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Octomom's Ride Attacked by Anonymous Cowards

4/1/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's okay to not like Octomom -- but this is going too far.

When Nadya Suleman woke up this morning, she noticed someone had smashed in the back window of her OctoWagon in the middle of the night. La Habra police tell us they took a report this morning, but have no suspects.

No word on how Octo plans to pay for the repairs.

UPDATE: Nadya's lawyer tells TMZ the object used to smash the window was a car seat that someone had removed from Octo's front porch and heaved at the car.


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I am so glad I don't live in that neighborhood, not that I could ever afford a house worth $500,000.00. That neighborhood is probably a circus now, thanks to OctoLoony. I bet a lot of folks will be putting "For Sale" signs in their yards.

2031 days ago


that was uncalled for

2031 days ago


NO money is being taken away from her kids, there's tons of stupid people out there ready to hand her a check for anything she might need and with all the publicity she's getting the woman is doing just fine. Im glad she got her window smashed. I hope someone smashes her uterus next. Were the culprits cowards? I doubt it. I sure wouldnt have the nerve to haul a car seat at her vehicle... but whatever.

2031 days ago


HA! looks good on her! i say, DON'T HARM ANY OF THE KIDS! but, its open season on octo-leech. she'll whore her kids out to pay for it, or ask for a donation from a repair shop, because after all she is entitled to it, or from her loyal groupies, that frankly, are as f@*ked up in the head as her.....

what an idiot.

2031 days ago


Nutcase probably did herself for sympathy. Its seems to be working.

2031 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

# realitybabe & quetou
First of has to BEHAVE like a mother to be RESPECTED as a mother. She has NEVER done anything "full speed" regarding the care of her children. Unless you consider full speed ahead in her exploiting them.....or full speed in spending money that was designated for her children on herself. Don't insult our intelligence.....

Its not wrong to dislike any way...thats why in THIS country...we have free speech without fear or reprisal..or ending up in a Gulag.

I am neither repressed or Jewish ( although I did attend a Jewish Kindergarten..does that count?). I am a white, hard working...earned everything I have by myself..raised 2 sons..(widowed the last 8 years). I have never asked for a single penny from this country. But...I know a few people that are in the position of having to ask for help. I see the shame they feel in having to do so. They also have HUMILITY...and are extremely humbled by whatever they get to put food on the table to feed their children.

2031 days ago


Does her car not have an alarm system? I find it strange no one heard even the window break and she just found it this morning. Sure she isn't trying to get sympathy?

2031 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE ALREADY.......She has issues no one else can relate too.....Not even that bitch from John And Kate plus 8.....whatever her name is........LEAVE NADIA ALONE

2031 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I would love to BUY AMERICAN!!!! but I need the next car I buy to last more than 10 years like my current Toyota has. American made cars have friggin' light bulbs start going out BEFORE you even get your plates! When a car pulls up next to me at a light I don't have to even look to know if it's American or not. If it's making all kinds of noises (squeaks, rattles, etc), it's American. Let the rich buy American, I can't afford it. When they start making quality products, I'll start buying them. No sooner.

2031 days ago


Hope they catch someone that did it. It is cruel.

2031 days ago

L. P.    

Let's see, I don't feel sorry for her. I am driving a 1998 station wagon, that has rust so bad on the doors it's falling apart. And sounds like a tank when I drive it. And I think of all the money she has made exploiting those children. Buying a Jacuzzi instead of a security system, spending gobs of money on herself. Nope, don't feel even a tiny bit bad for her.

2031 days ago


ya know, since she has been out of the lime-light, she may very well have done this herself to garner, publicity, sympathy, more money and donations. that house is being watched ALL THE TIME, by neighbours, curiosity seekers, etc. she probably did it herself in the garage and then just parked it in the drive, then made up the story. she is a liar first and foremost, she is a thief and a fraud, so what's to stop her from going to these lengths???

2031 days ago


Why was the car seat on the porch and not in the car? I guess to make room for all the clothes she is buying on Robertson Blvd.

2031 days ago

smashing the window doesn't solve this problem - getting social services involved does.

2031 days ago


""27. I woulda done this simply for buying a Japanese SUV. Whats wrong with her!!!And don't give the bulls%$t that it's a free country! With so many americans out of work...... BUY AMERICAN!!!!!

Amen brother!!! Yet another kick to the AMERICAN taxpayer.

Posted at 2:08PM on Apr 1st 2009 by Ticked Off Taxpayer""

You two are morons. Maybe people would buy American when the cars stop being total POS, Every American car Ive ever owned turned out to be crap. Are the people who bought the a Toyota from the Toyota factory in the US, screwing American taxpayers? LOL. Im getting tired of hearing people point fingers at everyone and anything and claim they are ruining the "American taxpayer".People have bought foreign before and will continue to do so as long as their cars are better. What you should be bitching about are the car companies making sh!t cars that no one wants. Now that is screwing the "American taxpayer".

2031 days ago
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