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Woody Harrelson Attacks Another TMZ Photog - REDIRECT

4/9/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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It is so funny to see people complaining about the paps., yet you[re all on TMZ posting comments. Hypocrites much? Where do you think they get all their videos and pictures from?

I don't care how annoying the paps are - it is against the law to lay your hands on another human being. He had NO right to touch that man.. that is ASSAULT... and he tried to STEAL the mans camera...

2023 days ago


The photographer is kind of cute.
Does real well on the "C.Y.A", 'cover your ass', in legal matters by repeatedly giving "Woody" commentary.
Assault, in any form - should not happen, if you are frustrated, you just walk away to the closest security or safety zone.

2023 days ago


You know Woody didnt want you tio film him and yet you keep egging him on. are you guys stupid?? Leave him alone. I know how you guys operate. You wanted this to happen so you could film it. That's sick and illegal. Stop bothering the man and he will not you guys up! simple!!!

2023 days ago


#47. "Winter"...

I'm going no where? And I'm ugly? Wow someone should have told me this! I had no idea! I guess having a GPA of 3.94, going to a UC college, and planning to go to law school is sure going no where. I'm just eating my lunch before going to class, so yeah, maybe I just shouldn't go? After all, I'm going no where, and "at the speed of light!"

No one cares about my opinions? Looks like #47 does, they were thinking the same thing.

No worries, everyone posting things about me, keep it up! More traffic for my favorite celebrity gossip site!


To Harvey: After I get my JD, can I please get a job with TMZ? You guys are my idols!

2023 days ago


Oh Come on! That camera man instigated the fight repeatedly! Don't you hear him constantly saying out loud "Woody you assulted me" like ninety times? He then followed Woody and asked him over and over and over "why would you do that Woody?" Please! Thats instigating if I ever saw it! He should have left him alone in the first place. I think some of those camera guys are just seeking lawsuits!! Pathetic!

2023 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Lanie... we are one... I wish we could meet and compare photographs... if love could be measured in elct]ronic print babble ours woud be a 16 point font... I look forward to your next post with wanton lust and selfish anticipation.

2023 days ago


You can't have it both ways. Most of you side with the actor against the paparazzi who was trying to film him. all view these gossip sites which are made up of all the paparazzi photos/videos. If you don't like what the paparazzi do then don't buy gossip mags or visit these websites because it is the public craving all the photos and gossip of celebrities which cause them to do stalk them like that. They make a lot of money selling their photos to these sites and magazines.

2023 days ago


So you get assaulted and you keep following the guy and bugging him - looks like a case for Juge Judy - If you were so afraid you should have left him alone the first time - I like seeing the stars to - but sometimes you have to let them be. Most of you say very inappropriate things to these people, yes they are people, and you push buttons until they explode - I hope a Judge sees this and sees that you wouldn't stop following him around. I wish their was a camera or wire tap on Harvey Levin, so one day he will see what it is like. Ohh Karma - can't wait - hope it happens soon!

2023 days ago


I hate how celebrities think it's ok to ATTACK, when ever they deem it be okay in nonthreatening situations.

2023 days ago


Apparently he has a honed axe to grind

2023 days ago

artie help    

that post # 11 is not from real artie help.

2023 days ago

Mike Botz    

Post # 11 is not the real Artie Help. He is an imposter. The real Artie Help does not know the Wood Man

2023 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Summer's the kind of person that uses these posting sites to fantasize about what could never have been... when one has high academic scores, one need not brag about it. A true scholar remains focused and resolved... confident in the knowledge of their own achievments... obviously Summer is psychological deranged and any request for future employment shall be taken with caution and a check of our security system

2023 days ago


Seems like your cameraman was wrong. He provokes Harrelson, and then keeps following him. To me, Woody didn't hit him hard enough!! Reign in your employees TMZ. God, you have a circus load of clowns working for you.

2023 days ago


The Photog deserved it. Half the time I dont' even think Woody was touching him. He was antagonizing him! I would've done a lot worse!

2023 days ago
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