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D.A. Gets Rihanna Case

3/4/2009 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownTMZ has learned the L.A. County District Attorney has received the Chris Brown case from the LAPD.

No decision will be made today. It is under review.

Brown was arrested for allegedly making criminal threats. Sources say the D.A. will review that allegation as well as felony domestic battery.

Brown is scheduled to make an appearance in court tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the D.A. files charges tomorrow and if Brown is arraigned. If that happens, it will be especially interesting if Rihanna shows up with him.

Of course, we will be all over it.


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shut your foul mouths!!!!    

Whoop dat trick! Tricks aone that love getting whooped. Plus she is broke!

2023 days ago

YA YA    

Put him in Jail and throw away the key.........

2023 days ago


He isn't a man he's a coward!!! He deserves to go to jail. If he wasn't a celebrity he'd alreay be in jail. I heard from a source that he is claiming that it was self defense!!! I didn't see his face all beat up or bite marks on his body. Rhianna is a silly little girl. They are two kids trying to play house and it backfired.

2023 days ago


If she is willing to let it be and pretend it did not happen, then why do the rest of us worry about such things? If she wanted away from him, this was the BEST time to have that happen. No strings or attachments or fear to keep her in his grasp. So why do we bother with this? If it were me, I would have let him hang himself and forget about him.

2023 days ago



2023 days ago


That's what I was wondering too, TimP. What more evidence does the DA need? She was badly battered and said that he did it. Here in Washington state, if a couple gets in a fight and the police are called, whoever is the one that the police are told did something, is the one arrested right there on the spot. Plus, the two people have a no-contact order and the DA doesn't need the cooperation from the victim. It becomes a case of the "batterer" vesus the city of where ever.

2023 days ago


I don't think Chris will be charged. This case has been given to the DA by the LAPD. Everyone knows how corrupt law enforcement in LA is. If you truly want to hurt Chris Brown and Rihanna, do what others have suggested, Stop buying their music, and going to their concerts. Just like people stopped supporting Bobby Brown, and Whitney Houston after they found out she was just as pathetic as he is. In America, money talks, and Chris Brezzy and RiRi not getting fat paychecks anymore will say a lot about how the fans are disappointed in them.

2023 days ago


This is L A so he will probably get a parade and a street named after him. If he is charged with anything it will be a misdemeanor and at most he will have to do some community service.

In L A the only famous people taken to trial and jailed are the non violent criminals like Paris or the mentally disturbed like Britney.

2023 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

There's something that bugs me about the picture of Rihanna .. if the
picture is real it looks like she would be in a lot of pain ,, but
here's what bugs me .. the two bumps on her head .. how did Chris
brown hit her so that it made two perfectly symmetrical
bumps on both sides .. .. I've seen fights b4 and I've never seen them so
evenly placed .. guess we'll see what happens

2023 days ago


the thing is he, What is sad is that if it is true that Rihanna takes him back, the example is given to all the other abused people that it is okay to return to your abuser. Not that help will not work for Chris, just not this soon he has a lot of counsling to do on him self and Rihanna as well. Hopefully the other millions that are being abuse do not see this and say "oh he apologized and said his getting help, he wont hit me again, he is sorry"

2023 days ago


If he is not prosecuted he will be hated even more than he is now. The best thing for him is to plead guilty, take his punishment and show some remose by donating his time and money to a domestic abuse shelter. He also needs to give Ri her space right now. He needs therapy and she does too. They both need time apart.

2023 days ago


"I've Learned that we are responsible for what we do,unless we are celebritied"

2023 days ago


paparazzi better be in the front of him and/ or rihanna going in, and be in the court posing as if there not so we can know the whole story.

2023 days ago


I am all for CoverGirl changing their slogan from Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover me black and blue, the Easy Breezy has got me covered. Or maybe...Easy, Breezy, Battered Cover Girl.

2023 days ago


I thought she was much smarter than this. She is as dumb as a box of rocks. He should be horse whipped. Any man that would hit a woman is a piece of sh*%#. I'm sorry this really makes me mad. I can't believe she went back. Like one comment earlier said she will probablly be dead next time. I guess thats what she wants. I hope she wises up before it's to late.

2023 days ago
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