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Jennifer Aniston: Prisoner of War

3/24/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a hood over her head, a newly single Jennifer Aniston was escorted by security into a NYC studio on Tuesday.

We're told the tortured 40-year-old was having a bad hair day without her army of stylists. No further investigation is expected.


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JA is a cosmic joke. She should dress in a burka until she has had her daily hair extension enhancement, make-up done, tanned, yoga class., etc. She might be fit to be seen in public by evening. Meanwhile, I love the conehead look.

2039 days ago

hollywood resident    

oh it had to be something else her har could never look bad come on maybe a new look or a new movie role maybe a surprise for us love ya Jenn.....

2039 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Jen, I hope you visit this website every now and then. Read what people are saying about you. You look so ridiculous!

2039 days ago


She's Just Not Into You TMZ. X17 came out with some really good pictures. Maybe she likes them better.

2039 days ago

Fake Is Fake Is Fake    

Andy, while some of the stories are obviously made-up, I don't think all of them are. The media pays for such information, and I think some of her hangers-on have taken advantage of that. I also think her publicity people plant a lot of it. They know that rumors of pregnancy or engagement keep the machine running and keep interest focused on their client, and that's what it's all about. I think Jen has chosen to let herself be used in this way, but perhaps she did not realize all the consequences it would end up having on her private life -- if she actually has any private life left. But unless she is a totally controlled slave of her agents and publicity people, she could do something about it -- but so far she doesn't seem to have done so.

2038 days ago


Give me a break!!!!

2038 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

she should start doing charity work to help those less fortunate; people might start liking her again (notice i said "might")

at least brad and angie helicoptered in a bag of rice to some asian or middle eastern refugees awhile back and brad is really trying to help new orleans and its citizens devestated by hurricane katrina

jen's done nothin' for nobody except HERSELF and this perpetual pity-party of hers is now just plain sickening!!

2036 days ago


I would be ashamed to show my face too after all my friends watched marley and me. That was the worst movie i ever rented, thanks for letting me waste 6 bucks. Another thing that sucks is all the money they spent to make such a pointless movie.

2024 days ago


Initially I LOVED Chelsey Handlers show...wouldn't miss a night b/c of the brutal truth approach Chelsey took with A-list celebs. Then Chelsey switched it up and became a sell-out, taking invites to celeb house parties from the likes of "Cry Baby Aniston" who no dout invited her to put the kabosh on the bad publicity she got on the show. Aniston's calculating and controls most of the press in her life. Shes shallow, not so bright, and depends on fans with low IQ's to buy into her movies and the image she has made for herself. If not for the fact that she was once married to BP, would she even be around? Unlikely, her acting ranges between poor and fair at best. "Friends" became her lucky break (and a little nepotism). I could do without seeing her at award shows (wondering why she is there) clinging needily onto Mayor. Her behavior, choices, and lifestyle only prove shes not the sharpest tool in the shed...for sho!

2019 days ago


Aniston is a facade, can't get over the man who moved on from her to the very beautious, generous, very wise Angelina Jolie. (Jolie by the way, um is an AAAAA list actor with tons of range). Aniston is in constant competiton with Jolie, (eg. her last magazine cover has desperation written all over the cover). This girl needs to recognize that she is an average girl, who lucked out with a sit-com, married a man who quickly fell out of love (its abundantly clear that Aniston has no real substance). Shes obsessed with Brad, Angie, movie stardom, dieting, yoya, Cabo and tanning. OH and her best role ever...playing the victim and pretending shes over Brad. Wake up Aniston...HE LEFT YOU...he's the one you should have beef typical!

2019 days ago
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