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Woody Harrelson: You're Undead to Me, TMZ - REDIRECT

4/10/2009 6:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Zombies... TMZ photogs... well, I guess I can see the confusion. Neither of them have souls, and both should be burning in hell. And they probably both smell about as pleasant.

1988 days ago


TMZ as usual went way too far. Why is it that you enjoy PROVOKING celebs? You WANT your papz to get hit by celebs because that would make your stupid clips worth more $$$!!

Oh, TMZ you were now even made fun of on several tv shows, where all the presenters thought Woody SHOULD have hit your gross and pottymouth paparazzi!

1988 days ago


the pap is a p*ssy

1988 days ago


Way to go Woody! I think there should be a law against what you guys do to celebrities. It is more stalking and harassment than anything else. I can not imagine walking out of my home or a restaurant to a deluge of flashes and idiots following me down the street asking inane questions. You guys push way too far, one of these days some one is going to seriously hurt you and there will be very little sympathy for you.

1988 days ago

Mr. Respect    

Why I don't like Woody Harrelson, if I were harassed like this, I would the camera man pick a number 38, 45, 44, 357, and I would give him a 10 count. Enough is enough.

1988 days ago


Its too bad Woddy didn't do more damage to this stupid Papparazzi gannabe!!!! Let's see this guy going after a notorious rapper or somebody with more muscle than brains.

1988 days ago


They deserve each other.

1988 days ago


Anyone who thinks beating paps up is EVER the right course of action and actively encourage it, shouldn't come to this site. If that's how you really feel, why are you here? Why show the whole world what a hippocrite you are, by commenting about how intrusive they are, yet you keep on reading and watching. Bet you wouldn't say anything if you had to give your real name,

1988 days ago

Sheldon G    

So disgusted with TMZ when I read this on the CNN site. Woody should sue you guys for stalking him. You know he doesn't like it and yet you think it sport. And then the camera man is going to be cry baby because his camera got broke? Unbelievable.

1988 days ago


to the guy/girl saying that celebs should be able to defend themselves:

well the paps may know how to defend themselves too

ya know?

it will be a jungle but if that's how you want it then be it

but know that the pap (in this case) was perfectly able to reply and he didn't because he plays a fair game.

the celeb over there didn't and now he's gonna pay.

Paris went to jail for much less than this: I only hope that the new york justice will be as "efficient" as LA was with Paris


1988 days ago

whiney camera man    

Come'on TMZ show us all the footage. All you showing is your lousy cameraman squealing like a girl "Thats assault Woody, That's assault Woody..." ad infinitum. Your cameraguy could have been winding him up good and proper. While celebs expect people taking photos, I don't think any of them like having squealy assed punks shoving cameras in their faces, then following them around, getting in their faces again and shouting to all and sundry "I have been assaulted by xxxx" You only after a compensation payout you bunch of losers, hence the civil case after being laughed out of criminal court. Celebs aren't public property and to suggest otherwise shows great ignorance. In fact I hope another lo rent trashy pap starts following your guy round shoving a camera in his face screaming "YOU WERE ASSAULTED BY WOODY, WOODY HARRELSON. YEAH EVERYONE, WOODY ASSAULTED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS DOING TO WOODY WHAT I AM NOW. I GOT IT ALL ON CAMERA"

1988 days ago


"Woody Harrelson has a history of anger management issues with people and we intend to put a stop to this," Cyrus Nownejad, Levine's lawyer, said Friday. My personal comment is, maybe if you leave him alone, he'll stop kicking your pathetic butt. TMZ should go away.

BTW, do you harass people who leave negative comments, too?

1988 days ago


there is one thing that many (of us, posting here) forget

the celebs are "stage addicted animals"

that's what they do. If they don't like it then get out of the stage and see how you like it then.

and this is a case of criminal justice: nothing to do with "right or wrong".

if I do something like that then I'd go straight to jail.

so should this "celeb" here

Justice, nothing less and nothing more than Justice.

1988 days ago


Maybe a good rule of thumb: If a camera is close enough to be grabbed: the photog is too close

Violence is never the answer, but still provoking is illegal. When you shouw the complete footage in court I doubt that any judge would convict Woody.

1988 days ago


Never heard of woody harrelson till date - and now I'll make sure I'll watch his movies for sure!! Great work wody - too sad you didn't break the second camera. I hope if this goes to court, the judge awards you millions of $ in breach of privacy and locks up the TMZ photographer for a few months...

1988 days ago
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