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The Beat Goes On for Rihanna

3/27/2009 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna continued her "Stronger Than Yesterday" publicity tour last night, once again clubbing without alleged clubber Chris Brown.

Rihanna: Click to watch
The scene outside Bar Delux is insane ... with paparazzi from several agencies pulling an audacious/tortious move by opening the door of her SUV to continue snapping. One dude regrets it ... his camera dropped inside the SUV and Rihanna's hired muscle slammed the door shut.


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and who says she didnt know that th paparazzi is goin to be there? she's 21 yrs old..she's supposed 2 stay home like an old hag..ppl get real cuz all of u who hate all suck..LIVE UR LIFE! HATERZ!

2037 days ago


Don't be fooled people. It's called PR.
She needs to shed the light right now on her and chris brown. Don't think for a second, she's broken up with him. She hasn't

But her publicist is telling her to get out and not be seen with chris brown for a while. While she's lapdancing for boys 1 and 2.
She's going home at night and calling chris on the phone.

trust me. It's all PR. Or "damage control" as we so often hear.

2037 days ago

Just Noticing    

She is so over. Everyone is sick of seeing her. If she can get up there again and prance around in the hottest fashions and do whatever she did to be famous (can't call it singing) then that's what she should do. We don't need another brain-challenged, famous-for-stupidness girl we have to see photographed every night at the hot spots. I already know where the hot spots are.

2037 days ago


she's clubbing cause she know that tmz is going to be right to caught it on camera i would like every blogger who is blogging on this chris and rihanna situation to really look it how tmz and others entertainment tv is covering her this website is the only one trying to make a reality show of it just read the others than come back to this one and see yes don't get me wrong yes the others are cover it but tmz has got it bad rihanna PR know how to work the camera they calltmz and tell them where rihanna is going to be at yes tmz do have resources to but thats now it at all they tmz and rihanna PR want people to think so read others than come back here and read i bet the other ones haven''t made a reality show from us

2037 days ago


Rhianna pregnet is a fact a s s lie look at her partying like a monster and geting tattos when chris brown over here loss all his fans and can't do jake thats wat she get for hiting him all the time we all know that chris and rhianna was never meant 2 be

2037 days ago


I bet Chris finally found out that Rhianna is actually a man in drag. It made him go off and beat it up! I don't condone hitting other people, but if she's stupid enough to stay with him, then my sympathy is GONE. She is asking for it again. I was strong enough to leave an abusive man, and I don't have millions of dollars. She's pathetic!

2036 days ago


Rihanna is a skunky hoe trying to look fierce with gun tatoos. But she don't fool nobody with them tatoos. The heffer needs another beat down!

2036 days ago


I do not condone a man hitting a woman, but did the report not say that she was screaming and slapped him around while he was driving? Then took the keys out of the ignition? All out of infantile jealousy? Sounds like she's got some responsibility in this mess as well. If he has been abusive in the past and then she goes hitting on him, what does she think is going to happen? Doesn't make it right but she can't play the victim if she's an abuser too.

2036 days ago


i am so sick of her..her story doesnt make sense..ok how in the world can you beat someone soooo bad and still drive a stick shift lambo?? there is sooo much more to this story and its rihannas part that is being left out. i wanna know how she had time to take the keys from him during being choked, punched and bitnen thats my question..i feel bad for the both of them because chris would not just get mad over a little text and go crazy on her. I also wanna see his mug one has seen it so we cant say he doesnt have any marks or anything..Maybe some of you need to read the story on how rihanna beat the bricks off her brother with a glass bottle over his head?? Violent much? Yeah i thought so. And that picture that was released showed identical contusions on her big ass forehead in the exact same time, so how did he manage to get them identical? It just doesnt make sense to me!

2035 days ago


White or black, how can yoo tell by looking at the writing?. Are you trying to say that white people tried harder than black people to gain proper command of the English language? I am insulted. I am a black woman and an English professor. How do you know for sure who is black and who is white by what or how they write? I happened on this site and read all of your comments. I think there are a lot of people making fun of Rihanna because she didn't step up to the plate and say something, one way or another. She is a young girl who is listening to older people who are telling her what to do to keep her career. P. Diddy is getting older by the minute, you know. Pretty soon, he'll be an old man. Celebrity gossip is fun, like a roller coaster. But, even a train stops. Maybe it's time to get off at the next stop.

2034 days ago


Rihanna is so obviously FAKE! Pretending as if she doesn't love the attention from the paparazzi, meanwhile each and every move is calculated. So sick of this dumbass broad! go back to Barbados, ho, and STAY THERE!!!!

2030 days ago
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