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John 3:16 -- 86'd from Final 4

3/23/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some religious dude brought one of those "John 3:16" signs to the Siena vs. Ohio State NCAA Tournament basketball game the other night -- but as soon as he put the sign up, some random security guard rushed in for the steal and ripped it down.

FYI -- Siena happens to be a private Catholic school. Apparently Jesus isn't allowed to attend away games.

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Poisonous Nut in Ohio    

Listen, the "war caused by religions" gets old. Yeah, it's true there have been causes and wars declared in the name of various religions but if you check your history there have been a lot of wars started in the name of greed, power, resources, land grab, and patriotism just name a few! Anything can be manipulated. There is nothing to be ashamed of having a spiritual belief. A sign is pretty passive....especially when it's a verse regarding our creator's love for us. Doesn't promote war, violence, or hate.
Just my humble opinion.

2038 days ago


I guess we have to get used to all this new crap. Funny thing is the fist name someone cries to IS God when it hits the fan. Is it any wonder this country is in the shape it is. Like it or not, no matter how many signs security rips down, God WON the battle anyway. Good thing He doesnt respond to signs. Stand strong believers, this is all that "satan' stuff. A poster made a good point. NO SIGNS should be allowed at any thing any more. Obama hasn't gotten around to making that law yet, hes still printing money that no one will ever pay back.

JOIN A TEA PARTY NEAR YOU ON APRIL 15th...GET these bozos OUT of Washington!!

2038 days ago


Barbie Read a book! When was the last time you saw the Coran 3:12 or the 1st testament 2:13 at a sporting event,,, no u have not! And as for Muslims Killing us because we don't believe in Their faith, its all about control of oil. If it was about helping people under a harsh dictator we would be ALL OVER AFRICA and BERMA!
peace and a shot out to our brave men and women in the arm forces. (not being sarcastic!)

2038 days ago


John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. Yea, real treachery going in that hidden message! Ew scary words on a sign-wow Good thing we have people on alert to supress tha tkind of deadly info.

2038 days ago

Dee McMillan    

God’s word (the bible) tells us we should be fishers of men. We are to let others know that Jesus died for our sins, and that God forgives and can save us. His word also tells us that if people do not want to hear it we are to stomp the dust from our feet and carry His message to the ones who want to hear. I hope and pray God reaches the ones so against this sign before it is too late.

2038 days ago


o gosh ! why would someone do that ? just because someone wants to show that they love jesus . i think that what that security guard did was totally bogus ! i am a jesus freak . i love god with all of my heart . and i think that it totally wrong for someone to do that . i personaly think that john 3:16 is an AWESOME scripture !John 3:16 For God so loved the world , that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever beiving in him should not perish, but have everlasting life . God sent his only Son so that he could die for our sins, and we could be forgiven for the sins that we make everyday ! A friend of mine was talking to me and she said that theres a muslum kid at her school , and one day he forgot to pray . So in the middle of class he took off all metal objects and put them on his desk , and then he went to the corner of the room and started praying to his god . Muslims can pray in school but a christian cannot . Why is that ? i don't know , but i think that that is not rite . Our country was founded on God! when our country has a disaster everyone turns to God for help . so many things from the bible have already come true . people need to stop being so stuck up ! look at the facts from the bible , look at the facts that are here today , compare them , and you might start to believe in God and know that he is here . other peoples Gods are dead . but my God is living !

2038 days ago


Interesting the sign was taken down, seeing that they were playing at UD Arena... and Dayton is a Catholic university... hmmm...

2038 days ago


There is alot of ignorance and misinformed ppl in the world and some of these comments show just that. Like ppl who say "oh yeah how many ppl have been murdered in the name of your religion" That is totally ignorant--Ppl who heinously murder innocent ppl in the name of God-is not a follower of Christ...That is their own agenda, yes it gives Christians a bad name and so do christian extremists and it confusing ppl who dont know any better-- its total disdrimination to make him put the sign away....Its ok if ppl are offended by atheists, abortions, or gay rights and whatever else is mainstream these days but you mention God and ppl have a fit...If you studied the meaning of john 3:16 you might realize a few important things outside of your own hate...

2038 days ago


It shouldnt matter what party your affiliated with, what religion if any...this has to do with being AMERICAN and having freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to say what they want. That is why this country is great. Censor one and you could be next.

2038 days ago



2038 days ago


The "John 3:16", signs have been shown at various high profile sporting events for at least the last three decades, if not longer. It is no big deal, and this is nothing new. Ripping up the fans sign is out of line, and is something new. Would this have become an issue if the security guard had left the fan alone? No. If you didn't know that these signs have been around for at least that long, then you must be living in a bubble.

People here who are throwing a tantrum over it need to get a life. No one is throwing their religion in your face. Get over it. Some people just live, and others live to be offended.

2038 days ago


Being a "religious nut," or otherwise, a Christian, I also know that in God's word will be challenged, as well as his people. Being a Christian, I am taught not to judge since it is not up to me to judge. I am tasked to spread the word and increase His kingdom. On the human side, I see this as a violation of the human doctrine of the Constitution. So, if a celebrity can say actual curse words on TV and not be censored, with evryone saying its okay, but people are offended by the sign display, it just makes me more reliant on God's word which says that more people will mock and dispute His word out of fear and because they don't understand. If athletes can wear attire promoting advertisers and people can wear T-Shirts that say they are wife-beaters and alcoholics, then it is their right and they get away with it because people understand them and support them. But I will not judge them because it is not my final call on that final day!

2038 days ago

something smells    


2038 days ago


Since we may only have freedom of speech for a little longer, if seeing a scripture BURNS YOUR EYES, look away. Signs or NO SIGNS, the Bible says EVERY knee shall bend before the Lord, even the non believers knees shall bend when its your time to die.

I guess the next thing people with bellay ache about is the football games when a player kneels & thanks God for the touch down! FRIGHTENING STUFF ISNT IT? For the non-believers it must be. America was FOUNDED on Christian beliefs so if you cant handle it there are PLENTY of other countries for them to move to. GET PACKING.

2038 days ago


christians are so annoying

2038 days ago
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