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TMZ's Celeb Snapshot Contest -- The Final 5

4/6/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ newsroom is torn between these awesome final five Celeb Snapshot finalists -- and we need your help to decide the $250 grand prize winner!!

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So we have to ask ...


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Hmmmm... all EXCELLENT choices.

1965 days ago


Clearly if you're looking for "most gross" Tyson, the convicted rapist, alongside the older woman scores as "Most creepy."

I can't look at for more than two seconds before creeped-out goosebumps start popping up on my arms.


1965 days ago


I would have given it to DD if Simon would have been feeling her up but I went with the kid instead .....

1965 days ago


TMZ: How could you not pick the Fonz?!?!

1965 days ago


why on earth would anyone pick mike tyson?!
he is an abuser of women, a rapist and a thug! what is the matter with you people at TMZ???!!!

could you be more stupid?

*sigh*... probably.

1965 days ago


Are you for real? Mike Tyson?? Kids???? The girl with Jake Gyllenhall should win-he's a respectable actor/person and she obviously is in the fight of her life!! Grow up TMZ!! Start thinking with your head and now your asses!!

1965 days ago


how could not include that one of tommy lee clearly looking down the woman's shirt?

1965 days ago


all 5 are excellent... justin and the kid is soooo cute it looks like a commercial! i love that one...
tyson and grammy's just hilarious, as is the ali 'punching' the guy...
i love the one with duran duran, cause, c'mon, how cool are they for doing that! not many rock stars would...
and of course, the fonz.... 'nuff said...

my 13 cents... :-)

1965 days ago


I vote for Justin Long and the kid....too cute, but the Duran Duran picture is awesome - really cool of them to do that.

1965 days ago

the gap    

Justin Long isn't really a celebrity yet (he's only famous for commercials and dating Drew), so he shouldn't count. However the chick who got Duran Duran to lift her up, that's moxie and why she should win!

1965 days ago


Oh, come on people, Justin Long has the most votes? Who's doing the voting here, 15 year olds? All you have to do is ask yourself, if it was me in those pictures which one would I be the most proud of and which one would my friends be in total awe of? Well, Muhammad Ali, of course - there is no one more iconic than The Greatest!

1965 days ago


Justin Long is a movie/TV actor. He was in the last Die Hard, ..Not Into You, Galaxy Quest, Alvin & Chipmunks, "Ed" on TV...
all kinds of stuff, a lot of it kid-friendly. He's not just the Mac guy!

1965 days ago


C'mon...the pic of Justin Long and the kid is so freakin cute! And apparently all you people haven't seen a whole lot of movies. He was in Dodgeball, Strange Wilderness, Live Free or Die Hard, Waiting, Accepted and a bunch of others. Y'all are freakin sheltered if you only know him as the "Mac Guy". Wow...I vote Justin tho

1965 days ago


None of the above! I wanted the photo of Jimmy Fallon. Come on TMZ do the work yourself! Do you alert your fans to these contests on the tv show, because I haven't heard of one yet and I watch nightly.

1965 days ago


Who the heck is Justin Long? I didn't know which one was famous and even wondered was it father and son? Now I see from the other comments he may have dated Drew Barrymore. Anyhow, never heard of him. As for the other four, I agree, Tyson...yuck!! Ali picture was obviously from an autograph signing session. Love the Fonz but the most original and different would have to be the girl being held up by Duran Duran. I can't believe it didn't get more votes. Just my humble opinion.

1965 days ago
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