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Chris Brown Won't Hit Books at Norfolk State

3/24/2009 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownDespite his affinity for combat, Chris Brown won't be a Spartan anytime soon -- as in the kind who attend Norfolk State University.

Brown was spotted on the campus grounds in his home state of Virginia this weekend. But TMZ has confirmed Brown was only there as a "support factor" for his cousin, who is a prospective student.

Brown, his mother and his cousin spent their Saturday taking the First View campus tour -- a guided, private trek through the entire Norfolk campus, including the dorms, the offices and the classrooms.

We're told some people recognized Brown on the tour, but sources close to the situation tell us, "People know what's going on with him and they were not paying him much attention at all."

We're also told Brown has "not applied," has "not enrolled" and is "not interested" in attending NSU at this point.

Too bad ... dude has a lot to learn.


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shawn olsen    

Lynda, my kid never beat someone in the face smaller than them, if you hate tmz why are you on here, quit making excuses for the abusive Brown.

2041 days ago


Cb is a bitch, why are you yelling at me like that? I never said that what CB did was OK, ever, i just feel that people are excessively critical and making judgements based on not much evidence at all remember the affidavit is not admissible in court because its hear say and is subject to lies by the victim, mistakes by the reporting officer, lies and embellishments by the victim or reporting officer etc. So thats why ONLY the testimony by the victim in court under oath and maybe the defendent are valid.

I'm not sure how you determined tha ti think its ok for Cb to hit just because i didnt join the public chorus of conviction? Thats not me at all and it would be the same for anyone. Ijust like to think things through, put pieces of the puzzle together, think about things. I saw the pic too but as Gloria Allred said, it cannot be taken in isolation. Thats not how the law works.

2041 days ago

shawn olsen    

to by just thinking, you are one sick puppy, making excuses for this abusive girlfriend beater, quit sticking up for the abuser and bully, You are dead wrong to blame the VICTIM! She is a victim period, you people making excuses for this abusive little twit are disgusting.

2041 days ago


Angel, sweetie, I'm not yelling at you...and frankly I really don't care to argue with you either, you have a right to your opinion and have every right to express is my point and I will not debate it anymore. I don't care what happened, I don't care what she did or said, I don't even care if she hit him first...the only thing I care about is SHE had bruises and was left for dead in a questionable neighborhood by someone she loved and trusted...HE did not have bruises, got in his car and left her there and 2 days later was playing on a jet ski and checking out girls @sses.TO ME there is nothing that could be added to the story that will EVER make that ok.

have a wonderful day!!

2041 days ago


AMEN!!! Shawn o

2041 days ago


Shawn. I'm not making excuses for Chris Brown. What he did was wrong and if the reports are true Rihanna was wrong for hitting him as well. There is no excuse for any type of abuse. I'm tired of all the bashing and bashing! How do you know if your kid hasn't hit anyone whether it be on the face, on the arm, or anywhere else for that matter.. If your CHILD is 19 do you follow them everywhere they go? Do they tell you everything that happens in their daily life? I doubt it.

2041 days ago

shawn olsen    

By moveonnow, why are you sticking up for an abusive, girlfriend beater, who is a little twit, why are you guys in love with Brown. Quit making excuses for this bully. That is what they said about O J Simpson too, about how much he achieved, blah, blah, blah. You act like you know Brown personally, he is an abusive angry, spoiled man. He is a singer period not a saint. Why are you people so in love with him, disgusting.

2041 days ago


Lynda, since when is a 19 yr. old considered a CHILD??? legal age for being considered an adult is 18. just a does sound like you're making excuses for CB.

2041 days ago

Dick Gardner    

Just as long as nobody bothers him while watching the"Stupid Mario Brothers" on youtube ,everything will be OK.

2041 days ago


Rihanna's statement is B.S.

There are some facts you and everyone else has to look at:

1. If Chris had beaten Rihanna that badly and choked her she would be in intensive care or in the hospital for days, not a couple of hours. She would have had a broken nose, two black eyes and her face would still be messed up.

2. The police would have called the paramedic to take her to the hospital, she would not have gone there in her own car later

3. Chris told Rihanna to get out of the car, why didn't she get out if she was so scared. Why did she take his keys and sit on them? Does this sound like a scared women who is getting beaten? No it sounds like a controlling violent woman who won't let go, a woman who will do anything to keep Chris Brown out of the arms of another woman.

4. Rihanna admitted that she beat him on the night of the fight and before. She is not some American sweetheart victim. She was in the army in Barbados and she is no little innocent woman

5. Rihanna only has 2 contusions on her forehead and a busted lip with dried blood that is it. she was not beaten to a bloody pulp like most gossip magazines and websites claim. She has no black eyes, no busted cheeks, no marks on her neck.

6. If Chris tried to kill her why did she run back to him to jump in his bed? he is not supporting her financially, they are not married and they do not have kids together?

7. Why won't she call her father? Wouldn't you want your father around to comfort you? Why is her father so laid back and cool about what happened?

8.Why are there photos of Chris and Rihanna's entourage and family all hanging out at P Diddy's mansion in Miami 2 weeks after the fight?

Even Rihanna's assistant who got the call from Chris after the fight is there playing with Chris's best friend in the pool. Are you going to hang out with Chris, his family and entourage if you got beaten up like that?
Even Rihanna's bestfriend is there too. If I was Rihanna's friend or assistant I am not going to hang out with Chris and his people after what happened.

9. The witness said that Rihanna was screaming at chris and chris was calm. Rihanna was not screaming for help and she did not even phone the police, the witness did.

I am getting fed up with this Chris Brown lynching. I think most of you women calling him a monster serial abuser have hidden agendas and you have skeltons in your closet and it makes you feel good to crucify a teenage boy.

He is a 19 year old teenager who with therapy, counselling and prayer can change.
Rihanna needs to go to counselling, anger management and get some help with her self-esteem cause she has no self-esteem, she is crazy and jealous.

There are 'real' women being abused down the road from your house, why don't you go and help them or volunteer in a battered woman's shelter.

Why is a pop star more important than a woman living down the road who has no money or resources to leave her abusive husband?

2041 days ago

shawn olsen    

Lynda, Sorry, 19 is not a CHILD, Do you know Chris Brown personally or something, I don't care if Rhianna hit him first, she is smaller than him, period, no she should not have hit him, if she did, but he is a bigger man period, and from what the injury report has reportedly said he is very violent and angry, why doesnt he just walk away. I dont have to follow my kid around to know that they would never beat someone or hit someone smaller than them. I don't understand why people have to blame the victim for abuse, why do you think these abusers keep getting away with abuse, and the victims are afraid to come forward, because people like you make excuses for abuse. Quit sticking up for this spoiled, abusive, violent man.

2041 days ago



This guy is a hot mess who can not control his temper. He needs to go to college..because his career is O-V-E-R!!

I'm quite sure Rihanna was probably a nagging biotch who went psycho on him in his car-no denying that, but a MAN, a REAL MAN..knows how and when to restrain himself. he should have taken it like a man instead of a little boy and hit her back. I am sick of people supporting him. They are both wrong but it is NEVER okay to hit a female. and I hope RiRi learned her lesson too---you can dish it, you better be ready to take it!

Screw both of them. They both need to go to college and get different career paths. If she stays with him that is disgusting. I am done as a fan of him. and her if shes stupid enough to stay!

2041 days ago

shawn olsen    

By let the truth set her free, Why do you hate women so much? You sound really jealous of Rhiaana, yes she is too an abuse victim. Quit making excuses for the abusive, angry, spoiled little twit Brown. Why are you in love with Brown? He is a man not a child, and needs to quit being spoiled and let off the hook by abuse lovers like you.

2041 days ago


to comment number 15
Monday- he starting punching her after she made that call.
Tuesday becuase he just didnt.
Wednesday- didnt think she'd find a text liek that.
Thursday- yea that was pretty stupid.
Friday- I ddint realive it was her ass that was being chocked....
Saturday- have you ever gotten your ass kick? dont you do stupid this that don't make sense?
Sunday- it just doesn't work that way.. obvi. she loved/ loves him at some point. Im sure she didnt think it would ever get to this.. time will tell the truth. is she gets back him then we'll all know th truth.. she's a dumbass and deserved it.


she caught him in a lie.. it pissed him off.. she stood up for herself.. got her ass K.O... i dont care is she hit him first.. does she have the ability to do to him what she did to her? HELL NO! he's a man.. he reacted how any man with anger mamangement issues would act. doesn't make it right.. doesn't make it right at all. peace.

2041 days ago


@ 86. shawn O,

So you as a grown ass man want to continue crucifying a teenage boy?
Are you so perfect?

None of you care about Rihanna, you are just so bitter, evil, judgemental and twisted that you want to stone a teenage boy (he is a teenager) instead of hoping that he gets help, asks God for forgiveness and moves on with his life.

God is watching you and Karma is a bitch.

2041 days ago
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