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Cops at Lindsay and Sam's House!

3/14/2009 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 4:22 PM ET All police units have left Sam's house, but her car is still in the driveway. We're told during their argument, Lindsay allegedly threw something and a window was broken.

Lindsay and Sam's: Click to watch!
UPDATE: 3:49 PM ET Three LAPD cops were knocking at the door, trying to get Lindsay and Sam to open it but they would not. One of the cops was pacing the property. The cops have left the front door but they're still in the area. One of the cars left the house but is parked up the street. Word is they may arrest Lindsay and take her to jail.

UPDATE 3:40 PM ET: The cops now tell us they were called for a disturbance and not there to arrest Lindsay.

Sam and Lindsay have gotten into a nuclear fight at Sam's house. The police are at their front door to talk to Lindsay and Sam but they will not open the door. The two are definitely still in the house.

We're told the police are trying to serve Lindsay her warrant.

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TMZ, your timeline is way off. It is only 2:55 PM Pacific Time right now. Your time stamps say 3:55 and after 4:00.

2047 days ago



2047 days ago


Thanks for the warning
now back to the topic I,m not sure why Lindsay has an arrest warrent but she is only making it worse it might of been something minor but now she is in more trouble

2047 days ago


too bad guantanamo was shut down that would have been the perfect home for LezLo

2047 days ago


Lindsay and Sam, Tinseltown's latest version of Dumb and Dumber.

I personally think LiLo fights like a maniac just so she can have make up sex.

2047 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I wonder if Lindsay burned her fingers on the crack pipe when she threw it
through the window?

2047 days ago


Two bit worthless whore....why doesn't she just do away with herself.

2047 days ago

tuna marie    

leslo and samro need to go away. they are boring and leslo will do anything to stay in the spotlight. does she still even have a career?

2047 days ago


Good Lord....what a crowd. Don't they have anything better to do than fight like fools? I thought Lindsay's mother said they were real good friend. Friends don't do this to each other. Oh, well, guess mother isn't always right.

2047 days ago


Regards to the public downsizing of our Gold metal winner. I feel that we are sending the wrong message to the public. I understand the misuse of illegal drugs, But I think the message goes two ways, rather than youths sharing the truth about drug use,
The the message is clear as, even if your a gold metal winner, a one time use can cost everything. If you are a A student, or grade school student, a one time use can cost you everything.
A little slack goes a long way in the in the healing circle. I wont say any names, but I can say that some of the concerned parties involved in the down sizing of our gold metal winner has had some one time uses going on. People eat the cereal because it taste good.
Enclose I feel the message to the public should perhaps encourage correcting a problem rather than trashing a gold metal winner who worked his hole life to win. In Boulder Colorado, I saw a man selling a bag of pot to another man, who had 7 year old little girls with him, and I called the police. The police sad, that at worst the man selling the pot with a child would not be given any illegal charge and know police was send. The man attacked me for calling the police. The complex problem
requires more than a public slaying a gold metal winner.

2047 days ago

Bob Barnett    

Move the Octomom's woodchipper over to the LesBeFriends house

2047 days ago


as well as the economy some of these hollywood debutant's havn't hit bottom yet.all's there family can do is watch in horror as it sucks the life out them .too bad money didn't come with some sort of dignity and shame it is sometimes shameless and un dignified. i hope they all find some sort of help

2047 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

78. Time to part ways before it is the next domestic violence case in the news - ever notice how things like that come in groups? What are they always fighting about?

2047 days ago


It 's GOLD - MEDAL winner, you fool.

And btw Lindsay never was a debutante.

2047 days ago


Run, Sam, run!

The Lilo will bring you down.

See the Lilo throw a tantrum.

See the Lilo have a hissy fit.

See the Lilo drive drunk and crash.

The Lilo will bring you misery!


2047 days ago
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