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The Most

Tasteless, Hilarious

Joke Ever

3/7/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's wrong in every possible way, shape and form, but when Lisa Lampanelli decided it was time to exploit Rihanna's horrible, tragic situation at the Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy -- people couldn't help but crack up.


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To the Idiot GUESS WHO....Umm its called times have changed. The president is half white and half black. BUT if you want to be an absolute f'in fool about it, shall we go back to the way it was when we had the one drop rule? Is that what you're saying? So I guess its ok to admit our mistakes in the past, such as seeing you as an animal and less than human but we shouuld not change our view on the one drop rule? Wake the F up man....wake the F up. Cleary YOU haven't surpassed anyone.

2057 days ago


So this whole fight is about her giving Herpes to him? "Mantastic" I'd be pissed if my girlfriend gave me Herpes too! But knowing that Herpes is a Gift, a gift that keeps on giving, I's start dating Paris Hilton, and Jessica Alba, in fact we could have a "Herpes" party. and just remember Herpes wants to live too, just like us, Herpes is a living breathing life form and has a right to live..... Yeah for Herpes.....!

2057 days ago


Lisa calls herself an "insult comedian" [whatever that means] she needs to be told she's at a roast for Larry the Cable guy, not blacks, or Chris Brown. I don't like her at all, first off, she's freaking UGLY, and second off, she looks like a Tranny! I guess i'm calling myself an "insult ommentor" lmao!!!

2057 days ago

A TMZ Reader    

I've already heard the term "She's been Chris Brown'd!!" If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck.....& What do you do when you see Chris Brown.........................??? DUCK!!! LOL!!!!

2057 days ago


If there is a such thing as a funny female Lampanelli is it!

2057 days ago


so very tastless but I could not stop laughing. Oh, an FYI, people who race to be first with nothing to say are just losers who hang out on TMZ all day trying for the loser trophy of the year.

2057 days ago

Jackie Brown    

Tell it like it is, F*#k u chris brown

2057 days ago

ho hum    

Sounds like some of the same stuff old-time comedians like Don Rickles used to say, so what? Rihanna has made a joke of herself by running back to her angry adolescent boyfriend, she doesn't need anybody else's help to look foolish.

2057 days ago


How is this wrong in every possible way? The dumb bitch got back together with the womanizer so everything should be completely fine. She'll never learn untill she's 6 feet under. I don't understand how you can press charges against someone and then get back together with them. Women! They'll never learn.

2057 days ago


Although it's NOT the best joke's not too soon...MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN JOKING ABOUT IT SINCE IT HAPPENED. She knows. Maybe this will make her see the light and she'll STOP BEING WITH HIS ASS!

2057 days ago


i thought the joke was right on the money. Go Lisa!

2057 days ago


funny as hell. i say when you put your stupid out there everyone gets laugh at you.

2057 days ago


How long before Rhianna's face permanently looks like a distorted Picasso painting?

2057 days ago

mary ann    

making fun of someone who gets beat is always too soon!! It should never happen. To many men who beat their women are not held accountable. If you are ever beaten report it and run THE FIRST TIME!!!

2057 days ago


I Love you Lisa!! I bet you got everyone!! FU whoever got offended!!

2057 days ago
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