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Michael Moore -- Wont Sic O Just Yet

3/31/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the burning question in DC -- will Michael Moore give Barack Obama the same treatment he gave Dubya ... or will M.M. go easy on the guy he already credits for creating "a better world" ... ten weeks into the new term?

Michael Moore: Click to watch


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who has the facts? ME    

John - sorry for your loss. I also have a nephew in Basra who will be there until next April.
But I guess I don't get how the Iraq war is Clinton's fault. We had no business being there in the first place. False info and Cheney/Bush's desire to claim oil fields are what took us to Iraq - not 9/11, terrorism or Al Queida. We should have gone directly to Afghanistan. Bush had 8 years to right what happened on 9/11 and he did not capture Bin Laden or prosecute ANY of the alledged terrorists at Gitmo. All the Bush administration did was increase Al Queida's recruitment abilities, because they hate us even more now, Our country compromised it's principals for the war, and now Obama is trying to restore our good name in this world, may God bless his efforts.
If Clinton is responsible for the Iraq war, then I guess that if we are hit again, that will be Bush's fault, right??
PS John - please try and get out of your hell, your son would not want you to be bitter or angry. Focus on the life, not the death. There are alot of fantastic military grief organizations out there - maybe talking to others in the same situatiuon would help.

2000 days ago


Kiki....did you not read my post...? Or do only read your posts ? I referred to Clinton, "I didnot have sex with that woman", & how he did not deal with Bin Laden when he had him, If Clinton had not been engaging in sexual acts in the oval office..& dealt with The Nations business, 911 would not have occured. I did not mention Iraq or Bush. I did not refer to Clinton in terms of Iraq. I spoke of 911. And Kiki, perhaps you should keep your patronizing advice to yourself. You did not know my son.

1999 days ago


He doesnt hate this country he hates the direction in which are govt is taking. For wants our politicians need to do what is right for our country instead of fighting like a bunch of idiots backing there own party. Lets do whats right instead of doing whats right for lining there pockets full of money. All you people probably havent even watched Sicko, which talks about our health care compared to other countries. We pay billions of tax dollars in healthcare every year. Problem with that is it is wasted dollars being spent on overpriced drugs, doctors, and insurance companies.

1378 days ago
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