them out!! I think the public is sick of this woman and her expecting everyone to support HER choice which was obviously a bad one!! There is nothing wrong with getting help like the other family that had support from church and community but this lady is nothing but a publicity whore whose kids seem secondary to her own publicity....

2017 days ago

Jan In Santa Fe    

How could Dr. Phil enable this woman and her scheme the way he has! He has GOT to be as big a publicity wh*ore as this creature is!

Those babies should not be put into foster, but adopted out one by one to deserving people who cannot have their own babies! To people who would actually WORK and EARN ENOUGH to take care of their baby and not suck the already financially strapped state dry!

This woman and her family are a pack of grifters, scammers, con artists, you name it! They've got their game down pat! Not paying house payments for nearly a year, to the tune of $28K? Then managing to come up with over $500K to buy yet ANOTHER house?! How is that possible after just filing bankruptcy about a year ago!?? They sure know how to work the system!

This whole thing just makes me SICK! I would never give this creature a red cent, nor any organization that is "helping" her! And I would NEVER waste my time watching some stupid reality show about her! She doesn't deserve one moment of attention! BOY has she and her family played all of them!

DISGUSTING!!! I just watched my LAST Dr. Phil show! EVER!

2017 days ago

Jan In Santa Fe    

OH! Forgot to add...she's now shopping out the birth video trying to get seven figures for THAT to go public? Does ANYONE REALLY want to go there!?!? OY!

2017 days ago


Dr. Phil is an overpaid snake oil salesman. Anything for ratings. This A-hole has the nerve to beg the country
for donations. Believe me, if his show was in danger of cancellation and he was required to eat a turd off the
street at Hollywood and Vine for big ratings , fatso would do it. I also would not put it passed him to ask his audience
after the show, to leave money in a donation box. He really needs to see a REAL medical doctor and find out why
he enjoys pimping himself out.

2017 days ago

sheila scotti    

have no respect for Dr. Phil.....he is goodf riend of Gloria Allred , the publicity hound who does nothing for anyone pro bono unless situation is high profile and then after helping tries to get people to give her great deal of money. Dr. Phil pushes her on people and he probably gets kickback also from Gloria if he gets her Nadya or any other person in high profile situation. Hence he is a phony like Gloria and they are only interested i n high profile cases which brings them publicity and great sums of money.

2016 days ago


Nadia is a disgusting pig and so is Dr. Phil! Reward bad behavior so the children don't suffer? They need to be taken away from this psycho and put into normal homes. She is nothing but a welfare rat and a selfish bitch. And I'll never watch that fatass's show again, and everyone I work with feels the same way.

2016 days ago


My biggest disgust right now is Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman. I think they should call her worthless mom. What kind of women has 14 children with no income and no way to raise them? I get upset when I see the media wasting so much time on this woman when there are so many more important issues going on in the world. And, now she has a reality show! What is this teaching our children? Nadya Suleman should be ashamed of herself for doing this to those children. And Dr. Phil and Gloria Allred should be ashamed of themselves by trying to help Nadya raise money for these children when there are so many other people who need help and they didn’t put themselves in a horrible situation. Nadya Suleman knew what she was doing. And now we reward her with a new home, a reality show, and continual media attention.

After saying all of that, I guess it makes sense that Gloria Allred and Dr. Phil are right by her side because my gosh, look at all the media attention it brings to Dr. Phil and Ms. Allred! SHAMEON YOU BOTH! You make me sick

2016 days ago


You people seem to impose your judgements of Nadya,yet you watch her and crave for more and more news about her. I wonder if you freaks would keep your nose out of her business and mind your own, maybe then maybe your own life will go better, and your illness to judge which only God has that right,will go better for you when God Judges you. leave Nadya alone, and if she needs to make money from the same media who is trying to exploit her then good for her, You idiots who say its greedy of her, well I know given that chance everyone one of you creeps would want that money also.All of you would fall Stupid to the money and the media, If it were you. So screww off and get a life. Your jealousy is showing!!!!!!!!!!!

2005 days ago


you mean Larry...Moe...and Curly????????????/

2025 days ago


At least if the good Dr. pays her big bucks, she'll be off the welfare rolls for a while. She might even have to pay taxes! New concept for Octo.

2025 days ago


Two opportunists, an attorney, and 14 helpless children.


2025 days ago


oh yeah and by the way...I'm cool with being second...

2025 days ago

Carrys F.    

All 3 of these people are notorious for their incessent need to be in the spotlight. And guess what? They'll probably all make a pretty penny off the backs of these poor, sweet, sick babies. All three of them can rot together on a "very special episode" of Dr. Phil, where no doubt we'll find out all the scoop. Even though none of them are in it for the fame, right?

2025 days ago


i would have asked for more then 1 million hahaha

2025 days ago
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