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Dr. Phil & Mrs. Phil Creamed in Skin Care Lawsuit

3/11/2009 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr PhilDr. Phil has been roped into a $4 million lawsuit -- and it's all over a promise his wife allegedly made to feature some skin care products on her hubby's TV show.

According to a lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Phil's wife Robin promised the Miracle Hydrate skin company that she had enough juice to get Phil to feature their creams and lotions on "The Dr. Phil Show."

The skin company claims they were so fired up about the "promise," they spent $650,000 gearing up for the wave of sales they expected to follow.

Of course, the products were never featured on the show, and the skin care company is pissed -- demanding millions of dollars in lost profits.

Calls to The Doc and his wife have not yet been returned.


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joe the dic giver    

thats what he gets for running around the past month chasing octomom trying to ride her coattails to make some money.
i hope they rape him for every penny of it. maybe he should hit up ol'baby factory for a loan since she's rollin in the dough now-a-days.

2054 days ago

miss kitty    

Oh well... did they have a contract?

2054 days ago


Mr and Mrs Douchebag strikes again---- figures....

2054 days ago


I watched his show today to see Octomom.... I shouldn't have. She doesn't need any more publicity. I know "it's about the babies, not her",,, but this woman is obviously crazy. You can totally see it and hear it when you watch her. I'm sorry, but those babies need to be put in foster care. I do NoT believe "there aren't enough good foster homes" as one of his guests said today. I just don't believe that. Actually, forget fostering, put them all up for adoption. THAT is the best thing for these babies!!!!!!

2054 days ago


AARDVARK is right. If it's not in writing, the company hasn't a leg to stand on. It's just, "he said, she said"

2054 days ago


Robin Mcgraw looks like a 65 yr old man in drag.

2054 days ago


I hope Dr. Phil does hook up with Octomom because I have been masturbating to pics of Robin for years. She is one hot lady!

2054 days ago


New Jacko promotion video: "this is it"... shameless attempt at promotion! Dr. Phil should sit this freak down on his show and get to the bottom of things! Phil should ask why this is Jacko's FINAL SHOW... what no more MONEY, how will he feed the children???

2054 days ago


Robin is a total fake. On one of her husband's shows she stated how she keeps her looks young and fresh without surgery. Pleeease! The treatments she showed are only for the rich and you can tell when she blinks she is all botoxed-up! Also, her new lipstick "ageless" is a rip off of other major beautry products already on the market. By the way, I started a company in 2003 called "Ageless Airbrush Tan" when airbrush tanning for came available to the general public. It was after that that the name "Ageless" became popular with todays big cosmetic companies. So something tells me Robin is on the hunt to create something as hers while she's actually 'borrowing' an idea/product that already exist. Hey, if one son can take daddy's book and re-write it as his own (plagerism for most of us) hey, what the hell its a family style!!!

2054 days ago


dr. phil and his wife are jackasses... anybody doing business with them is a jackass...

2054 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I just wonder how much money Dr Phil donated to Octomom,and how much Gloria donated to there fund,she was wearing a 400.00 outfit ,who donated that money,this just shows that she did this all for publicity, there a so many families needing the money that was donated to her,14 kids to a lady that cant take of herself ,she didn't even have a job to support the ones she had, the Dr that inseminate her should pay child support

2054 days ago

Bob Booie    

Tell that company that it will work out for them. "Dr" Phil will demonstrate the make up on the Octomom as shes talking during part 12 of their interview. Both are real bores

2054 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Me thinks some of *Dr* Phil's ego, has rubbed off on Robin -- After stating he will be as Henry Kissinger for the Octonut peace talks (ROFL) McGraw kept saying, "I CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!" -- so perhaps the missus feels she has da power too. Either that, or she doesn't give a rats arse about keeping her word.

BTW, 1st phil declared suleman collecting various forms of taxpayer $, isn't one of the issues making the public irate; then also decided for the rest of us, that yesterday's program would change our opinion of her -- just shows what a presumptuous, arrogant & pompous jerk he is.

Phil, have fun with your new BFF the Octonut; hope was all worth being a media ho, cuz you've now lost many viewers

2054 days ago


Oh Dr. Phil ~ what a tangled web we weave....

Octotrash....enough said....

2054 days ago


Phil is a PIG.

He is now "helping" the octo-mom by premoting fundraisers and free merchandise and services for her. No doubt we will be seeing more of Octo on Phil's show. I'd love to hear how much PHil is paying her for her future visits to his show.

What does he think is going to happen to those 14 children 5 years from now?? Or how about when they are a group of 14 teenagers?? Is he prepared to support Octo and her 14 kids for the next 18 years? If his concern was honestly for the children he wouldn't be delaying the inevitable - that the children are all removed from their sick mother. The older the children are, the harder it will be for them to adjust.

2054 days ago
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