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OctoMom -- Howdy Neighbors!

3/13/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad omen: OctoMom Nadya Suleman hasn't even moved in yet and someone TP'd her new house. But hey, with 14 kids, she could probably use some free toilet paper -- just not like this.



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I think it's sad that people are so immature as to T.P. her house. How are these innocent children supposed to feel moving into a neighborhood that is so hostile. They are probably happy they are getting a bigger house to live in. These people are teaching their children to be bullies. No matter what the world thinks of Octomom they have to remember there are little kids involved that didn't ask for a crazy mom and people need to AT LEAST think of these children when they are doing the things they are doing. These children need caring neighbors that are going to let their children play with them and be there for them if they are in need. This is their fresh start in an otherwise bad situation. The adults need to set positive examples for their children not these immature high school antics.

1957 days ago


Ok enough already.....Quit following this family. No matter what the mom did, the kids should not have to be followed, photographed, and have their home vandalized. Stop abusing these kids!!!!!

1956 days ago


Follow the Money/Follow the Smurfers! Federal Law controls real estate brokers and others in trade or business who receive more than $10,000 in a transaction; they must file IRS Form 8300 which government uses to trace money. A Straw Buyer is a person who allows their name, identity and their credit rating to be used to secure real estate; generally do not occupy property. Purpose being, to disguise the origins of money, often with the intent to flip. Straw Buyer's bank account can be temporarly funded, later removed and timely payments made. In the Sulemen real estate purchase, Nadya claims her home was paid for with her money she "earned." Based on Nadya's claim alone, it appears Ed Doud Sulemen is more like a Straw Buyer than Bona Fide Purchaser.

What's the gimmick? Nadya Sulemen told Dr. Phil on his show "she put money from selling photos of babies into escrow for new home and some of money to go into trust for 14 children". The Sulemen trio's has a redundant pattern; use of "trust" and "transfers". Their previous house on El Soneto was originally in the name of Angela V Suleman. Then changed to The Angela V Suleman Revocable Living Trust. Now owned by the bank because they weren't making mortgage payments there either. The house on Sunrise was handled the same way. In pre-forclosure, behind in payments! First put in Angela's name then switched to the living trust. Will new house that Sugar Daddy Ed Doud Sulemen claims he purchased fall akin to the other two? Be transfered into a trust in his name, another's name or someone's unrevokable trust? Under real estate law, he is legally the purchaser of the house on Madonna in La Hambra. More than likely their charades will follow suit to past purchases; be tranfered at some date in time.Appears some sort of pattern going on with the Sulemen's. Sounds to me like a repeat; racket that doesn't happen by chance!!

1956 days ago


Don't know about you guys, but I live in a quiet neighborhood very few children. And before you all go nutso--raised 4 kids, have two grandkids!! Do you all realize how many toys will be in the yard with screaming kids??? It is just a natural thing. I don't have anything about child care places either--but wouldn't want to live next door to one. I feel we have earned our peace and quiet! If someone calls 911--it is because we need it--truly. Who's footing the bill to Toys R Us? Disneyland? She is getting just what she wanted. Someone else to foot the bill while she is in the limelight. Dr. Phil, you should take her on as YOUR cause. You and Robin can afford it--the leach she is!! Get her off the TV and let her get on with being the 'idel' MOM she thinks she is!!! I personally wouldn't want her in my neigborhood--wouldn't waste the TP, but would not be happy either!!

1955 days ago


OMG how in the world can this woman even afford this house for one DAY? I don't care how much is donated to her, between the 3000/month mortgage payment, just the utilities, water and sewer would bankrupt anyone.Jut the thought of all that money makes me nauseous. And just how are all those children AND help going to fit in a 2500 square foot home? That would be palatial to most of us, but that's a massive amount of people to be in a 2 bathroom house. Good luck octo-mom neighbors, you're going to need it. She'll be tapping into you for all the help she can get (free, of course)

1955 days ago

foolish girl    

This woman makes me sick for bringing 14 innocent kids into this world that she can't take care of by herself. She has lived a good life off of the government and tax payers and now she is living like a celebrity in her big house and new car and new bank account. If she really loved her kids she would not be parading them around in front of cameras. She has become one of America's Most Hated Mom's and she does not care. There are to many sick people in the world to want to have your kids plastered all over TV. Instead of getting her nails done and spending 1000 of dollars on make-up she need to think about away to keep her and her kids safe. One person commented that they hope a child molester moves into the neighborhood and that is just horrible. No harm should come to these kids because of their stupid mom but she needs to have a reality check about herself. Dr. Phil and Oprah should be ashamed for allowing her to exploit her kids. She should have just put up her website and kept her stupid butt out of the spotlight.

1955 days ago


# 211 you need to be blocked and locked up for suggesting something like that. No one deserves that type of fear. You're ignorant.

1948 days ago


First of I am not agreeing with the decisions that Naydia has made, but it's really no one's business. The Media is playing into this madness. They say that she wants the attention, then don't give it to her. When this story first broke she did not want the public to know who she was, but the media tracked her down and exploited her. They say that she has no concern for her children but yet there is footage of her in the SUV telling people to make sure the children are in the house and not in the garage during the madness of her bringing the first babies home. She can not control what the Media is doing. Yeah she could maybe not give out information about their homecomings but the media is following her and they will find out on their own. She is human and yes has made some unrealistic decisions but this is not any ones business except for the people who are directly involved like her family, nannies and medical officials. I want to know that the babies are doing good, It's not my business what she is doing when she leaves the house or how many times she has changed a diaper. I felt that this Angels in waiting was a big mistake from the beginning. Gloria Allred wants control and they were waiting for her to fail. Gloria had no business being in that house.She is a nosy body who wants attention for herself. They were there to help the mother learn to take care of all her children and organize her house, not take over and watch her every mood. Everyone wants her children to be taken away, They are not being negleted or abused. They are probably the most watched children in the world right now. I wish her alot of luck. The Media and public are hoping she fails. The babies and other 6 kids are everyones concern, but yet it's the publics wishes to have them taken away. Yep that makes total sence.The media is doing more harm to these children then Naydia.

1946 days ago
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