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The Night of the Living D-Listers

3/6/2009 4:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If two MTV hasbeens get together and make total jackasses of themselves by getting wasted and stealing a homeless man's cart, does that make them any less irrelevant?


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eric in oregon    

Tom Green is a moron. If he wasn't a d-lister, he wouldn't have to post messages on his website sending "deputy's" here to vote for him and spam the comment board. Funny how the % has changed so much over the course of 12 hours. Tom is probably sitting at home voting for himself over and over.

His "web show" appeals to 12-16 year old boys who like his moronic comedy. I was hoping that Andrew Dice Clay would punch him in the mouth...but of course he was fired the first week. Damn.

Now we all know why Drew Berrymore couldn't put up with him anymore. If Tom really gets all this "millions" of views and hits to his page, it's funny that he can't get a sponsor isn't it!! He even has to resort to charging people for a "membership" if you read one of his latest posts (because he can't get a sponsor). Who on earth would PAY to be a member of his site so they can watch his lame brain show? I have the answer! Probably 1/2 the amount of people that paid (and liked) Freddy Got Fingered!!!

2027 days ago

The-Rese, Nor-Way

2027 days ago


Tom Green will always be my hero. I don't care if there are people who don't see why he is the man. Tom is the new Mr. Bob, and we are the new lord h8ers. I am proud to be his fan. It's joy gives me much.

2027 days ago


HAHAHAHA lets make fun of Tom Green! What do you expect from a site run by a pedo!

2026 days ago

The-Rese, Nor-Way    

TMZ are really a man named Ted Casablanca.

2026 days ago


also has more viewers in just 1 week than TMZ has in a whole year, has like 40 million downloads each month! is an award winning talk show online so take that TMZ


2026 days ago


Do you realize that Tom Green has over 40 millions downloads a month? All TMZ does is take content from celebs and puts it on there website. if it wasnt for Tom Green and other celebs TMZ would be nothing. So keep ripping on people that are making you millions of dollars. Tom Green is a TV pioneer and a Internet pioneer. As soon at that idiot drinking coffee from a straw on tv writting on a white board is big enough to do a show out of his living room in a house in the hollywood hills then you might be close to Tom Green. TMZ is a joke.

2026 days ago


O and they gave that homeless guy a 100 dollars more then TMZ will ever give to anybody. They were acting up for the camera. Andy is an idiot and the other guys with Tom Green are big time music producers. Not D listers. Green will never be a D lister.

2026 days ago


Tom Green is one of the funniest people alive with original ideas. He's done so much for comedy. Go to and see for yourselves.

2025 days ago


i hear $100.00 was given to the homeless guy for use of his cart....or maybe tmz doesn't find that relevant? ..fairplay anyone?

2025 days ago

Adam M    

Isn't it a bit odd though? Tom Green is getting more viewers on every day than TMZ gets in a year. They are the bigger website! There are over 40 million downloads a month at! (Even though I kinda like TMZ it's clear they are afraid to ever mention because they know it rocks. TMZ always edit out any mention of the fact that Tom Green is hosting the award winning number one talk show Online.) You should all really check out for videos far more entertaining than most of the stuff on TMZ.

2025 days ago


I don't know who I feel worse for. Tom Green and Any Whateverhisnameis because they are irrelevant and this is the only way people still know they're alive. The crew because (A) they think they are actually cool hanging out with two complete losers or (B) they tried to become a member of someone's crew who is actually famous and ended up with these two. I think it's equal.

2025 days ago


Tom Green should win The Celebrity Apprentice . He is the smartest male of the bunch .

2025 days ago


Calling all tom green fans, Tom green needs your help he has launched his new subscription serivce for only $5.95 a month you can fund his new web channel with live shows and so much content including on demand service, if he can get only 1000 viewers he can start to employ people and record goofy content like the mtv days because he no longer has to suck up to network producers/advertisers

tonight tom squirted cream in his face and waved his hands about for the fist time in 3 years, this is a great day for tom green fans worldwide!

sign up and help the channel grow, more subscriptions means more staff working and more content, all money recieved goes straight back into the channel!!!

if tom gets enough money hes even going to go on road trips filming goofy content live on the channel and on demand

cant afford that? no problem all new content will be on free site for a number of days...

2022 days ago

Tom Green Rules    

The TMZ staff as a whole are terrible.... reporters? Is that even what you consider yourselves? Your garbage. You hide behind your little website and pick at people who are doing something with their lives. Yes sit in your tower and enjoy your view where no one can harm you and you can receive no criticism from your peers. Pat yourselves on the back, you have made it big... anonymously.

Tom Green dot com for a reality check.

2021 days ago
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