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Simon Cowell -- Cop Stop Was "Embarrassing"

3/6/2009 9:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell admitted his incident with a Beverly Hills cop last week was "slightly embarrassing" -- but we already knew that, 'cause when we brought it up last night, his face instantly turned bright, bright red!

Simon & Terri: Click to watch
Simon was out at Beso for dinner with ex-GF Terri Seymour last night -- but they left in separate cars.

Just friends?


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ut oh    

SImon did pay her like $ 4 million after the break up as a nice jesture or perhaps "shut up" money? Why not ticket him? of all the people he could have paid the fine and lord knows Calif. need the money.

2019 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Because the cops are as star struck as everyone else. And many if not most of the cops in LA/Beverly Hills are frustrated failed wannabe actors. You realize how many cops stop celebrities for driving violations, then ask for their autograph instead of giving them a ticket? "For my son", "for my daughter", "for my niece, "for my wife", etc.

Disgraceful and unprofessional as it is, that's the reality of it.

2018 days ago

J D    

I didn't think anything would embarass this prick?

2018 days ago

YA YA    


2018 days ago


Simon's was so nice and it such a change from those stuck up stars we usually see. He was cool and obviously he would find that cop stop embarrassing because hes a human duhh. You people should stop criticizing him

2018 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Simon COW's man-boobs were particulary perky that evening. Did he get implants?

2019 days ago

I love Simon more than any other woman on this planet. Yum Yum.

2019 days ago


Looks like little Simon didn't glue his toupe on his noggin very well. Such a perky round head he has. Oh my. This man-boy should give serious consideration to becoming an adult full time. He's the biggest phony around.

2019 days ago


Last time I checked, you only fall in love once. If Simon is back with X girl friend Terri Seymour, that means Simon is a cheater. Simon comes crawling back to his past victories on his way down with the dwindling ratings for "American Idol."

Simon is a cheater, and is addicted to having sex with a lot of other women. That is why is back with his old flame. Evidently, Terri Seymour does not mind the other women because she also has other boyfriends. – I hope they all don’t get STD’s, or HIV together with all their free love.

Simon is a dog.

2019 days ago

Simon is no dog #4, far from it. There is a good reason he is friends with past girlfriends...he's a great guy. Terri is still hot for him, hands all over him...he is over her other than just being friends. Tough luck girl, move on...Simon has.

2019 days ago

catherine turley    

is terri seymour much different in person? on t.v., i find her pretty annoying. how does simon put up with such an obnoxious personality?

2019 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Something inside tells me not to fall for Simon's "ex's", who I truly believe are beards to cover for his being gay. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact I have many gay friends, some of my best. That's one of the reasons why I "see" gay every time I watch Simon on American Idol or otherwise. Having been around gay people most all my life, he has the same voice inflections, the same gestures, the same sense of humor, can be catty and mean when he wants, has a very distinct feminine side, both in his physical mannerisms and speech, etc.. Anyway, I am totally convinced that this is a gay man, my instincts have always been right. It could be latent in this case, but I doubt it. I think this is a very gay man and I wish if so he would come out; he would obviously add a great deal of flair and flavor to the gay element. Remember many gay people denied it, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Tony Perkins, Richard Chamberlain, etc. And Liberace won a lawsuit in the 50's against a magazine that said he was gay! Go figure that on out! Anyway, I still say to Simon, come out, come out, wherever you are.

2019 days ago


I'd be embarrassed too, if I were stopped by a legendary skateboarder who's now a motorcycle cop for Beverly Hills!.

2019 days ago


What a good sport! And he DID turn bright red! How funny. I like him a lot.

2019 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

If Simon's NOT gay, then I'm Aunt Bee.

2019 days ago

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