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Kanye's Had It with TMZ

3/12/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West's New Year's resolution was to be nicer to the paps. Clearly, it didn't stick.

Kanye West: Click to watch
Last night outside of Foxtail he sent one of his lackeys to handle his "business," -- but the best part: K can clearly be heard telling his friend to "Say some disrespectful s**t to TMZ."

Wonder why the sudden change ...


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Come on Kanye...say it, "TMZ doesn't like black people". You're a no-talent, whiner and frankly, I can't see WHY TMZ would waste the manpower to follow you. Unless its just to see how many times you stick your no-talent feet in your mouth!

2049 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

As much as I cant stand Kayne I just gained some respect for him

2049 days ago


How did this guy ever get famous? He sucked on American Idol last night

2049 days ago


Hey got it all wrong....I sucked him after American Idol last night. Love those little chocolate Tootsie Rolls. MMMMMM

2049 days ago


Anyone remember Bozo the Clown? We just found his replacement. LOL

2049 days ago


TMZ you wonder why this sudden change? Um you can't be that stupid can you? I'm sensing sarcasm then...I'm not a fan of Kanye but you've been dissing him, his stripper GF, following them into the bathroom figure it out morons.

2049 days ago


stfu Kanye. YOU SUCKED ON AMERICAN IDOL you twit, who the hell are you to tell anyone anything? assipe.

2049 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Morons buying crappy music + Cameras following vile, low-life, unintelligent dirtbags around = KW

2049 days ago

Victims Aren't People, They're Animals    

Was anyone else troubled by Kanye's triple denim outfit last night on Idol?!?!

2049 days ago


First he was pissed that Rihanna was involved in such a violent situation cause she was "the future of hip-hop". Then all of a sudden (while dating Rihanna's best friend) he changes his mind and says that we should give CB a break. I wish he would grow up!

2049 days ago


you paparrazzi's are so dumb..why don't you all mess around with the egos of these soon to be has beens and ignore them when they come out of a resturant. Why do you keep feeding their egos. If the press stopped paying attention to people like Kaney West etc..these untalented idiots would be doing cartwheels down the street to try and get the attention of the press.
It's all mind games and the easiest people to play with are people who are in the spotlight who pretend they don't like being in the spotlight but would die without the spotlight..come on all get together and decide who your going to ignore and watch them become insulted and desperate. For example next time Kanye comes out of a diner..turn your backs on him and do that for a few weeks and he will be questioning how relevent he is..I guarantee it.

2049 days ago

Fyuk Yiu    

CHRIS CLOWN should be more like Kanye. I mean he sings,he raps,dances,wears funny outfits, he makes us laugh and he does'nt Beat Women. CHRIS CLOWN is gonna beat a hit out of Rihanna if it's the last thing he does! So CHRIS CLOWN take a look at a real entertainer. Kanye I salute you sir for your "entertainment". CHRIS CLOWN is IKE TURNER! Trust No One

2049 days ago

Office Space    

I hate this no talent ass clown. It sickens me that people like him are rich when the rest of us who actually use our brains have to slave in a 9 to 5. Kanye should stay home and practice his usual - talking through songs.

2049 days ago


Kayne West thinks people owe him something!! I cant stand this man, I live in Chicago, and his mother used to shop in the used furniture store all the time, and she was so nice. I dont get what happened to him, he is so racist, and I just cant stand him, I wish Chris Brown would have beat him up instead..

2049 days ago



2049 days ago
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