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OctoMom -- Howdy Neighbors!

3/13/2009 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bad omen: OctoMom Nadya Suleman hasn't even moved in yet and someone TP'd her new house. But hey, with 14 kids, she could probably use some free toilet paper -- just not like this.



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Jackson is said to be "thrilled" by the response

2049 days ago

Brian Peppers    

What a great neighborhood, harassing a single mom with a bunch of kids! What happened to love your neighbor as yourself? What's next, cross burnings?

2049 days ago


The neighbors should sue her. Their property value just went down - the disruption in their neighborhood. Sue her, she has lots of money now thanks to that idiot Phil McGraw and Gloria Allred. Absolutely she should be held accountable.

2049 days ago


I dont know what is funny about this. You might not have agreed with the decisions that she's made, but that does not excuse this behavior. She is attempting to pull her life together. Cut her some slack, if not for her, than for her children's sake.

2049 days ago


Who ever TP'd her house ...I just want to say .."GREAT JOB" are my heros.The funny thing is that in the quest for fame..Octoscab forgot that she had 6 children already...and these children have to go to school every day.If you think TP is bad wait til her kids come home with bloody lips...Her sons are never going to get respect from there male peers..which means theres going to be alot of fights...because her sons will have no respect from the other males in can believe that there never going to get a girlfriend or be desired by a girl...Now her daughters will also not recieve respect from there female peers...theres going to be alot of teasing ..and lets face the daughters are going to be forced to have sex VERY EARLY if they want to be popular with the boys...and be sure even if they dont they are going to be called sluts anyways.....if you dont believe me...then think back when you were in school..and you didnt have a octoscab in your life as a parent.......OH AND ONE MORE THING...THE REASON WHY SHE WILL NEVER TELL WHO THE FATHER IS...IS BECAUSE...(BRACE YOURSELF)...the FATHER OF THOSE CHILDREN ARE HER STEPFATHER....LOOK AT VIDEOS OF HER KIDS AND HER STEPFATHER ON OPRAH....They all have there fathers eyes...I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY....BUT....TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT HIS FACE AND ONE OF THE CHILDRENS FACES...

2049 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Her babies are f'd because their momma is a sick, greedy f'd up dumbass

2049 days ago


Why does TMZ continue to soil itself by giving the octomom coverage? It's beyond disgusting. Her "celebrity" only exists because places like this keep giving her coverage. She should be ignored and shunned. Even dim-witted Access Hollywood said they won't give her any press. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

2049 days ago


Good She deserves hell shes collecting FOOD STAMPS and getting free money no wonder why we pay so much in taxes. THis is why America is so screwed up! Get of the stamps you make more then enough! She wants the spot light then she deserves this treatment the poor kids will never know what its like to be babied cuz there is too many of them no one on one time with mommy! HELLO! Shes so stupid! All these kids have to deal with this!

2049 days ago


to #49. She is pulling her life together. And how would that be exactly? She hasn't earned one damn penny - she has been on talk shows getting paid and getting charity - that's not earning. How exactly is she pulling her life together? No she is not. She is mooching - that is not pulling your life together. Get a job, a real job. Stop using kids as tools to get freebies.

2049 days ago


Jackson is said to be "thrilled" by the response

Posted at 11:51AM on Mar 13th 2009 by Minna
Cool, now he can buy more statues of little boys and naked little boy cherubs. Wrong page though.

2049 days ago

Ticked Off Taxpayer    

For those bleeding hearts that say leave her alone and cut her some slack, do you think she thought to cut us, the taxpayers, some slack when she decided to keep having kids?? Perhaps she and her brood should move in with you if you think she needs compassion! Oh wait, you're probably on welfare to.

2049 days ago

She hits him too    

I don't blame them....this woman just reduced everyone's property value significantly, and you know all those kids are going to run pampant through the neighborhood all the time because she is a horrible excuse for a mother.

It's not long before something happens to one of them because of her neglect....especially once she stops getting press.....just wait, she'll find a way (through her kids' health and well being) to stay in the "news".

I wouldn't want this trash in my neighborhood either. And by trash, I mean the mom...the kids are helpless victims of her insanity, selfishness, and fame-whoring.

2049 days ago


So folks have none of you ever made mistakes? Like Nadya said, she never planned to have 8 more. If anyone should be responsible in this situation should be the doctor. When we goto the doctor we generally listen to the advice he gives us. So im sure she was doing nothing more than listening to what she should be doing in order to have another kid. Its truly a miracle that anyone can have 8 kids and they all survive, its sad that people can judge others so easily. But its time we look in the mirror and worry about ourselves for once. I hope anyone that could afford to donate to Nadya did cause the kids need help and remember it is never the kids fault that anything bad comes about. So If we all set back and look in the mirror we will see that we are no different then Nadya, we just have different issues. Thanks for the opportunity and have a blessed day.

2049 days ago


Honestly, would you want THAT living next door to you? Your property would become worthless. There will be continuous paps 24/7. Plus kids running the neighborhood tearing up stuff, becasue I am sure there will be no supervision. I feel sorry for the people in this neighborhood. I say run her ass down the road.

2049 days ago


Suleman had a "friend" do this to get media attention and more donations. Way to go octo, clever like a fox, soon your schemes will stop, fraud is a crime punishable with fines and jail time.

2049 days ago
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