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Weren't You Famous in the '90s?!

3/3/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warm up your flux capacitor, 'cause we're taking a trip back to a simpler time -- when MC Hammer still had a career and TV still had successful sitcoms ... the '90s!!

Noah Wyle & Steven Weber: Click to watch
Last night Dan Tana's was overflowing with TV stars from the last decade -- including "ER's" Noah Wyle, "Wings" dude Steven Weber and "Spin City" stars Richard Kind and Michael Boatman.

Somewhere Tim Allen feels left out.


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Cynthia Blake    

Weber, Wyle, Boatman and Spencer Garrett - Some of the most sexiest guys on tv. More Spencer Garrett pleeeze!

1869 days ago


I liked the librarian films. I was entertained and I like Noah Wyle so PISS OFF tmz

1816 days ago

Capt Jack    


1875 days ago


Noah is great! I love that he's back on ER! It's AWESOME!

1875 days ago

Give it a rest    

Ah man I loved Wings! I miss that show. It was WAY better then Friends or any other sitcom on tv today. The comedic dialogue on that show was brilliant. Wings had the best ensemble cast with Tim Daly, Steven Weber, Crystal Bernard, etc. The chemistry was great between everybody. The 90s truly kicked a**

1875 days ago



TMZ makes fun of these guys for not being relevant....and yet....who is there filming them?

1875 days ago

becki s    

Wings is still on 5:30 a.m. central time on USA network. Best sitcom of ALL time.
They need to do a Wings reunion show before the older cast members croak.

1875 days ago


Since we are going back in time here, how about back to a time when celebrities were covered by the media properly, not just for the upskirt and over the fence shots. And for the record, MC Hammer has new material out with Lil' Jon. Peace I'm out!

1875 days ago

Give it a rest    

Holy sh*t what I wouldn't give for a Wings reunion. I'm addicted to watching the series on YouTube. Wings is without a doubt the BEST sitcom to ever hit television. Too bad the show was so underrated back then. The chemistry between the cast was amazing.

1875 days ago

Hot LATINA in Mex 08    

Oh, how i miss watching Steven Weber and cast of Wings...great show!!! I hope Steven reappears...he is still a Hottie!

1875 days ago


I agree! LOVED Wings! When you look at the reruns and then think about some of the absolutely unfunny sitcoms on now makes you wonder how Hollywood is really dumbing down. And the funny thing is the Wings scripts were simple. Just FUNNY simple scripts with a GREAT cast who could individually hold there own and together were a riot!

1875 days ago


Reappear? Relevant? Doesn't anyone watch Brothers & Sisters? Steven Weber has made several appearances there!

1875 days ago


When Hammer had a career? You mean, he doesn't now? And you call yourselves reporters? People in the know would take issue with your statement. And by the way, it was not even funny and you would not be the first to make fun of his past misfortune that has been beaten like a dead horse.. You obviously are not very informed.

1873 days ago

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