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Obama Gets Naked ... Chef

4/1/2009 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Oliver, aka "The Naked Chef," is cooking up a feast for Obama and the rest of the G20 summit tonight -- and boy does it sound, well, British.

Jamie Oliver: Click to watch
Oliver wouldn't tell us the menu yesterday in London, but later posted it on his website: Shoulder of lamb, lovage (what's that?), soda bread, Scottish Salmon, mint sauce and bakewell tarts. Yum?


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2031 days ago


"LOVEAGE" is what you get on the side when you leave the country and hang with the boys...

the lamb "shoulder" is what's left after hobnobbing him the night before....
g20: boys camp

2031 days ago

bsb fan    

Also, his wife is scheduled to have a baby the day after the dinner and secret service won't let him have his phone just in case she starts to pop!

2031 days ago


Well, I most certainly will boycott Jamie Oliver, now.

2031 days ago


The world is falling apart and these snobs get together to see how much worse they can make it for everybody. This retreat of theirs costs us all millions of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. I hope they choke on their champagne and lamb. This G20 group is as full of BS as the UN is. Globalization is what destroyed our economy. America needs to go back to the things that worked best for us. Bring all manufacturing back home and stop the foolish trade policies that ruined us. Close our borders to the guidelines that we had 60 years ago. The G20 has always been about imperial rule over the world.

2031 days ago


THAT IS A DISGUSTING MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2031 days ago


I'm British and its definitely YUM!
One normally uses the lovage leaves not the seeds
The same way one would use fresh basil or the like.
We eat lamb the way Americans eat beef.

2031 days ago


i hope that oliver will serve them some pork spending pig and some bailout pie.

2031 days ago


we are all forced to eat this porkulus pig and i hope they are having the same but i doubt it.

2031 days ago


Glad to know Obama's suffering.

2031 days ago


Should have cooked Southern food.....chicken fried steak anyone?

2031 days ago


Jamie Oliver. as a Brit , I am ashamed of you. Money & "title" works for you, does it ??? Of course it does.. You will look back & rue the day that you bent over for Oscama. British protocol..? Politeness & all that.! What, no balls..? Toadeater. Actually, it sounds like a very boring meal. Sometimes Jamie, not only are you boring, but so is your food. I liked you better when you were fighting for proper healthy meals for schoolchildren..............fighting for underpriveleged young adults..........not brown nosing overprivileged scammers. Who will you be toadeating in 3yrs, 10 months,,,,? Toe rag.!!!!

2031 days ago


Bleating about politics on a celebrity news website is hardly tantamount to anything revolutionary
I think we should instead focus on the menu and decipher its symbolism:
Lamb is undoubtedly a strategic choice of meat: Agnus Dei, a sign of gentleness, purity, suffering with patience,,, Could it be that Jamie Oliver is in fact a genius, cunningly communicating a political agenda through food?
His comedic Bakewell Tart must surely therefore be aimed at la Carla while the custard is obviously (to be aimed and fired at) John Prescott

Full Menu


Baked Scottish Salmon with Seashore Vegetables, Broad Beans, Herb Garden Salad, Mayonnaise and Wild Garlic-scented Irish Soda bread

Vegetarian option: Childwickbury Goat's Cheese with Roast Shallots, Seashore Vegetables, Herb Green Salad and Wild Garlic-scented Irish Soda Bread (no mayo)


Slow-Roasted Shoulder of Welsh Lamb, very first of the season Jersey Royals, first of the season Asparagus and Wild St George Mushrooms. Mint Sauce and Gravy

Vegetarian option: Lovage & Potato Dumplings with first of the season Asparagus and Wild St George Mushrooms


Hot Bakewell Tart with Home-made Custard

2031 days ago


Obama says what you want to hear. I liked him until he arrived in the UK yesterday and said only what he guardedly said what he thought we wanted to hear and praised our unelected prime minister who was the c hancellor for 10 years and is a BIG UK loser. He and Blair have bankrupted our country and sold all our gold and other reserves unnecessarily just to get themselves elected for a second term and using the money to keep taxes down. NOW WE HAVE NO RESERVES and it will take at least 20 years for every man, woman and child in the next twenty years to pay back $100,000 to pay for their mistakes. Cherie Blair is also a profound Hitler who refuses to allow us FREE SPEECH and yet visits your country and is welcomed with open arms.
Does America only read their own POLITICAL news!!! Ours in the UK has been lie. living in a communistic country under new labour Tony Blair (whom you love and his bonky wife laughed at in the UK judge Cherie) and an UNELECTED CHARLETON prime minister GORDON BROWN the ex chancellor who bankrupted our country and apparently now wants to lead the world out of it. We in the UK see this lot as a FAILED government, shame OBAMA didn't recognise it or court the opposition, however that could be Obama's downfall with regards to the UK's residents.

FAKES AND FRAUDS THE PAIR OF THEM. Oliver is a hardworking chef who deals in plain nutritous food.

Shame Obama could not deliver one of his usual rehearsed speeches which gained him the Presidency, Bush put him to shame in his deliverence of speech and answering reporters questions. Oh! America lets pray Obama smartens up and learns a little more about world currents affairs and realises he is no film star and and smart answers to make us laugh endears us to him, but WHAT ABOUT LEADERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2031 days ago

Pimp juice    

If our joke of a President was the least bit honest during his campaign, he wouldn't be eatting like a King every single night. TMZ wouldn't dare report the First family's food habits, but his racist wife orders over 600 dollars worth of food, per sitting, every where she travels. The cost of their menu at the White House for their NIGHTLY parties would be enough to fund an entire school district with new books, computers, hell, even able to hire more teachers!! The dumbass American people were taken for fools when they elected this teleprompter reading conman. He should save the American people their money and just have a slab of ribs, watermelon, grape soda and call it a day.

2030 days ago
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