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Cue Zac Efron

3/29/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We feel bad for Zac Efron. It was just an innocent pic of him in London, his fans' hearts filled with unbridled joy -- his ears filled with wax. But last night at Beso in L.A., the joke got out of hand.

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On the bright side, he may have shaken that annoying, squeaky-clean image for good.


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That's just sad.

2000 days ago


TMZ did this to him. I would sue you if I was him. You dont realize how what you print affects people's lives. I feel sorry for him...Leave him alone....

2000 days ago

nikkis mom    

TMZ - you are the ones that printed this. It was one of the sickest things that you ever did. I saw it and thought how low will TMZ go to enlarge earwax in somebody's ears. Do you enjoy your job? Do you hate so much that you will try to destroy somebody because they have ear wax. Guess what! Harvey probably has skid marks from time to time.


2000 days ago


OK, so the paps who work for TMZ are 10-yr-old boy???? Or maybe mentally retarded grown men??

I can see kids in grade school doing something like this. But grown ups? NO!!!!!

2000 days ago

Donald Ray    

I'm CONSTANTLY AMAZED at what TMZ considers 'newsworthy'. I'd like to know exactly WHAT their purposes are when they do things like this? Can times be THAT bad that ANYTHING goes, just to get reactions? I think the ONLY thing that will put a stop to this sort of JUVENILE behavior will be if someone SERIOUSLY injures one of these IDIOTS.

2000 days ago

Linda Mott    

Maybe now he will talk to TMZ. They act like snobs and only want good things to be said about them. They should talk to the press (TMZ) and it would be on the web and tv. Remember one hand washes the other, or in this case one q-tip cleans an ear.

2000 days ago


TMZ feels bad for him? you people posted the pics of his dirty nasty ass ears on here..that was pretty gross though.As rich as he is and he cant clean his ears??come on!!

2000 days ago


Give me a break #6, TMZ is NOT the press. They are a bunch of low life idiot stalkers. I think if these celebs were not stalked 24/7, chased after down the street, in their car, asked stupid questions all the time, etc, then they would be more willing to talk to people.

2000 days ago


Stpn2me and Harvey's Charmin - you're dead on...TMZ really goes below and beyond sometimes. Why hurt this kid for something ridiculous??

2000 days ago


I have to agree with the other posters, I really believe that sometimes the tabloid media goes too far, which causes idiots to go out and do stupid things like throwing Q-tips. Oh, that is just so funny, isn't it TMZ. No wonder celebrities hate them so much. Personally, if I was Zac Efron, I would continue to give TMZ and other tabloid media the cold shoulder until they start acting like adults instead of children. Oh look, he is picking his nose, oh look he has wax in his ears, oh look he has a hair hanging from his nostril, oh look he is scratching his.......I would bet if I waited long enough, I could catch anyone, including TMZ staff, doing something that could embarrass them.

2000 days ago

bunch of idiots    

TMZ... this is just tasteless.. this embarassing act will carry with Zac for the rest of his life... by showing the wax pic in his ears AGAIN just shows that you still are proud to have gotten this lame story... freakin grow up already !

2000 days ago


I never liked Zac Efron...but this is really mean TMZ. Now, you're just being bullies.

2000 days ago

Just my opinion    

I would sue too.
You suck.
Since you haven't had any good Paris, Nicole, Britney news in awhile, you have to go after someones ear wax?????
Just plain sick.
Harvey.......I bet you have TAR BRITCHES........................

2000 days ago

tippy katz    

Tmz took the pics
Tmz blew up the pic
Tmz posted the pic
Tmz shouted at zac about his ears
Tmz threw the Q-tips
Tmz stupid paps and flunkies need to go to jail
and I don't even give a crap about zac
It's just wrong to harass people, it's wrong to throw things at them

2000 days ago


"OK, so the paps who work for TMZ are 10-yr-old boy???? Or maybe mentally retarded grown men??"

That's a grand insult to 10-year-olds and mental retards. TMZ is far beneath any of 'em..

2000 days ago
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